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Pawnina's Tips to Get High Rates


Hi, everyone! Pawnina here! We talk about pawning a lot and many of you are already familiar with how it works. What many pawnshops won’t normally tell you is how to get the most of every item you pawn. I wan’t to help you with that. Today, I am going to look at four very commonly pawned items and I’ll talk about how you can make sure you get a higher appraisal value.

Pay attention, ok? I want you to be able to easily raise enough cash to meet all those emergency needs!

Smartphones, Tablets, & Gadgets

Smartphones and tablets are among the most popular items today. Nearly every Filipino has one! It’s important to remember, though, that with new models coming out everyday, the value of these items goes down really fast! While models from a few years ago might get you some money, this won’t be a big amount. In any case, the trick is always to make sure you have all the original accessories and parts with the smartphone or tablet to ensure you get a higher amount. Receipts that might be usable for warranty purposes are also a big plus when it comes to price. All these apply to other gadgets and electronic gizmos like portable gaming devices and even consoles. Having a box certainly helps too.

Luxury Bags, Watches, & Eyewear

Brands that are globally considered to be luxurious tend to fetch truly high prices. Unfortunately, for most of us, it’s not so easy to determine if something is original or fake. That last one can mean the difference between a high price, and getting nothing at all! Fortunately, the best pieces in world always come with some form of documentation like certificates of authenticity. Including these goes a long way towards getting a good price. Packaging also help too. For luxury bags, there are the dust covers that are actually much like bags for the bag. For luxury watches, there are the elegant boxes and display cases. Even luxury eyewear comes with cases. Including these when you pawn helps get you a good price. Lastly, you can also look up originality tests online if you just want to be sure.

Appliances and other Electronics

While it always helps to have the packaging and documentation of appliances when you pawn them, this isn’t as strict a restriction as is on smartphones and tablets. After all, no one really expects you to keep that big old box of your flatscreen TV just lying around the house. What is actually important are the cables and accessories that allow said appliances and electronics to run properly. For example, you can get a higher price off your DVD player if you bulk in the A/V or HDMI cables that let you connect it to you TV. This is actually a practical consideration as the functioning of an appliance or electronic will play a big part of the assessment when we get you item.

One Really Great Tip!

One of the most glaring differences between a traditional pawnshop and PawnHero is that we don’t immediately get to see the item you’re pawning. A lot of importance goes into the description of your item when you first go for a free estimate. In order for us to offer you a very fair estimate on the item you’re pawning, it really helps to make sure that your descriptions are detailed and accurate. Here are a few questions you can answer that will help you out:

  • When did you buy your item?
  • Is it still covered by a warranty?
  • What’s the physical state of your item? Does it have any scratches, bumps, or dings?
  • Does the item still work properly? Are there areas where it’s starting to get faulty?

Answering all of these truthfully will make sure that your own expectations are properly set! That is, the final offer won’t be far (if at all) from the initial estimate. Give it a try today. Whether on our website or through our Android application, PawnHero is you best bet for quick cash. We offer one of the lowest fixed interest rates at 2.99% with no hidden charges, and provide free, fully insured pickup and delivery of your items. With these tips, you’re sure to get the best price for your item today.

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