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8 Must-Read Motivational Books To Make You Financially Successful


“The poor and middle class work hard for their money. The Rich have their money work hard for them.” -Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Financial literacy is wired to success. If you know how to use money… the rich way, then a secured financial future is right on your alley. However, most people use their money, the poor way. They spend, save a little, spend, spend, and spend. Getting out the rat race should be the goal. The rat race is a paycheck after paycheck lifestyle with debts, meager income, no investments, poor networth and little savings. But, don’t feel demotivated,  the way to get out of the rat race is to begin to seeing money and finances in a whole new way.
And what’s a best way to start the road to success than reading. Now, these 8 inspiring books would motivate you in the right race track to the millionaire’s finish line.

1) Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

“The biggest difference I see between The Rich and the poor or middle class, is financial education and how they think about money.” 

What separates the rich and the poor, you ask? Well, Robert T. Kiyosaki’s popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad book talks about just that. It accounts the story of two different fathers, with two different philosophies and two different outcomes. Kiyosaki shared experiences that made him successful and he wants you to learn from it too which makes it a must-read financial book in this list.

2) 8 secrets of the truly rich by Bo Sanchez

“The ultimate purpose of wealth is to love others.” 

Another book you should read on your spare time is the book by the well-known Bo Sanchez. His book shares incredible 8 secrets to become truly rich! And who wouldn’t want to be truly rich right? This inspiring book can be read in one sitting (based on experience). This book discusses how you can both create material wealth and gain spiritual abundance. Filled with motivational secrets and inspiring accounts, you are sure to digest and embody being truly rich.  

3) My Maid invest in the stock market by Bo Sanchez

You should be seriously considering investing right now and this book will tell you why. Another practical book written by Bo Sanchez inspires you to make millions out of investing in the stock market. In the book, Sanchez tells an admirable story of how his three helpers invest in the stock market and build their retirement fund. If you are looking to building your stocks portfolio, this book can motivate you to do so in the right direction.

4) Think Rich Pinoy by Larry Gamboa

Another one for the books, Larry Gamboa shares how you can make your passive income bigger than your expenditures. Passive income is the earnings you received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It’s like sleeping and money is still working for you. The book will pull you into real estate investing without having to have millions to start with. Now, learn to be fabulously wealthy Pinoy and think rich with this book.

5) No Nonsense Personal Finance by Randell Tiongson

For all those of you who are struggling with handling their finances, this book is the one you should read. Randell Tiongson makes his books sound as if you are talking to a finance expert. The book will guide you with specific steps to get out of the dilemma and achieve a good way to manage finances.

6) Till Debt Do Us Part by Chinkee Tan

Drowning in debt? If saving has been a difficult challenge, then this book will teach you how to save the right way. Gain financial freedom and keep your debt-stresses away forever. 

7) Debtermined by Jason Lo

Debtermined is a behavioral finance book. This book makes it different from the rest as it helps you understand your behavior in money management.

8) Kasusweldo pa lang, UBOS na? by Vic & Avelynn Garcia

Most Pinoys fall into the one day millionaire lifestyle wherein their salary comes in and goes out of their hands in a snap. This smack-in-the-face and frankly titled book by Vic and Avelynn just tells the truth. This book is one of those finance-related books that you should read as it teaches practical tips to reduce expenses by at least 30%, and you know you want that! It also shares doable ways to save money, get out of debts (and stay out of t for good!), where and where not to invest and how to teach kids to be financially savvy!
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