Pawnshops Then and Now: How the Digital Transformation Changed Pawnshops


A couple of decades ago, it was probably a novel idea for most people to think that they could do so many tasks digitally. Things, like shopping online, paying bills, and even learning a new course, are now part of the online space, and it’s helped tremendously in the way people live their lives. Thanks in part to the continuous innovation of the tech industry, the digitization of our everyday tasks has spread to other sectors, like pawning. Traditionally, pawning was done face-to-face. You had to present your collateral to the shop and surrender it physically for inspection before any agreements could take place. Now, online pawning allows you to list your item on pawnshops so you can get offers more quickly and lessen the hassle of having to make trips to physical stores frequently. To better understand the state of the pawnshop industry, it’s worth learning about the history of pawnbroking and how it came to be. Check out the infographic below for an informative … [Read more...]

How to Secure Your Future with a College Scholarship


Whether you’re a Grade 12 student looking for ways to secure a college education or a college freshman who just realized that you want to help your parents, there’s a scholarship program that you can apply to. Applying to college scholarship programs is not as easy as one may think for the primary reason that scholarships are bestowed to exemplary students and talented individuals. The goal of these programs is to make sure that financial aid is awarded to the most deserving students. Students and their families need to know what to do to find the best program, and how they can apply for it. We’ve created a guide to help you through the process of getting a college scholarship. 1. Look for the scholarship program that best fits your needs and situation. So, you’ve decided to actually go for it. Now, it’s time to look for the scholarship program that can best fit your situation. If you’re an exemplary student with consistently high grades, you can look for academic … [Read more...]

A Parent’s Guide to Saving Up for Children’s Education

In the words of Nelson Mandela, education is indeed the most powerful weapon that one can use to change the world. Needless to say, education is the primary key to success that relatively plays a vital role in shaping one’s future. The knowledge that one can attain from education serves as the backbone of many practical and theoretical decision-making processes that one may encounter, and at the same time, it opens doors to many opportunities as one goes through life. Since all parents want nothing but the best for their child/children, providing them a quality education is the key to making them enjoy all the fine things in life and mold them to be successful as they grow. However, the cost of education here in the Philippines is changing over time. Then again, nothing can ever replace the cost of missing out on education and its implications on one’s life. Planning and saving up for your child’s future education even in their young years will help take the pressure off you … [Read more...]

The Back-To-School Realities We’ve All Experienced

Summer has come and gone, and your vacation is over. It’s time to go back to school. While most children would grunt and groan at the thought of going back to school, some are excited about it. Parents, on the other hand, may be anxious about the fact that their wallets and bank accounts are going to take a hit. However, this is coupled with the excitement that the kids are going to be out of the house for the most part of the day once school starts. Stay-at-home moms will have more time to themselves during the day, and working parents can head off to work right after sending their kids to school. Everybody’s going to be busy when school starts! But first, there are some realities that both students and parents need to consider. 1. Shopping for new school supplies is the most exciting part. Both small and big kids look forward to shopping for new stuff before school starts. Some families don’t like scheduling their shopping day during the back-to-school rush. However, it’s … [Read more...]

5 Best Ways to Help You Pay Your Tuition Fees

As tuition fees hike every year, it is increasingly difficult for some students and families to pay for their education. On May 29, 2017, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) approved the tuition fee increase of 268 private colleges and universities for school year 2017-2018. The average increase in fees is slated at 6.9% or ₱86.68 per unit. Whether you’re a new couple preparing for your baby’s future, a parent struggling to pay for your child’s education, or a working student trying to make ends meet, you have multiple options available for you. You can save money, adjust your budget, apply for a scholarship, get a bank loan, or go to an online pawnshop to get funding. We’ve gathered the best tips to help you pay for your or your child’s tuition fees. Read on to learn more. 1. Save early. This is the golden rule for anything that has to do with a big purchase or investment. Determine how much you need every year, plan ahead, and structure your finances early on so that by … [Read more...]

