What The World Will Be Like If Holiday Sales Didn’t Exist?


The world without holiday sales? "It's impossible! It's preposterous!" Yes, this gasping alternate reality may seem unimaginable but what if we lived in a world where holiday sales are non-existent? Let's take a theoretical approach of our world in a parallel universe where holiday sales just don't matter and see if our lives would be better or would just go berserk. Image source 1) Probably we’ll be more frugal. The economics of Christmas sees a peak selling season for retailers across nations around the world. Holiday sales in our world is like the vitamins of the economy where consumer spending behavior are proactive as people purchase gifts, decorations and supplies to celebrate. This means people are much more prone to impulsive buying. But in our "theoretically speaking" opposite world, a frugal lifestyle will be the result of an absence of holiday sales. The world will probably have a season where happiness and contentment is based on emotional bonding than … [Read more...]

Trick or Treat: Halloween Promo Tricks To Treat Your Business To An Increase In Revenue


We’ve been sharing more about how to get your business sales increase this holiday season, but let’s take a break and play a little more. Since the time of the year when you could dress to be whoever you want is nearing, take good advantage of this opportunity to give your customers something to look forward to. Yes! Happy Halloween folks! Halloween may only fall for two days, but you could start spicing up your trick or treat ideas now to give your business revenue a boost. Scare all the negativity away and create an aura of fun with these Halloween promo tricks to try below: 1) Treat them with free candies. According to a study entitled "Sweetening the Till: The Use of Candy to Increase Restaurant Tipping", handing out candies or sweets while giving customers their check in a restaurant increases the likelihood of the customers' tip-giving. The study showed three observations: Observation 1: When the waiter left a single piece candy while giving the receipt, the average … [Read more...]

PAWNINA Shares: Types of Holiday Spenders To Look Out This Season


“Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la”   Hi guys, Pawnina here! Isn’t it just cheerful to sing the holiday carols even we’re three months away ‘til Christmas? Well, blame it on the best thing I love about Christmas here in the Philippines,  when it starts early -September- and ends late - January. So, there’s so much to expect around; reunions, celebrations, traditions, and including the holiday spenders! (Giggles) These holiday spenders are just everywhere at this time of the year! So, let’s take a quick profile of the holiday spenders to look out this season and decide also for ourselves to which type of holiday spenders do we fall into. Profile A: The Seasonal Millionaires Let’s welcome the all-time holiday spenders! The big shot of the season - the Seasonal Millionaires. These type of holiday spenders are the financially hospitable and the financially capable. A holiday budget is not their top concern. They are all out to spread the holiday spirit … [Read more...]