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How The Golden Rules Of Investment Can Teach You To Prepare For A HeartBreak


Relationship is like a stock market, you invest. You invest feelings. You take the risk to put yourself in a vulnerable situation, like the market. But you trust, you trust that you can get through the ups and downs of a relationship like the fluctuating market conditions.
You believe that you can control and you can get a higher return (of unconditional love) when the risk is lower (the ideal relationship)… but somehow like any relationships (especially for first timers), it is bound to get through a heartbreak.
So just like a stock market, you invest. You invest your time, your feelings, your emotions, and yourself. Here’s how the golden rules of investment can teach you to prepare for that heartbreak.  

1) Avoid the herd mentality.

In investing, you should not base your decisions solely by what others are talking about. Do not jump into the trend. Just because everyone’s doing it, you should. 
Like in a relationship, don’t let peer pressure decide when or when not to get into one. Going on dates may be a good way to understand the relationship market, but do it on your own pace. Take it slow, remember: “Easy come, easy go.” If you want a heartbreak (well, no one really does), might as well get your heart broken to someone worth it.

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2) Don’t try to time the market.

Respect the market, long-time investors know that. When it is bound to happen, it will happen. No one gets prepared, what they have to do is DECIDE.
So, just like in a relationship, one way or another, things won’t work out. Things won’t go exactly the way you planned. Love is not a controlled environment, it is spontaneous like the stock market. At the moment you got your heart broken, all you have to do is get through it.  Stop romanticizing the pain, but instead, let it change you, let it shape you to become the best version of yourself. 

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The stock market is full of surprises, and so is love and life.

3) Do not let emotions cloud your judgment.

Fear and greed are the worst emotions to feel when investing in the stock market. They lead to bad decision making when investing. So, as an advice when investing, don’t let fear and greed drive your impulse to buy and sell stocks. 
In a relationship, you will always follow your heart. Any logical reason will be disregarded by the reason of the heart. In any case you get into a heartbreak, these emotions will cloud your judgment. But when that happens, always be the bigger person. This time, you have to let logic rule over your feelings. Don’t let your pain inflict more pain. Be wiser, be better, be the bigger person.

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4) Have realistic expectations.

Just because the stocks that time gave high returns, it doesn’t mean it will give high returns again. As what investors would say, don’t expect the same kind of return from the stock market. Get real expectations. The stock market is not a wish-granting factory.
That being said, love is not a storybook romance. It doesn’t have a fairy tale-like plot (well, not entirely), that everything will lead to a happy forever. The truth is love has its ups and downs. And when you go through a heartbreak, mind you, don’t expect things to be the way they were. Let go and get real. 

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5) Invest in long term.

When investing, it is best to invest in long term.  Tho short term investments can also be good (think of it as a gamble), long term ones are better. 
Before getting into a relationship, a serious one for the matter, then consider investing in yourself first. You don’t have to find someone to complete you. You are born in this world whole. You have dreams, you have goals, you have a life first. So, prep up yourself, because it is better to get your heart broken when you have money, than get your heart broken, when you are also broke as well. Double jeopardy.

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6) Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

“Diversify” that’s one advice fund managers would tell you to do. Do not invest a hundred per cent in one fund basket. Spread your risk and increase your portfolio. When all things fail in one fund basket, you are not at a total loss. You still have other fund baskets to work on. So, ask the right people and research on the best fund baskets that yield high returns in the long run.
Never, ever invest your whole world to the person. Save some for yourself, because the moment that person leaves the relationship, it tears your whole life apart as well. 

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7)  Never invest in something you do not understand.

It’s as simple as that. Research ad understand the fund baskets and investment portfolio before taking a bet.
Are you guys mutual or is the other party just being friendly? Don’t invest feelings yet especially when everything’s not clear. You’ll end up the loser. You’ll just be that hopeless romantic. You don’t want to get your heartbroken before even getting into a relationship. So, take a step back, assess the situation, or if better, confront the person.

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Investment always entails risk. It’s never perfect. And if you feel you’re ready to invest (in the stock market or in love) then prepare yourself for good and bad consequences. In any case you want to try investing in the stock market, and you want a cash loan to help you get started, then PawnHero is here to help. Just visit the website to learn more.

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