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PAWNINA Shares: Types of Holiday Spenders To Look Out This Season


“Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la”  
Hi guys, Pawnina here! Isn’t it just cheerful to sing the holiday carols even we’re three months away ‘til Christmas? Well, blame it on the best thing I love about Christmas here in the Philippines,  when it starts early -September- and ends late – January. So, there’s so much to expect around; reunions, celebrations, traditions, and including the holiday spenders! (Giggles)
These holiday spenders are just everywhere at this time of the year! So, let’s take a quick profile of the holiday spenders to look out this season and decide also for ourselves to which type of holiday spenders do we fall into.
Profile A: The Seasonal Millionaires
Let’s welcome the all-time holiday spenders! The big shot of the season – the Seasonal Millionaires. These type of holiday spenders are the financially hospitable and the financially capable. A holiday budget is not their top concern. They are all out to spread the holiday spirit from their outfits, to presents, to parties and home decorations! Indeed, their A game is sure to make the Christmas Grinch go nuts.  

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Profile B:  The Party Host
The party planner, the event organizer, the Christmas perfectionist- meet the Party Host. These holiday spenders won’t spare a peso to make sure that the longest season of the year is set to be the happiest season there is. The best way to do that is to throw and host a party. Not to confuse with the seasonal millionaires, the party host only sets a calendar date for the most-awaited celebration.

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Profile C: The Santa Claus
If there’s one holiday spender you want to wish for, it’s the Santa Claus. Like your childhood Santa, these holiday spenders are quite the gift-givers. They make sure to surprise and shower their special ones with gifts.  

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Profile D:  The Runway Fashionista
Say hello to the type of holiday spender who flock the shopping malls because of sales, promos and holiday discounts – your Runway Fashionista! These holiday spenders are sure to dress their best at school Christmas parties, corporate holiday parties and some even taking advantage of the chilly atmosphere. Well, it’s the best time to wear those thick branded winter clothing. 

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Profile E:  The Holiday Budgeteer
These holiday spenders had set aside their holiday budgets. They are prepared with their Christmas spending list of and have a well-planned holiday celebration. They follow the survival kit to save money for the holiday season as well. A smart holiday spender is what you can most identify with a Holiday Budgeteer.

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Profile F: The Vacation-ista
They plan to spend their holidays away from home, perhaps an out of town or out of the country holiday trip. Plus, these holiday spenders have save up and planned the holiday break the entire year. They want their well-deserved Christmas vacation and no one is stopping them.  

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Profile G: The Staycation-ista
The polar opposite of the Vacation-ista, the Staycation-ista are holiday spenders who would stay within the proximity of their homes. They usually go out on a movie, hang out at parks and comprise the majority of the holiday spender population. 

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Profile H: The Friendly Freeloaders
The holiday is full of Friendly Freeloaders and everyone’s almost a friendly freeloader one way or another. They are the friends of the holiday seasonal millionaires and visitors of the party host. They love to be at gatherings, reunions and get-togethers. Get your holiday buffet laid on your tables because it’s the very thing that attracts these holiday spenders. 

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Don’t forget to like PawnHero Philippines and Marketplace by PawnHero on Facebook for exciting updates, cash prizes and games this holiday season.  Good tidings!


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