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Pawnina Shares: How The Upcoming Holiday Rush Can Teach You Some Successful Traits In Life


Hey guys, Pawnina here! People often see the ugly side of the holiday rush, but if they just look past the obvious, then one can notice there are traits that can be earned from experiencing such.
The holiday rush is always a big deal, but the real deal is surviving it! Keep in mind that getting through such an ordeal breeds a warrior of character. So, the next time you get stuck this coming Christmas rush, say, “I am a warrior, I will survive.”
Here’s how the upcoming holiday rush can teach some successful traits for the new year ahead:

1) The Holiday traffic and the long lines teach PATIENCE.

“Patience is virtue.”
The EDSA traffic is not new in the Filipino vocabulary; we learn to accept it and we learn to live it. But with the holidays rushing in, the traffic and the long lines to get home is just enough to ruin tempers. But on the bright side, a key trait that one can learn from such is being patient. Waiting can be dreading we all know that, but it is at these kinds of situations that also tests a strength of character: how we act and how we talk. Patience has always been a factor that contribute to success. So, the next time you end up in a holiday traffic, don’t let it take the best of you.

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2) Last-minute shopping teaches DISCIPLINE.

“Time is Gold.”
The consequences of a last-minute habit teaches discipline! Ask this: “Why was I late in the first place?”
You have all the time in the world to plan ahead but the Filipino time attitude just won’t quit. Hence, finding yourself in the holiday rush. But hear this, you earn discipline afterwards. You learn to manage your time with that experience and you know how timeliness is important for a successful routine.

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3) Holiday sales teach DETERMINATION  and WISDOM.

“Experience is the Best Teacher.”
The holiday sales teach you to keep finding good deals. You become determined to reach the goal that little did you realize, it’s sparking a determination. Feel grateful with the experience from shopping during the holiday sales, because you come out with wisdom, both financially and life in general.

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4) The crowded malls teach RESPECT.

“You go ahead first.”
When you find yourself in a crowded mall or a crowded place this holiday, don’t let your attitude rise above the situation. You’re not the only one, you are just among the hundreds experiencing the same holiday rush. It seems like a competition as you find the best spots to dine, the best seats to watch, the best places to hang out, the best deals to shop and a whole lot more. But in every competition, the runner-up is always a sport. That’s one character for success, learning to respect each other. Nothing comes out successful from having a mean character. This is mean girls, this is the real world. Be kind because what goes around, comes around.

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5) The holiday rush teaches COURAGE.

“Move beyond fear.”
Overall, the holiday rush makes us brave enough to stand the traffic, to get through the crowded malls, to brave the holiday sales and to face any problems in general. The holiday rush gives us the courage to face our obstacles.

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 Remember there are good things that come out from every bad situations, you just have to know how to handle them smartly. It’s just a few weeks until the holidays. So, make that count.
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