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Top 5 Back-to-School Apps You Need to Download Now


Smartphones are everywhere. Anyone and their grandparents has at least one iteration of the many number of smartphone brands out on the market today. The one thing that gives smartphones their infinite usefulness are the plethora of apps available. Be it popular games that help you pass the time like Clash of Clans or Battle Royale, or chat apps like Messenger or Viber and so much more, there’s something for everyone.
PawnHero looks at five apps that we find are the most useful for those who are going beck to school. These aren’t ordered by usefulness, and we made sure to pick one each of a number of categories that will benefit anyone going back to school.


Whether you have to endure the long commute or are super lucky to have parents pick you up, you’re likely to face the terribly tormenting traffic coming to and from school like the rest of the Metro. While having the MMDA app in your smartphone won’t take away the traffic, it’s pretty precise in helping you plan your routes or commutes home. More than that, this app also helps you plan out when you should leave for home at the end of the school day. After all, why head out to be stuck in traffic when you can wait it our and get some work done in your library? Plus, it’s both free and doesn’t take up much storage space in your smartphone anyway. Lastly, it features a simply to use and understand interface.

2. Project NOAH

With the rainy season already kind of, sort of here, and the risk of horrendous traffic that brings, it pays to be prepared. The Project NOAH app provides multiple ways to view and (hopefully) understand the weather situation in any given day. Being specific to the Philippines, it’s super helpful with its suit of features that give rain probabilities, typhoon forecasts, and even amounts of rainfall to expect. If you wanted to, you could even download images from satellites and Doppler stations. These will go a long was to showing your teacher that it “really was looking like rain” when you miss a school day due to the notoriously delayed warning system schools seem to use.

3. Spotify

Music is such an integral part of life today that you can walk around out there and not see someone with earbuds blaring tunes in their ears. Plus, it’s a great way to help pass the time during long commutes and even helps some focus with their studying and research. Springing for 120 pesos a month for Premium service takes away all the audio ads and gives you access to a whole lot of tunes from different genres. Spotify even has a lot of great comedians on their with their full shows for maximum entertainment. Even if you don’t pay for Premium, what’s a few ads for essentially the same access anyway. Additionally, the ability to save tracks for consumption offline is great for those who rely on WiFi for much of their online stuff.

2. PawnHero

Finding quick cash for the many, many money-needing things you face in a school year used to be hard. With the PawnHero app, things are made much simpler. All you need is something to pawn and your smartphone. All of the processes happen via the app and you don’t even have to worry about bringing the item somewhere. PawnHero picks up the item for you. Even getting your cash is easy as you can opt for a deposit into your bank account, or just withdraw the funds via the PawnHero card issued to you when your item is picked up. It’s a convenient option that makes keeping this app on your phone a must just in case you need it down the line.

1. Evernote

This note-taking app is one of the most useful apps to have. Not only does it provide a way to have all your notes neatly organized in one place, it also allows you to access these notes over a wide range of platforms. Just login through your tablet and home PC or laptop and you can get those lecture notes when you need them. More than that, the app allows for voice memos (for those who can’t be bothered to type), freeform writing for when you need to draw something, and even allows you to save and capture webpages for easy reference later on. You can even share your notes to other people which is perfect for better coordinating group work. You can pay to upgrade for more storage space but the free version works just as fine and is something every student should have installed.
Make your smartphone even smarter with these five apps geared towards making any student’s life much easier this coming school year. All of these offer free service off the bat and provide for optimal functionality within their own categories. They’re certainly worth checking out and downloading today.
Don’t have a smartphone to download these apps? Consider pawning your older valuable stuff at home for some quick cash today. It will certainly help pay your way towards a new, fast smartphone today. And, as we mentioned earlier, PawnHero makes doing this so easy. Try it out and see!

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