Best Christmas Gifts for Gadget Lovers


It’s the season of giving, and there’s no better way to do it than by picking out the perfect present for your loved ones. Before you scour the mall shops, e-commerce stores, or online pawning sites, make sure you know what kind of gadget a real tech buff appreciates. Here’s a list of Christmas gift ideas for your tech-savvy friends, family members, or significant other. It’s categorized to help you choose which ones your loved one would appreciate more. Laptop (Source) MacBook Air (₱53,990) The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s sturdiest mid-range notebook computers. It’s lightweight and boasts of a 12-hour battery life. This is perfect for everyday computer use, especially for home-based freelancers who need a reliable computer they can take anywhere they feel like working! (Source) Lenovo Yoga 900 (₱69,999) Lenovo is known for its forward-thinking designs, and the Yoga 900 is one of its sleekest 2-in-1 laptops. It also claims to be the world’s thinnest* Intel® … [Read more...]

Heart-Wrenching Facts That Will Motivate You To Help Save The Planet


We only have one home, Earth. While our dreams as human beings are infinite with technology and innovation as proof, our planet is finite and its natural resources are as well. However, most of us fail to recognize the dire situation our planet Earth is facing because of our desires as humans. Yes, we have scientists and the environmental sector of the government to act on our behalf and save what’s left to conserve, preserve and better improve the biodiversity of our planet. By far, Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and its most superior inhabitants, us, human beings who has a 6,000 year old civilization has already brought the environment statistics down to its knees. Here are heart-wrenching facts about our environment that will motivate you to be a #HolidayHero because Mother Earth needs saving too. 1) Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste. If all this waste was put on trucks they would go around the world 24 times. - The World Counts  Image source 2) … [Read more...]

7 Signs You Are Ready To Adopt A Pet


The adorable relationship of people strolling around with their furry friends does turn heads. If you happen to walk past one and you smile looking at their four-pawed companions, chances are, you are reminded of your pet or you are one of the many who wants to have a pet of their own. Now, if you have been considering adopting a pet,  check these seven signs to know if you are ready to confidently get those adoption papers. Keep in mind, once you adopt a pet, in their puppy eyes, you are always forever and more than their #HolidayHero.  1) You are ready for responsibility. It’s a heart touching saying about love: “There’s nothing on earth, that’s more loyal than a dog.” Yes! Pets, in general, will stay by your side no matter what. To you, they are a friend, a partner, a defender, a pet, but for them you are their life, their leader and their love. So, having a pet is a big responsibility. It is no joke. If you are prepared to feed, to care, to recognize their love and their … [Read more...]

How To Create A Successful Online Crowdfunding Campaign


The internet brought us one of the most powerful forms of communication, to connect wherever, whenever. And with that power, one can do almost anything to create something that inspires, that scares, that shocks, that motivates, that moves and that influences people. With that, there are those who use the online platform to create crowdfunding campaigns. Like them, a crowdfunding campaign is a brilliant idea for a #HolidayHero to start making a difference. If you want to kickstart your #HolidayHero charity using a crowdfunding campaign, here’s how you can make it successful below: 1) The story matters. Crowdfunding campaigns are all about stories. For it to be successful,the story must be heart-touching and very sincere. It should be able to tug the hearts and make human connections once read. A popular crowdfunding site you must consider is GoFundMe. It has easy-to-use features to share the story with family, friends, loved ones and the GoFundMe community. So aim to share and … [Read more...]

10 Positive Things That Happen When You Donate


“No one has ever become poor from giving.” -Maya Angelou When it rains, it pours they said. And with blessings coming into your life, what more can you do than to reciprocate that goodness by donation. You don’t have to be that Bill Gates rich to give back, because the only requirement to do so is the kindness in your heart. And when one day you walk and see a donation box from a distance, if you feel like dropping a coin or bill, don’t hesitate, it’s your heart that tells you so. Show that selfless act of a #HolidayHero through the power of giving and experience the positive outcomes when you donate. 1) Grow own self-worth. Donating helps you understand your value and self-worth. You realized that there are bigger problems outside of your life, and magnifying yours than solving it won’t do any good. Now that you see your blessings through others, in expense, you give back through donation. So, help families move away from poverty, and make a better world for the future … [Read more...]

7 Heart Touching Volunteer Activities You Could Join This Holiday


You’ll never know how much impact you can give to someone’s life by just doing an act of kindness. It means the world to them, that someone other than people they knew, care. The kindness you possess has enough powers; powers to build confidence, to put smiles, to give hope and most of all to create change in their lives. This season of giving, spread the joy through joining in one of these incredible volunteering activities below and be a #HolidayHero: 1) Project Brave Kids   Kids are supposed to live a happy life growing up, and these children from Project Brave Kids are a few of the 3,500 Filipino Children diagnosed with cancer each year. Child cancer is a silent battle that these kids face, and to survive, incredible support both emotionally and financially can lift the burden away from their faces.   This non-governmental organization established by Paul and Sigrid Perez are looking for volunteers. Be a brave kid scout  and volunteer through the following: … [Read more...]