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Trick or Treat: Halloween Promo Tricks To Treat Your Business To An Increase In Revenue


We’ve been sharing more about how to get your business sales increase this holiday season, but let’s take a break and play a little more. Since the time of the year when you could dress to be whoever you want is nearing, take good advantage of this opportunity to give your customers something to look forward to. Yes! Happy Halloween folks!
Halloween may only fall for two days, but you could start spicing up your trick or treat ideas now to give your business revenue a boost. Scare all the negativity away and create an aura of fun with these Halloween promo tricks to try below:
1) Treat them with free candies.
According to a study entitled “Sweetening the Till: The Use of Candy to Increase Restaurant Tipping”, handing out candies or sweets while giving customers their check in a restaurant increases the likelihood of the customers’ tip-giving. The study showed three observations:
Observation 1: When the waiter left a single piece candy while giving the receipt, the average tip resulted in 3.37% increase.
Observation 2: When the waiter personally offered customers two pieces of candy with their check, the average tip resulted in a 14.01% increase.
Observation 3: When the waiter personally offered customers one piece of candy with their check then upon leaving the table, the waiter stopped, turned around and offered an additional piece of candy showing an element of surprise of unexpected generosity, it yielded a 21.31% increase on average tip.
Employee satisfaction is very important for a business. This results to an increase of productivity and in return marks a good revenue. A positive and a positive is always a positive end result (taking the laws of Mathematics). So, explore this strategy with your employees and treat them with tips from customers.

2) Increase your Halloween promo hype with Freebies.
If you want your customers to feel the excitement of your Halloween promo, think of fun spooky freebies to go along with your sales trick. Note that a hype is what keeps them coming! Here are cool ideas to consider:

  • Offer Halloween gift cards “two or three weeks” before Halloween day to give your customers a reason to keep coming back. Here’s a tip, it is best to create gift cards of different value and different looks to give an essence of variety for customers to choose and collect.
  • Halloween-inspired tote bags or jack-o-lantern loot buckets can also be great as freebies. You can buy these by the flea markets.
  • You may also give glow in the dark items for kids as a give away.

3) Get customers involve with events using social media.
Social media is everything these days. You have your Facebook page, Instagram account or your own website. Use the Halloween promo to increase your social media presence. An increase of social media presence gives you more leads to potential customers. The word of mouth through the internet really works!  So, get your customers involve with your Halloween gimmicks.
IDEA A: Promote a photo contest  such as the “Best Halloween costume.”
IDEA B: Create Halloween-themed content that may go viral. You can think of funny and “interesting-facts” infographic, create a scary video, or start a ghost story sharing madness.
IDEA C: Feature a favorite product and make customers share how they turn the product into a Halloween gift.

Going with a themed season helps the business connect with your customers. This builds up the relevance of your business which helps in the increase of your sales. If a little budget is all you need to give that holiday promo touch for your business, then don’t run away too far, PawnHero is here to help you. Just visit the website to learn more. You can also download the PawnHero app into your phones so you can pawn ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
Don’t forget to like PawnHero Philippines on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get updates, join games and win cash prizes.


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