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A Hero Reminder: Your Safety Plan To Get Prepared For Every Storm


Safety is the utmost priority at any given calamity, so never take warnings, news, announcements and weather forecasts for granted. From the many calamities that struck, not one is bound to leave the same impact.
We never know what the storm may bring us but what we can do is to be highly-prepared for what’s to come. As a hero reminder, here is your safety plan to brace yourself for the impending rainy typhoon season ahead.
1) Check your must-have emergency kit items.
Always have an emergency kit stored at your homes. Note that establishments are preparing for the storm and are looking to close early, so check if you have all the must-have basic NEEDS in your emergency kit: Bottled water, food, first aid kit, warm clothes, flashlight and batteries, umbrella/raincoats, whistle and toiletries.
2) Secure your homes.
Damage, debris and death, the ugly D triplets that the mother of all storms bring! We don’t want to meet them, so as much as possible keep your homes secure and safe.

  • If you live in a flood prone area, elevate your home furniture, refrigerators and other appliances. Plus, unplug appliances or shut down the main switch of your houses.
  • Windows are victims to gusting winds. So, as early as now inspect your house for necessary repairs such as a leaky roof, cracked walls, or broken doors and windows.

3) Keep a fully-charged phone and a power bank.
A fully-charged phone is important at times when power shuts down on an extremely stormy weather. Communication is your only line to what’s happening around, so if you have power banks, it is best to charge them as early as now. Also get your pocket WiFi and phones loaded with balance. They’ll come in very handy.

  • Be social media smart. Use your internet data or pocket WiFi to keep track on updates via Twitter and Facebook. Follow credible news accounts and check appropriate hashtags because communication is everything.

4) Keep extra cash with you.
You’ll never know when you’ll get access to a commercial establishment, so it’s best to keep extra cash with you.
5) Learn a few life hack skills.
a) If candles don’t work in such a windy and stormy night, a phone and a bottled water can be used to make an alternative light. Just place the bottled water on top of your phone’s flashlight to give the illusion of a lamp.
b) For water-damaged phones, bury the phone in a ziplock bag full of uncooked rice.
c) Use a tin foil to turn AAA batteries into AA batteries. Wrap a ball of foil and stuff into your flashlight where the battery’s negative terminal connects. This doesn’t guarantee a prolonged solution but it works for short periods.
d) Use newspapers to draw moisture out of shoes. Ball newspaper up in wet shoes shoes and wrap the remainder around the outside, securing with rubber bands.
e) To keep foods fresh on a long-term power outage, you can keep frozen foods as close as possible to mimic an igloo effect, or turn your washing machine into a cooler with ice and place the food in it.
Always stay safe and have a hero heart!
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