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5 Times Vanessa Hudgens Gave Us Coachella Goals


It’s Coachella season again! Okay, while not all of us are fortunate enough to be jetting to the Coachella Valley to attend the music festival, that’s no reason to be blue. There are music festivals left and right here in the Philippines, and though it doesn’t involve dancing in the middle of a faraway desert, you are bound to have just as much fun.
If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends in Festival-land, there’s no better person to consult than the Festival Queen herself, Vanessa Hudgens! Here are five times V gave us Coachella goals:


V Hudge looks super cute in a cropped crochet halter top and denim shorts. She completes her look with feather hair accessories, armbands, layered necklaces, and a leg chain.
Here, she looks ultra-hip in a crochet maxi skirt, and a flowy chiffon top.


Look how charming V looks in a black and white flowy spaghetti-strap number and sheer stockings.
Donning a flowy, floral bandeau, denim shorts, a sheer crochet cover up, and a flower crown on her long, curly mane, she looks every bit like a flower child.
In this number, V plays the modern-day Pocahontas in an asymmetric dress and camel brown ankle boots. She completes the look with a feather headdress and face paint.


V looks ultra-chic yet comfy in a white matching ensemble and of course, a flower crown (and an actual sunflower).
Here is V, looking like a chic gypsy in a bejeweled top and tie-dye skirt. Van has played down her accessories and wore a jeweled bindi to finish her look.
Apparently, V also gives us #RelationshipGoals. Here she is, looking adorable with boyfriend Austin Butler. The two have been spotted together in the A-list favorite music fest since 2012.


Van surprised everyone with a shock of blonde hair! She looks a like a cross between a mermaid and a gypsy princess in her tie-dye maxi dress. She adds a jeweled bindi to complete her look.
2014 was also the year she brought back a long-forgotten (and to be honest, totally useless) fashion trend: the disc belt.
Looking laid-back yet still so fashionable in a bright red playsuit and ankle boots.


It’s no-chella for V in 2015, as she hits the Broadway stage to star in the musical Gigi. The Festival Queen sheds her bohemian skin for a bit to wear corsets and fur coats.


This is the year V decides to step down from her throne to better enjoy the music festival. In an interview with ET, she says, “I love music festivals. I really do.” She further explains, “I live for the summer, the festivals, but it’s just hard now because everyone knows that I go.” Since V started attending the music festival in 2011, all eyes were on her for her boho-chic outfits that were always on point.”I love going to festivals to disappear, and I can’t really do that at Coachella anymore.”
Screenshot (54)
Ready as she is to pass her flower crown to someone new, she doesn’t disappoint when for day one, she showed up in a bohemian-print maxi dress and a $190 Swarovski-encrusted  manicure.
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