A Hero Reminder: Your Safety Plan To Get Prepared For Every Storm


Safety is the utmost priority at any given calamity, so never take warnings, news, announcements and weather forecasts for granted. From the many calamities that struck, not one is bound to leave the same impact. We never know what the storm may bring us but what we can do is to be highly-prepared for what’s to come. As a hero reminder, here is your safety plan to brace yourself for the impending rainy typhoon season ahead. 1) Check your must-have emergency kit items. Always have an emergency kit stored at your homes. Note that establishments are preparing for the storm and are looking to close early, so check if you have all the must-have basic NEEDS in your emergency kit: Bottled water, food, first aid kit, warm clothes, flashlight and batteries, umbrella/raincoats, whistle and toiletries. 2) Secure your homes. Damage, debris and death, the ugly D triplets that the mother of all storms bring! We don’t want to meet them, so as much as possible keep your homes secure and … [Read more...]

What The World Will Be Like If Holiday Sales Didn’t Exist?


The world without holiday sales? "It's impossible! It's preposterous!" Yes, this gasping alternate reality may seem unimaginable but what if we lived in a world where holiday sales are non-existent? Let's take a theoretical approach of our world in a parallel universe where holiday sales just don't matter and see if our lives would be better or would just go berserk. Image source 1) Probably we’ll be more frugal. The economics of Christmas sees a peak selling season for retailers across nations around the world. Holiday sales in our world is like the vitamins of the economy where consumer spending behavior are proactive as people purchase gifts, decorations and supplies to celebrate. This means people are much more prone to impulsive buying. But in our "theoretically speaking" opposite world, a frugal lifestyle will be the result of an absence of holiday sales. The world will probably have a season where happiness and contentment is based on emotional bonding than … [Read more...]

Trick or Treat: Halloween Promo Tricks To Treat Your Business To An Increase In Revenue


We’ve been sharing more about how to get your business sales increase this holiday season, but let’s take a break and play a little more. Since the time of the year when you could dress to be whoever you want is nearing, take good advantage of this opportunity to give your customers something to look forward to. Yes! Happy Halloween folks! Halloween may only fall for two days, but you could start spicing up your trick or treat ideas now to give your business revenue a boost. Scare all the negativity away and create an aura of fun with these Halloween promo tricks to try below: 1) Treat them with free candies. According to a study entitled "Sweetening the Till: The Use of Candy to Increase Restaurant Tipping", handing out candies or sweets while giving customers their check in a restaurant increases the likelihood of the customers' tip-giving. The study showed three observations: Observation 1: When the waiter left a single piece candy while giving the receipt, the average … [Read more...]

7 Phones You Can Buy As An Alternative To Your Recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7


“It could be one of the costliest product safety failures in the history of technology.” -Time Just two months away from its release, reports of the new Samsung smartphone blowing up in flames had sparked concerns worldwide. The speculations of its safety made its clear mark when airports banned the use of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, alarming smartphone users of the future of the Samsung gadget. Now, the biggest blunder of a premium phone came rushing as Samsung abandoned its popular phone. Reuters then reported that the Seoul-based firm has decided to halt its production of their latest smartphone gadget-the Samsung Galaxy Note 7- to consider the safety of their consumer. It may sound heavy and shocking to know but there are still other notable premium phones you can have instead of the latest Samsung note. Below are a couple of other alternatives that you can consider. 1) Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus The latest iPhone is always a better version than its predecessor … [Read more...]

Pawnina Shares: The 7 Wonderful Perks You Can Enjoy With Good Credit History


Hey guys, it’s Pawnina again! Sometimes when you want to be secure of the future, you have to look back in the past. That’s how banks foretell a borrower’s tomorrow, they check their credit history. Okay, a credit history is like your financial background check. Yes, the financial institution has extensive connections (that you don’t have, no offense) to see whether a person is worthy for an investment. So, they say that you don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but that doesn’t work for lenders, because a person’s loan responsibility is judged through his/her credit past. Now, check out these seven wonderful perks you can have with a good credit history and know why it’s always better to be good. After all, you don’t want your credit past to haunt you. 1) Easier loan approvals. Planning to get a real estate loan for that condo or house, a car loan to get your dream vehicle or a business loan to finally be your own boss? Well, better mind your past because your credit … [Read more...]

