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The Back-To-School Realities We’ve All Experienced


Summer has come and gone, and your vacation is over. It’s time to go back to school. While most children would grunt and groan at the thought of going back to school, some are excited about it.
Parents, on the other hand, may be anxious about the fact that their wallets and bank accounts are going to take a hit. However, this is coupled with the excitement that the kids are going to be out of the house for the most part of the day once school starts. Stay-at-home moms will have more time to themselves during the day, and working parents can head off to work right after sending their kids to school.
Everybody’s going to be busy when school starts! But first, there are some realities that both students and parents need to consider.

1. Shopping for new school supplies is the most exciting part.

Both small and big kids look forward to shopping for new stuff before school starts. Some families don’t like scheduling their shopping day during the back-to-school rush. However, it’s important to consider that back-to-school season sales and discounts usually happen during this time.
So, instead of buying stuff early, it would be wise to wait for the sale so you can get discounted items! Watch out for store announcements and ads, so you can plan ahead and get to the mall before everyone else does.

2. You don’t know who your new classmates are going to be.

For most schools, students are shuffled between blocks and sections every year, so you don’t know exactly who your classmates are going to be. You’re excited to see your friends, only to find out that they’re in another section!
Each year, you also look forward to seeing the new faces on the first day of school and make new friends. It’s both exciting and stressful for students. Make new friends in your new class, and be friendly towards the new students to make them feel welcome.

3. The first day of school is all about becoming familiar with everything.

It’s very common for school environments to be very noisy during the first day of school. Students are catching up with each other and shuffling about the school grounds. Don’t be afraid to explore your school and find out what new improvements have been done over the summer.
Familiarize yourself with your new classes and schedule so that you can charge through the week confidently.

4. Entering the wrong classroom can be very embarrassing.

There may come a time that you’ll mistake another classroom for yours. Make sure to double-check your class schedule and room number before you barge in and announce yourself. This can be very embarrassing, especially for a new student who does not know anyone yet.

5. It’s a struggle to get up early in the morning.

For more than a couple of months, you got used to sleeping in. But now, you need to wake up early and get ready for school. You set the alarm and keep hitting the snooze button until you realize that you’re actually running late!
It’s understandable for students to lose sleep due to excitement and anxiety for the first day of school. Change your body clock at least a couple of weeks before school starts. This helps you establish a new routine so that you won’t have trouble falling asleep at an earlier time and waking up very early in the morning.
Yes, it’s still dark outside and your bed is cozy, but you have to get up when the alarm rings.

6. You’re anxious to join new orgs and clubs.

During the first week of school, students are encouraged to choose and join the clubs they’re interested in. A lot of students choose their orgs based on the ones their friends belong to, or whether there’s a cute girl or boy in that org.
Clubs are meant to promote a student’s interests in a particular field and help them develop their skills. So, if you like theater, make sure to join that club instead of the computer club just because your crush is in that club! Take advantage of the opportunities that orgs offer.

7. Meet the new teachers!

First impressions last. At the start of every school year, new teachers introduce themselves and students gauge whether this new teacher is the friendly and approachable professor or the “terror-teacher” everyone’s afraid of.
But, before you judge your teachers and professors, be open-minded to what they can instill in you. These teachers aim to help students and hone their characters to become better individuals and ultimately, professionals.

8. Traffic is going to be extra-terrible during the first week of school.

Filipinos are aware that traffic is going to be extra-terrible on the first day of school due to the influx of cars on the road and students commuting to their schools.
It’s important to leave your home early to prevent tardiness. During the first week of school, you can map out various routes and calculate your travel time. So, make certain time allowances to accommodate the heavy traffic.

9. It’s enrollment time!

This is what most students and parents prepare for—enrollment week. Technically, it’s not the rainy season quite yet. It’s going to be scorching hot outside while you’re in line at the registrar, the cashier, or shuffling from one school building to the next.
Arm yourself with a fan, a hanky or towelette, and a bottle of water to keep yourself cool and hydrated. Don’t forget to bring all your necessary IDs and documents that you will need for enrollment.
Every year, tuition fees hike, and some people are not financially capable of paying for the full amount. For this reason, schools offer staggered payment or installments.
Calculate how much you need to pay for to get yourself enrolled. If your budget is not enough for a down payment, consider pawning some of your old items to an online pawnshop. This will help prevent the need to use your credit card or borrow money from the bank. You can pawn designer items, jewelry, electronics and gadgets, sporting gear, musical equipment, and other valuable items.
Whether you’re a college student working for your own education or a parent preparing for the new school year, you need to consider these back-to-school realities to make the start of the school year a worry-free and positive experience.

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