6 Best Laptops for College Students

6-laptops_BLOG_BANNER (1)

Nowadays, it’s hard for students to survive college without having personal laptops. Apart from projects and reports to submit, there are also tasks from student activities that they want to take part in. For college students, it’s not about having just any laptop or the most powerful laptop there is. Considering your major when looking for the best laptop for college can boost your productivity and help you get the most out of your personal computer. If you’re on a strict budget, look at an online pawnshop or a used laptop marketplace to find the most appropriate laptop for your college life. To have an idea of what you should be looking for, check out this list of the best laptops for college. 1. Apple MacBook Air Price Point: ₱50,000 – ₱65,000 (Image source: Apple proponents will tell you that you can never go wrong with a MacBook Air. It’s powerful, portable, and boasts of a 12-hour battery life. You don’t even need to bring a charger when you’re in school … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Earn A College Degree

  Why is pursuing a college education very important? For one, it will open many doors of opportunities for your career and growth as an individual. That, plus all its other benefits, will last you a lifetime! That's a pretty good deal if you ask me. Truth be told, many of us come to a point in our lives when financial circumstances get in the way of finishing our education. In such a case, would it be better to skip school entirely and start a career early? Working may seem like a better option because, let's face it, who doesn't like earning money at a young age, right? There, however, lies a problem. Securing a good career in the field you want or in any field for that matter, means competing with other candidates who have bachelor degrees in this and that and whatnot. Now, guess who your dream company will prioritize for a vacancy. Don't get me wrong, getting a job that pays adequately can help you get back on your feet. But it has to be temporary! If you can make it … [Read more...]

8 Must-Read Motivational Books To Make You Financially Successful


“The poor and middle class work hard for their money. The Rich have their money work hard for them.” -Rich Dad, Poor Dad Financial literacy is wired to success. If you know how to use money... the rich way, then a secured financial future is right on your alley. However, most people use their money, the poor way. They spend, save a little, spend, spend, and spend. Getting out the rat race should be the goal. The rat race is a paycheck after paycheck lifestyle with debts, meager income, no investments, poor networth and little savings. But, don’t feel demotivated,  the way to get out of the rat race is to begin to seeing money and finances in a whole new way. And what’s a best way to start the road to success than reading. Now, these 8 inspiring books would motivate you in the right race track to the millionaire's finish line. 1) Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki “The biggest difference I see between The Rich and the poor or middle class, is financial education and how … [Read more...]

The Many Types Of Loans That You Can Apply For (Infographic)


A 2014 study by the Word Bank stated that 69% of Filipinos did not have bank accounts of their own or maintained one with someone else. The report further claimed that only 3 out of 10 Filipino adults possess bank accounts. This means that the figure of unbanked Filipinos is a lot higher than the global average of 38%! Plus, among the poorest “40% of Filipino households,” only about 2 out of 10 adults in the group have a bank account. Imagine that! Despite the statistics,Filipinos are still among the best in Asia in terms of their short-term savings and expense tracking behavior, according to a report. Given that, Filipinos are more likely to seek out loans (with surveys reading 10% of the Filipino adults versus a world average of 5%). So, if you are one of those planning to loan cash for financial needs, below is an infographic to guide you through the many types of loans available in the financial market: … [Read more...]

Pawnina Shares: How The Upcoming Holiday Rush Can Teach You Some Successful Traits In Life


Hey guys, Pawnina here! People often see the ugly side of the holiday rush, but if they just look past the obvious, then one can notice there are traits that can be earned from experiencing such. The holiday rush is always a big deal, but the real deal is surviving it! Keep in mind that getting through such an ordeal breeds a warrior of character. So, the next time you get stuck this coming Christmas rush, say, “I am a warrior, I will survive.” Here’s how the upcoming holiday rush can teach some successful traits for the new year ahead: 1) The Holiday traffic and the long lines teach PATIENCE. “Patience is virtue.” The EDSA traffic is not new in the Filipino vocabulary; we learn to accept it and we learn to live it. But with the holidays rushing in, the traffic and the long lines to get home is just enough to ruin tempers. But on the bright side, a key trait that one can learn from such is being patient. Waiting can be dreading we all know that, but it is at these kinds of … [Read more...]