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8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Luxury Watch


Luxury watches can be a good investment! In fact, they are hand crafted for long man hours from precious metal and special jewels. They not only retain their value, but somehow also increase in worth over time especially if kept in pristine condition.They are made to last which can be passed down from generation to generation as magnificent heirlooms.
Here are things to consider when buying yourself that fine timepieces!

1) The BRAND speaks for itself.

They say the longer a brand has been around, the more likely it is to have a better track record. Now, if you are a first time buyer, a well-established brand watch such as a Rolex or Patek Philippe can be a safe choice, but if you are well-versed with other brands then choose the right brand that best fulfills your needs and requirements.

2) Choose the right SIZE.

There’s beauty in every fit, so the proportion on your wrist is key! A watch should fit your wrist nicely. In doing so, you have to take into consideration the Golden Ratio (the golden ration is the mathematical divine proportion to measure beauty). To know if a watch fits your wrist, simply get the width of your wrist and multiply it by 0.618 (Phi). So if your wrist width is 70 mm, then an ideal watch size is between 42 and 44 mm. Also, not to miss is to find the watch that is comfortable to wear and that makes you feel confident.

3) Consider the MOVEMENTS of the watch.

A movement is the essential part of the watch that keeps an accurate time, it would not work without it. There are three basic ways these watches tell time: digital watches, quartz watches and mechanical watches. The digital watches are your high-tech 21st century watches. The popular G-shock and Casio watches are fine examples of the digital watch. Meanwhile, quartz watches are your analog timepieces that runs on a tiny, vibrating and electrified quartz crystal keeping an extremely accurate time such as the Japanese quartz movement. Finally, mechanical movements are often used for luxury watches because of the level of quality and outstanding craftsmanship of mechanical movements by skilled expert watchmakers and Swiss watchmakers are the best in this field.

4) The PRICE is right.

They say you get what you pay for. With considering the price, know that you should only spend what you can afford on a watch. But if you want to recoup your investment by later reselling your luxury watch, then you can go further by buying that limited edition watch. After all, it’s not called luxury for nothing.

5) It’s all about TRUST.

It may sound funny how trust can be considered when buying a luxury timepiece, but this is the crucial part. What you are purchasing is a high-value good which means that it can be very costly to repair. So you have to put trust to the person you are buying your watch from. Getting a broken watch can be a nightmare to deal with. In the event that happens, you have to trust that the retailer or seller will solve the problem by repairing the watch or by returning your money. Apart from damages, it is also important that your expensive looking watch gets all the sufficient paperwork. Some custom officials do random checks for the origin of luxury watches. It is important to regard that the retailer complies with all the rules and sells your watch with all the necessary paperworks, warranty cards, etc.

6) Don’t forget your specific PURPOSE.

Before getting the watch you want, you have to consider your needs first. Your specific purpose for buying a luxury watch should count. If you want something casual to wear perhaps a Patek Phillipe can do the trick. If you are into sports, some Rolexes can complement that need. So, consider where you will be wearing the watch before you make the purchase.

7) The STYLE counts.

Find the watch that best fits your personality. Ideally, you can own a watch that could be versatile enough to fit any outfit or wear on any occasion. On the other hand, if you are looking for exclusivity, some watches are made for the mass and some luxury watches are made for just a few. Here’s a takeaway, if you see yourself 5 years from now wearing the watch, now that’s a good investment.

8) SIMPLICITY can go a long way.

While getting your hands on luxury watches with avante-garde designs and intricate complications, a more classic design for a first purchase can go a long way. Keep in mind that classic is King. So when shelling out a big amount of cash for a first time luxury watch, you may want to get something that’s versatile. Something that you can wear for all occasions and suits every outfit.

Time is Gold.

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping yourself punctual makes you on top of the game. There’s nothing so classic than glancing to your wrist watch. This quintessential timepieces keeps your relationship with time on point. If you want to style yourself with a mechanical craftsmanship, then you can get yourself a luxury watch for less. You can go find deals on preloved watches that will work just fine.

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