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Holiday Hero

7 Heart Touching Volunteer Activities You Could Join This Holiday


You’ll never know how much impact you can give to someone’s life by just doing an act of kindness. It means the world to them, that someone other than people they knew, care. The kindness you possess has enough powers; powers to build confidence, to put smiles, to give hope and most of all to create change in their lives.
This season of giving, spread the joy through joining in one of these incredible volunteering activities below and be a #HolidayHero:

1) Project Brave Kids

project brave kids
Kids are supposed to live a happy life growing up, and these children from Project Brave Kids are a few of the 3,500 Filipino Children diagnosed with cancer each year. Child cancer is a silent battle that these kids face, and to survive, incredible support both emotionally and financially can lift the burden away from their faces.  
This non-governmental organization established by Paul and Sigrid Perez are looking for volunteers. Be a brave kid scout  and volunteer through the following:

  • Intercessory Prayer Service: A prayer group shall be formed for each patient, to support the family spiritually.
  • Hospice Care: Volunteers will visit terminally-ill patients and provide their families comfort and assistance in this most distressing time.
  • Camp Volunteer: Through an annual summer camp, patients and families will have a chance to take a break from the rigorous schedules of treatment. Volunteers will accompany these families and help facilitate the various activities.
  • Special Occasion Volunteer: During special occasions, volunteers can take over the care of the cancer patient so that moms or dads can devote a day to themselves.

Get your heart gear up and join the battle against childhood cancer and see that smile lit up their faces.

2) Give Love on Christmas Day

robert's place
As the song goes, “Give Love on Christmas day, on Christmas day…” and literally, a hostel  company, Robert’s Place Philippines has been giving out love on Christmas.
Their annual feeding & gift giving program dubbed as “Give Love on Christmas Day” continues up to this year.
If you really want to give love on Christmas day, the company encourages event volunteers to join them this December 17 around 9 in the morning at the Ususan Covered Court. Plus, a special celebrity guest is said to join you guys.
If you are interested to be one of their volunteers, you may call (02) 755-65-22.

3) Feed The Hungry
karinderia ni mang urot

Not to sound offensive, but the way to fill the hearts of the needy is to fill their stomachs. The metro has its street hungry people on every corner, begging alms and sometimes picking up spare of leftovers from unsanitary locations. These are people and not scavengers, so might as well make them feel that in this cruel world, there’s light.
If you are on a mission to fill hearts through food, then there’s a regular soup kitchen in Quezon City that’s in need of volunteers. These group don’t have that much of a large budget so they need all the help they can get. The event happens every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night around 7:00-8:30 PM at the Bank of Commerce Quezon Ave. Corner Examiner St. West Triangle Quezon City. It’s pretty close if you are around Quezon City and accessible as well.    
To join at the last minute, you may contact Mang Urot a day before by his cell number: 09189106763 . Plus, for those who want to help in cooking, you may drop by at Mang Urot’s house along 1 Dalisay street, West Triangle. Quezon city. Cooking time is around 5pm. You may contact Sir Benjie at 09189106763 to find out more.  

4) Play It Forward

play it forward
For athletes and athletes at heart, now can be the time toPLAY IT FORWARD.” Youth Sports Advocacy (YSA) Philippines are  taking charge to give back through youth sports.
Malanday, Marikina is the first community where they implement  Athlete’s Social Responsibility (ASR).  So, take part and be an opportunity to 150 aspiring young athletes.
YSA are looking for volunteers for the following:

  • Coach (Basketball / Volleyball)- Volunteer as a coach to YSA kids. Teach them basic skills, unleash their potentials and instill good values to them through sports.
  • Photographer / Videographer – If you don’t play sports but have other skills such as photography and videography, you might want to sign up for this. These photos can be powerful advocacy materials for their social media accounts. You might not know you’ll be capturing some childhood moments of future athletes.
  • Food Committee – If you really want to help, you can also be part of sponsoring for food and drinks during training. The kids are also excited about their recovery meals.Plus, snack break is usually the time when you get the chance to have small talks with kids to get to know them.

To know more about YSA and their activities, visit Youth Sports Advocacy Philippines Inc. If you have questions, feel free to contact Yanie Mirabueno at (0916)6720879 or send them a message on their Facebook page. Hope you could take part.

5) Education Under the Bridge

education under the bridge
The bridge has two functions, it links one place to another and also provides as makeshift shelters for the needy. Of course, like most homes, there are dreams living under the bridge. Unlike others, these kids lack the privilege to attend schools. So, if you have the heart to teach these underprivileged children, then by all means do so.
Join Teacher Fe Matallano-Lustañas’ “A Journey of Hope” and Teacher Salve’s “ABAKADA ang Pag-asa” to provide weekly lessons for children of Coastal Road Under the Bridge Bulungan Area La Huerta Parañaque City.
Experience, motivate and learn with the children. Don’t forget to bring simple souvenirs for the kids and be their Santa.
Contact details:
Teacher  Fe Matullano- Lustañas at 09255711970
Teacher Salve at 09480799385
Email: fematullano@yahoo.com / vhey2000@yahoo.com
FB: Fe Matullano Lustanas / Salve Matullano.

6) Christmas Road Trip for Laughs

Year after year, you have been blessed to enjoy a sumptuous feast and to receive a number of exciting gifts. But unlike you, there families out on the streets who are not as fortunate. So, if you feel like sharing your blessings, you may volunteer for Laugh Out Loud’s “Christmas Road Trips For Laughs.”
Volunteers with vehicles are encouraged to join and go around the Metro to personally distribute food and toys for the homeless kababayans on December 23 to 24 from 4:30 in the afternoon to 3 o’clock in the morning (The meeting place is yet to be announced).
They are need of volunteers who can bring the following:
– at least 5 packs of tasty bread
– at least 3 cheese,butter,peanut butter or any palaman of your choice
– at least 5 cup noodles the ones which would only need hot water for preparation
– at least 1 liter of Juice or Soda
– 1 pack of cupcakes or biscuits
– at least 20 packs of 3 in one coffee
– at least 2 small boxes of powdered Milk
– canned goods of your choice
– fruits of your choice
–  TOYS for kids (preloved or brand new)
Live up the spirit of spreading joy, contact ONAH at 0927 675 9820 or e-mail at onah2013.mrtj@gmail.com and have a Christmas Road Trip to remember.

7) Christmas Caroling

Nothing like singing your hearts with gleeful holiday songs.If you want to both relive your childhood, Oikos Helping Hand is there to give Christmas caroling with a twist. Instead of receiving incentives from singing, you give food instead.
Join them as they accept volunteers who wants to share the time  with the less fortunate in life in Tondo, Manila on December 24 from 8 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon.Contact  +63998 579 4001 or 501 6377 for more information.

If you feel it in your heart to give, just do so. It’s important be the kindness in this world full of selfishness. Scatter goodness and make life worth living.
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