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7 Signs You Are Ready To Adopt A Pet


The adorable relationship of people strolling around with their furry friends does turn heads. If you happen to walk past one and you smile looking at their four-pawed companions, chances are, you are reminded of your pet or you are one of the many who wants to have a pet of their own.
Now, if you have been considering adopting a pet,  check these seven signs to know if you are ready to confidently get those adoption papers. Keep in mind, once you adopt a pet, in their puppy eyes, you are always forever and more than their #HolidayHero

1) You are ready for responsibility.

It’s a heart touching saying about love: “There’s nothing on earth, that’s more loyal than a dog.”
Yes! Pets, in general, will stay by your side no matter what. To you, they are a friend, a partner, a defender, a pet, but for them you are their life, their leader and their love. So, having a pet is a big responsibility. It is no joke. If you are prepared to feed, to care, to recognize their love and their devotion and to give enough attention, then you are ready for that big responsibility.

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2) You are financially prepared.

There will be an additional plate to feed in the house and that means having to include the needs of your pet on your budget. So, if you are financially prepared to take on the responsibility, then you don’t have to worry. After all, you are that adorable life will turn a house into a home.

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3) You have a place.

You have a conducive environment for your pet’s welfare. You don’t just put them on a cage because they don’t deserve that kind of room. If you have a place that’s suitable for your pet’s lifestyle then you also deserve your pet. Remember, it’s not just a pet, it’s your house companion, your playful partner and your lifetime and faithful best friend. Give them all the comfort they need.

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4) You have enough the time and energy.

Now that you have given them a home, you also have to devote enough time and energy for your buddy.
There’s this research claim made by Dr Deirdre Barrett, a Clinical and Evolutionary Psychologist at Harvard Medical School:
“Humans dream about the same things they’re interested in by day, though more visually and less logically…There’s no reason to think animals are any different. Since dogs are generally extremely attached to their human owners, it’s likely your dog is dreaming of your face, your smell and of pleasing or annoying you.”
That claim made a trend on Twitter where owners posted a picture of their pets dreaming. So, imagine all those time and energy spent to devote their whole life to you, and come to think about it, they don’t have a long life. So, make the best out of it for them.

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5) You’re researching pets that fit your lifestyle.

You look into the web about the different personalities of the pets. You want it to be a match made in heaven. It’s like finding your ideal someone and that goes the same with your soon-to-be furry pal. If you have been doing this, then that’s a huge sign you are ready.

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6) You feel that every pet needs a home.

You are an advocate for every “Give a pet a home” campaign. You feel like every pet deserves a family, deserves to be loved and you have plans volunteering for organizations whose mission is to rescue and give pets a home such as CARA Welfare Philippine (Compassion And Responsibility for Animals) and PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society).

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7) You are a bona fide pet-lover.

You loath a province in China’s dog festival, you feel bad for those abandoned street pets, you like the Facebook pages of organizations that support animal welfare, you are easily well-loved by a pet even if they are a stranger to you. If all of this falls into your character, then you are bona fide pet lover.

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If you find all these signs right, then you are ready to adopt. A home is not a home without a pet and they are bundles of love wrapped in fur.
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