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8 Charitable Ways to Spend Without Money


Somewhere in your heart lies a philanthropic beat waiting to unleash good in the world. But we’re sure you all have those plans to make this world a better place with money. You think you need money to carry out your mission to change the world with all of your good intentions. You hope to be as significant as billionaire Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, to name a few, who dedicated a part of their income to charity.
But hold your horses, you can be your own philanthropist without money to contribute something good in society. So, if you’re reeling in to give something back to the world, to restore your faith in humanity, and to be a good reminder to others that this world is actually not as cruel as they think, check out eight of these charitable ways you can spend without having to cash out a peso bill.

  • Blood Donation

 Reports from inquirer.net claim that the data from the Philippine Red Cross reveals that the country needs 118 blood units every hour, 2,832 units every day, and 1 million blood units every year. It has also been reported that last year, the country was able to collect 771,000 blood units and for this year, the targeted collection is 1 million blood units! Imagine the sheer supply needed by blood banks across the country every year. And last year they ran almost 230,000 blood units short! So, it is encouraged to donate blood, you might be someone’s type after all. Plus, don’t you know that there are great health perks for donating blood? Bloodletting improves overall health, replenishes new blood cell production, talk about feeling new again right? It also burns calories (about 650 calories). Yup! you read it right, burns fat! And most importantly you can just save a life, yay!  See, so count this charity on your list.

  • Giving away old clothes and toys

Those old stuffs that you plan to throw away can be other people’s needs, you ought to know that. Those old clothes that you’d never used for a year and you thought were too small or too big it doesn’t fit anymore, those good old shoes you thought were too worn out to wear, those old toys you thought were too old to play with, well, everything old is something really new for others. There are people out there; the needy, the less privileged ones, the ones who lost everything in calamities, and these people need what you think you don’t need anymore. So instead of throwing it at the dump, give those old things life by sharing. You can even roam around your neighborhood and start asking for old stuffs and spread your intention of lending a helping hand to those in need. There are donation drives by organizations that cater to such like Segunda Mana by Caritas Manila and the Philippine Toy Library. So, care to share?

  • Promote and join  food-feeding programs

Last year, the official government statistics reported that 12.1% of the population, a whopping 12.18 Million Filipinos live in extreme poverty. This means that their income is not enough to support them 3 good meals a day. That’s a really sad truth!  We’re sure you’ve passed by the slums of the Metro. You marvel the chaotic art of poverty. You imagine how people were able to live in such conditions. It is really fascinating to wonder the survival skills and incredible life lessons from an impoverish lifestyle and it makes you grateful for having to be born with a silver spoon or to be born in a household enough to support you daily. Why not pay back the gratitude by participating on feeding program drives? You can check the internet for organizations that plan to set-up these community service events. You’ll see the smile you can put on strangers’ faces especially the children. It’s a good feeling to make people smile you know.

  • Volunteer for outreach projects/ events on weekends

There are a number of organizations out there encouraging you to sign up and volunteer for a specific cause. You have your community service at your places, volunteer organizations right at your schools that you can be a part of, corporate social responsibilities from your work and government-related programs. These organizations are just out there. You just have to be curious enough to check them out and read their mission and vision statements. You can spare your weekends for these outreach programs. Might we suggest U-happy events and Project Pearl? We bet they need as many volunteers as they can. You can invite your friends as well, or your date perhaps, and your family and relatives to bond in such outreach activities. That would be a wonderful idea, right?

  • Care for animals and save nature

If you’re an animal lover or a nature lover, you can get yourself by signing up for such advocacies. There are a number of animal rights group out there whose objective is to fight for animal rights, from endangered species to pets, against neglect and cruelty. The Philippines is absolutely home to thriving species. We got the Tamaraws, the dwar buffalo at Mindoro, the gorgeous Philippine Eagle, the wide-eyed nocturnal mammals of Bohol, the Tarsiers, plus, we have sea turtles, whales and dolphins even routing the Philippine waters. But let’s face it, the awareness and conservative efforts to protect nature is at a struggle. That’s why there are private groups who actually care to protect such as the Earth Island Institute, CARA, PAWS and PETA among others. So plan to take part in their campaign for awareness and volunteer works. Go forth and save nature.

  • Donate old books

Last year, it has been posed that the Philippine Institute for Developmental studies showed a decrease of out of school youth from 2.9 million in 2008 to 1.2 million. But the figures in millions are still alarming. Despite of government efforts and private organizations to swell down the figures, we’re still reminded of the grim reality of life, the number of out of school youth in millions is not a joke. However, we can still make a difference, we can help ease that burden, and we can still inspire and hopefully give the dreams of the child to be who they wish to be someday. We’ll never know that among the figures of out of school youth, would be a next leader, a next doctor, a next engineer, a next judge, a next somebody. We start to give a future by simply donating books such as novels. The power of books can give change indeed. J.K. Rowling believed that something very magical can happen when you read a good book, so why not donate good books to book drives such as Releaf  projects and A-book-saya. The moment you do that, you are giving a flare of hope to our future generation.

  • Set a go fund me page for a cause

An appealing story of someone in need, a human interesting touch you think can create an impact, a good picture that tells a thousand words are the key ingredients for you to set up a go fund me page on the web and connect the story to thousands across the globe and raise funds. The internet can be a resourceful way for fundraising activities. And you can google a few websites that cater to such. You don’t have to spend any peso to set up a fundraising page.

  • Step up by joining international humanitarian efforts

If you feel like your calling is to serve aid to the world, wherein you think you have enough experience from your career and you feel like sharing it to the rest of the world then it’s probably good for you to set your humanitarian efforts by volunteering for international organizations. It is a fun way to immerse yourself in a different culture while also creating impact through your aid. You can check out organizations that are looking for volunteers like you. Soon you will be a bag pack volunteer outside the country. Sounds exciting huh?
While we shared 8 ways to go into charity without having to spend money but you still feel like donating cash or getting fund to support a community project or to set up a fundraising event yourself, then you may convert anything valuable from home into cash through our online pawning app, Pawnhero. Just download the app from google store, or visit our website to learn just how to do it. Mind you, Pawnhero offers a flexible rate at a time frame of your liking. So, spare the worries and go check us out.

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