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10 Positive Things That Happen When You Donate


“No one has ever become poor from giving.” -Maya Angelou
When it rains, it pours they said. And with blessings coming into your life, what more can you do than to reciprocate that goodness by donation.
You don’t have to be that Bill Gates rich to give back, because the only requirement to do so is the kindness in your heart. And when one day you walk and see a donation box from a distance, if you feel like dropping a coin or bill, don’t hesitate, it’s your heart that tells you so.
Show that selfless act of a #HolidayHero through the power of giving and experience the positive outcomes when you donate.

1) Grow own self-worth.

Donating helps you understand your value and self-worth. You realized that there are bigger problems outside of your life, and magnifying yours than solving it won’t do any good. Now that you see your blessings through others, in expense, you give back through donation.
So, help families move away from poverty, and make a better world for the future of these families; through their children. Donate at World Vision. Keep 60 years of caring for children counting.

2) A sense of fulfilLment

The feeling of sense of fulfillment is no stranger when you give in kind. In a research (Konrath, 2013) conducted, “prosocial spending,” the act to spend on gifts for others and donations to charity, has some positive association to psychological well-being or simply being happy.
Now with the season that’s in love with giving, spend your heart to donate at Save The Children. There are 1.3 billion children in the world who are suffering. If you were a lucky child, now is the time to give back and make the less fortunate children’s lives a happy one to live. Make a difference and save our children.

3) Earn respect.

When we give or donate, we do it discreetly, we do it silently. You don’t need people to know that you have been giving. However, sometimes we get noticed with our charitable efforts. At the same time, we earn the respect we didn’t ask for. But that’s a good thing.
To earn respect, we must show respect. And our soldiers had done enough to show how much they deserve the salute of being a hero. For the families of our fallen heroes, we can pay our highest respect through helping their loved ones they left behind.
Give back through Hero foundation, you can see clear boxes with dog tags, that’s where you can donate, or you can simply check out their Hero foundation website to learn more.

4) Boosts motivation

You give to inspire. You give to remind the marginalized, the oppressed, the underprivileged, the less fortunate ones, the victims that there is hope. Think of it that you are an instrument of light, warmth and comfort in a  world where they see it as cruel and cold. So, comfort them from all the pain and keep their flame of life from flickering away.
You can boost motivation by fixing broken smiles of children and adults with cleft deformities. So, donate at Operation Smile and make another person show his/her happiness through smiling.

5) Opportunity to give back

You don’t do this everyday, but when you donate, you get the opportunity to make lives better.
It’s not only money that you can donate, you can give your old toys for kids to play or donate your books for them to read. Playing and reading is very essential to the growth of the kids.
Inspire and give the childhood memory the kids on the streets and the orphans rightfully deserve. Support this vision of  Philippine Toy Library and be a Secret Santa this holiday.

6) Reflects inner values

Why do you give? Because you are compassionate, you want to make a difference, you are an advocate for changing lives, you have empathy, and most of all you are kind. Take that from us.
All of the inner values are learned from homes, and there are close to 4 million Filipinos living in slums. So, make a house a home and donate through Give 2 Habitat.

7) Set an example

When you give, you set an example. The people who notice will follow and the people who have received will keep a memory in their hearts that when life is all good for them, it’s their chance to give back as well. By doing so, little did you know, you created a beautiful chain reaction.
Start a chain reaction by telling your friends, acquaintances and relatives to participate on a book drive. Collect and donate at Books For A CauseIf the out of school youth can’t attend classes, we bring the books to them, because education is very important to the young lives’ development.

8) It makes you happier

Yes, it makes you happier because giving is a selfless act. The thought of knowing that you can make world a better place for someone feels grateful.
So, make the world a better place and donate at UNICEF. The organization is dedicated to serve the world’s children. Make them feel happier as well.

9) To make a difference

As said, giving makes a difference. The act of simple giving impacts lives. It takes out the bad and brings in the good. There are so many ways to donate, and one heart touching way to do so is to Donate Your Hair. You make a difference to the those suffering in cancer.  

10) A grateful heart

Working to help one another, that’s the moment when we start humanity and it feels wonderful to have such a grateful heart after.
There are several humanitarian efforts listed in this article. Of course, the popular Red Cross has been a household name that aims to save lives.

Charities need continuous help even after the holidays

If you feel it in your heart to give, just do so. It’s important be the kindness in this world full of selfishness. Scatter goodness and make life worth living.
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