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Ten Everyday Heroes That Pawnhero Honors In Our Lifetime


We often ask ourselves, what makes a hero? Is a hero someone with superhuman abilities? Is a hero someone with incredible feat to fly and save the world? Is that the hero we read from comic books, the heroes we imagine to give us the assurance that the world wouldn’t be in great peril with their presence? Yes, perhaps that’s an ideal hero. An exaggeration of a true hero created to form fictitious individuals as a mere representation and a symbol of hope, strength, care and love.
But by definition a real hero is a “person.” Typically a man, who is admired or idealized for their courage, their outstanding achievements, or their noble qualities. The hero Pawnhero honors and recognizes are the ordinary individuals whose purpose is to improve the quality of life. These are people you encounter everyday in your lifetime. In honor of such, we at Pawnhero recognize ten characters that embody the definition of a modern day hero.
1) The Sacrifice of OFWs
The Commission on Filipinos Overseas estimates that 10% of the population of the Philippines or around 9 million people are working overseas as temporary workers at any given time. That’s 9 million families without a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a son and a daughter at home. We honor the sacrifice our fellow Filipinos who had gone through to work in greener pastures. We put our hats off for their resilient hearts and spirits to have managed the absence of their loved ones, as Filipinos are naturally family-oriented. Kudos to our OFWs who have been also a major contributing factor to the growth of our Philippine economy. Their sacrifice to be away from home is worthy for the title modern day heroes.
2) People betting their life on duty
We wouldn’t miss out on the men and the women who have bet their lives on duty in our list. We honor our soldiers. We honor them for their bravery and for putting their lives at stake for our nation’s security. Nothing but respect to these men and women in camouflage uniforms, fighting terrorists, watching over our sea borders, and ensuring the firm defense and safety of our country. Speaking of security, we honor our law enforcers, our cops, our traffic personnel, our security personnel for keeping peace and order everyday, 365 days a year. We also include in our honorable mention, our firemen and our journalists. Our firemen for their actions in times of grave danger, in times of calamities, our firemen for being highly trained to save lives. And our journalists for their passion for truth, for risking their lives to inform and investigate the truth. We honor all these men and women for having to place their life on the front line of duty. A salute to them all!
3) The on call jobs of our medical practitioners
Those scrub suits, those stethoscopes, those ambulances are the uniforms, gears and vehicles to battle life against time. Ah yes, they had never had fix holidays or weekends, just shifts to follow. We honor the profession of medical practitioners whose passion is safety above all else. We thank them for giving all their best to save the lives of the people we love. We also honor those medical practitioners who have the heart to give free medical help to those in desperate need, those medical practitioners who would cross mountains and rivers to reach those with no medical assistance, and those medical practitioners whose compassion rules over their professional ego. We give you the biggest smile for handling life and death situations with grace. Thank you.
4) Teachers for their noble profession
If there’s one profession that’s as noble as it can be, it’s the profession that shapes, molds and creates all professions, it’s the profession of teaching. In your lifetime, you will come across a wonderful mentor, an inspiring sensei, and an incredible teacher. We laud the teachers who in spite of their income, do not let it get on their way for their love of teaching. We put our hands down for the teachers who would go out to teach for free. We love the teachers who would overcome obstructions to reach schools at far-fetched communities for their passionate service to mold its children. We will never forget the teachers who had contributed, encouraged, pushed and inspired us all to be somebody. We have nothing but love and awe for amazing individuals with their heroic love for teaching. Touché!
5) A random good Samaritan
There’s good in life everyday. Sometimes, the good comes in the form of a random stranger. They become the instruments of the goodness in this world. They are just everywhere, they go unnoticed, sometimes they are people like you. Always know that the little kindness you show to strangers leaves a big impact regardless. For you, it may be just a simple act of humanity, but sometimes you can just be a hero in their hearts at that time of day. We embrace a random good Samaritan like you. Keep spreading the good vibes.
6) Your pets for their loyalty
You might have heard a tale or two of a pet saving the life of its family owners proving that you can never go wrong with the loyalty of your pets. They don’t speak like we do, but like the upcoming movie A Dog’s Purpose, they are there for a reason. Our pets are there to give us companionship, they are a steward of simple happiness, and a gift of love. They can be heroes as well. We see them as sidekicks with our soldiers, our firefighters, and our rescue team, among others. Our pets deserve the treat and love they deserve. Go play with them and show your love.
7) Volunteers for their compassion
Volunteer means having to offer oneself for a service or undertaking. We appreciate all those who have come to decide to volunteer for a community service, an outreach project, a social event for a cause, a fundraising activity and other volunteer activities. We give them credit for all their good intentions. After all, it takes volunteers to change the world and hearts like theirs to make the world a better place. So, keep up the good work volunteers.
8) The good leaders for their service
We talk about the leaders who spark change in the life of others through their service. We talk about the leaders who initiate an organization to stand a good purpose for its community. We talk about the leaders who had become a good example for others to follow. These are the type of leaders who doesn’t intend to get credit for their good intentions, who doesn’t plaster its name for publicity, but leaders who create an impact without having to tell the world what they’re doing. These are the true leaders who eventually get noticed after having fulfilling their mission and their vision. We honor these good leaders for their true service. Congratulations.
9) The advocates for their cause
These persons who have find time to support a cause other than to focus on their own lives. These persons with their unselfish interests to advocate a policy, to advocate for a marginalized group, to advocate for nature, to advocate for peace, to advocate for an important concern which often goes ignored by the majority of the society. We give them the thumbs up for creating awareness, for voicing out the matter at hand, for asking and encouraging others to engage in something worth fighting for. Their unwavering support and selfless devotion for a cause is a character one could look up to. Continue to fight for a particular right, we are behind their heroic efforts. Fight!
10) Your loved ones for the care and love
The best heroes that have been with us since the day we were born are the people closest to our hearts, our beloved ones. In a family, we have someone who we always look up to. Someone we consider our own hero for being a role model in our life. He/she could be your mom, first and foremost, or your dad, most especially. He/she could also be your eldest brother or eldest sister. He/she could be your closest eldest cousin, your favorite aunt or uncle, your loving grandparent or maybe even your ever-supportive godparents. We adore and admire them for showing us the amount of love and care we need to become good children of this planet. So, thank your loved ones back by showing your love and care. Just do it.
There you have it folks! These are ten everyday heroes that Pawnhero honors and recognizes. And we at Pawnhero thank those of you who have considered us a hero in financial literacy and a hero in times of your financial setbacks. We continue to provide your needs through convenient and innovative pawning experience. We hope you continue to patronize us by downloading the Pawnhero app, bookmarking our website and following all of our social media accounts for more. Thank you for making us your own hero.

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