Make or Break: What You Need To Know About The NEW Google Phone


Just when we thought Google’s Nexus program was the endgame of their electronics device venture, the search giant’s leap into the smartphone market rocked the tech industry! Last October 4 in San Francisco, Google launched their next flagship phone - PIXEL! This leaves a lot of smartphone users asking whether the new google phone is the next generation for smartphones. Since the Pixel phone by Google has not been released in the market yet (whisper: expected release is this October 2016!), here are the features of the new smartphone that we GOOGLED just for you. 1) Pixel has a battery that charges 7 hours… in 15 minutes Pixel’s fast charging time looks like a candidate for the leading player in helping smartphone users live a productive and fast-paced lifestyle! Still, that’s what they promise; we can’t wait until we try it. Image source 2) The highest rated camera smartphone ever! Google calls their phone’s 12.3 megapixel camera the “BEST SMARTPHONE CAMERA EVER … [Read more...]

PAWNINA TALKS: 10 Telltale Signs You’re Dating A Shopaholic


Hi there guys! Pawnina here! Dating is a crucial step on getting to know someone you like. At this early on set of a relationship, you both are trying to read one another, figuring out if you guys can harmonize with your personalities, sync with your interests, intertwine with your  . likes and dislikes and eventually hit off the road together. Of course, it’s really admirable to know the qualities of your dates as being creative, athletic, geeky, crazy, funny and all sorts, but had you ever had the chance to date someone who’s actually shopaholic? There’s nothing wrong dating a shopaholic, it’s a flaw that you’ll learn to accept. Shopping doesn’t harm anybody physically, but financially it does hurt and that could be a problem. If you’re a frugal romantic, these telltale signs will give you the heads-up to identify whether your date has a shopping addiction.   1) Shopping is their absolute stress-reliever You cannot deny the fact that shopping is a shopaholic’s way of … [Read more...]

Du30: 30 Small Things to do to Make Change Happen in Your Life


Unless you're Patrick Star (read as: living under a rock), you know that the everyone has been talking about #ChangeIsComing and #WelcomeChange. Appropriately, and just in time for the second half of the year, it's time to reassess your progress on your New Year's resolutions and finally finish what you've started or create new goals to end 2016 strong. To help you guys get the ball rolling (and a fun play on our new President Duterte's shorthand name), here's a #Du30 List, or 30 small things to do to make change happen in your life: 1. Start a dream board | This is a simple way to get the law of attraction on your side, meaning imagine it as yours and it will be yours. 2. Read short stories or books | Get your mind thinking, and transport it to a different place to get your imagination going. 3. Write or doodle | Sometimes, words cannot express our ideas and feelings; write them or doodle them out and you'll feel a whole lot better, and you'll have a piece of art that … [Read more...]

Pawnina Tips: New Apps to Try on Your Smartphone


Hi guys! Pawnina here! With all the current events happening in our country, I think it's time that we all welcome newer possibilities as we enter the second half of the year. That's why I'm here to tell you about new and emerging apps that you should definitely download on your smartphone that will help you get ready since #ChangeIsComing. It's out with the old, in with the new! Telegram - for the social butterfly There may be a lot many chat apps cluttering the market, but Telegram is gaining a lot of traction in the Philippines right now. Why? Aside from the typical chat and call functions, and the expected emojis and stickers, Telegram steps up the chat app game by mixing in GIFs and personalized stickers! That's right, you can express yourself in your barkada groups with moving pictures and even stickers of your friends faces and other inside joke-worthy images. There are even bots (like the magic conch shell) that provide endless entertainment for you and your friends. If … [Read more...]

3 Other Things PawnHero Can Help You With

The greater majority of people who pawn with us do so because they have some emergency need that they have to deal with. Sometimes it’s a rushed kind of thing that keeps people in a bit of a panic when they pawn. While we’re always happy to step in and save the day, there are a whole lot of other things that we can help you with. In this article, PawnHero looks at three other reasons you can use our super convenient service. Upgrading Your Stuff A lot of things have a limited lifespan these days and there’s always something new to be had. Naturally, tight budgets mean that we can’t get the latest of everything. PawnHero allows you an avenue to be able to de-prioritize some things in your life in order to prioritize other things. Say you have both a tablet and a smartphone. Both keep you connected, certainly, but having them both also is very redundant. Now, say you actually needed to get new waterproof shoes to face the constant daily bagyo we find ourselves in, you could pawn … [Read more...]