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7 Money Habits That Make Millennials Richer


Are you a millennial who wants bigger savings but always ends up waiting for payday? If yes, you are not alone, and you better rethink your money habits now.
A Moody’s Analytics study shows that people under 35 do not save and even spend more than they have. On the other hand, 55% of millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than material goods. Examples are travelling to another country or buying tickets for a concert.
Of course, you deserve to give into your guilty pleasures sometimes, spend for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and create fun memories you won’t be able to do 10 or 20 years from now. Who wants to miss out on life, right?
However, living life as a millennial does not mean forgetting to save and invest for the future. Get to enjoy all the good things in life without going broke by developing habits that will make a richer you.
Here are simple and easy strategies millennials like you can do to fill your pockets with bigger savings.

1. Believe in small savings—they add up

Millennials like you have a choice to save a little. You just need to commit yourself to it.
Small savings every day grow over time, and if you are willing to invest that money you save, you can expect higher figures in your savings account in the future.
Begin with simple things like going for basic cable instead of premium channels, turning off the light before leaving for work, and not letting the water run when unused. Although these may not feel like huge leaps, these can give you bigger savings when practiced religiously.

2. Skip the Starbucks

Spending P140 to P200 on most weekdays on an expensive latte amounts to about P4,000 monthly. Instead, consider investing in a decent coffee pot at home and stop buying overpriced drinks or things.
<p?Cutting out money-draining habits is hard. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Start out small and opt for a cheaper option.

3. Consider public transportation

Taking an Uber around instead of riding the city bus is hard to resist. But, is it really worth it?
Commuting may be less convenient and longer depending on the traffic (considering that traffic’s getting worse in Manila!). But, if you wake up earlier when traffic is not as heavy as during peak hours, you can save money big time!

4. Pack lunch!

Young people are spending more on dining out than on groceries – says a Bloomberg study. While eating out saves you time and offers convenience, it can also leave you with empty pockets. So, what can busy millennials like you do to save on food without compromising time?
Make it special. Rather than spending money every day on a meal you can make yourself, designate a grocery day, so you don’t shell out all your salary on eating out.
Instead of paying P130 every day for lunch, take yourself out on a Friday night for P250-P300 meals. Not only would you end up saving, but you also get to reward yourself after a long week.

5. Live for yourself, not for your social media accounts

Have you ever seen a friend post a photo of his recent El Nido trip and end up planning your own? That’s the thing about social media—you discover glamorous things that make you feel envy and compare your life with others.
Instead of modeling your goals after someone else, decide what it is that you want, and set reasonable expectations to meet those goals. If you’re looking to travel, create a budget, plan a trip within your limits, and start saving for it.

6. Use technology to budget your money

If it’s hard to create a breathing room in your budget by yourself, try taking the 21st-century route. Download money apps that can help you save big.
Mint, for instance, keeps track of all your finances and creates tailor-made budgets based on your income and spending habits. Though this app won’t exactly save money for you, it can absolutely help you see where you money is going—an important first step toward saving.

7. Pawn your items online

Becoming richer than you are today is not just measured in the figures. It is in the way you handle the ins and outs of your money. Learn how to deal with urgent cash needs without touching your savings.
Online pawn shops such as PawnHero are safe and reliable ways to solve short-term cash needs. This is much better than making a loan with high-interest rate. PawnHero has fewer requirements than bank loans and allows anyone to pawn at a low monthly interest rate of 2.99%. And since it’s online pawning, it is convenient and can be done anywhere, anytime—even with your smartphone!
Millennials like you are empowered, go-getters, and achievers, so becoming richer is no impossible task.
Put yourself on the right track. Start small. Be consistent. Remain realistic. Challenge yourself with a budget, but don’t set yourself up for failure. Always acknowledge what living within your means looks like. You might just be surprised to find out one day, you have just become 10 or more times richer than today.


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