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31 Ways to Save P100 a Day (Without Depriving Yourself)


There’s no faster way to save money than to spend less and just save more. As simple as that sounds, it’s easier said than done. If you want to successfully save big, you have to start small – as small as 100 pesos a day. Think about it. If you commit to saving 100 pesos a day for the next 7 years, you’ll be able to save more than half a million pesos in 20 years.
Here, we give you 31 easy ways you can save 100 pesos a day without depriving yourself:


  1.  Recycle paper, bottles, plastic, and cans. Do you have cartons, cans, and plastic bottles lying around in your house? You can collect and sell them. They may not be worth much but you can use this cash to pay for your daily newspaper or pandesal for breakfast.
  1. Support local products. Sure, international branded products make you look cool but you don’t always have to buy them for every item you need. Supporting local products can help you meet your budget and at the same time improve the economy. You’ll find that they are of good quality too!
  1. Switch to energy-saving light bulbs. Not only will you help in the fight against global warming, you will also end up saving more money.

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  1. Invest in water filter instead of buying water bottles. Installing a water filter instead of purchasing bottled ones is not only one way of saving money in the long run, but also environment-friendly.
  1. Pay your bills on time! Break that habit of missing your monthly bill deadlines. Most companies today charge a hundred pesos more for late payments.
  1. Hang clothes to dry. Instead of using a dryer, leave clothes to dry under the sun.
  1. Learn to alter your own clothes and repair your own household. Paying someone to do a task you can easily learn and do on your own can save you the labor fee.  
  1. Opt for the cheaper cable package. If you’re frequently not at home and rarely watch TV, downgrade your cable plan or just unsubscribe.
  1. Pawn or sell your old and unused items. Look around your house and you’ll realize that you have valuable items that are just gathering dust. If you don’t have any use for them anymore, you can sell them or take them to pawnshops.  


  1. Have your morning coffee at home. Do you really have to drink coffee worth 100 pesos everyday? Make your coffee at home, instant or brewed, before you leave for work.

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  1. Eat breakfast. Eating a hearty breakfast will not only keep you energized the whole day but will also curb your desire for a big, expensive lunch.
  1. Make your own baon instead of buying lunch. Planning your meals ahead and making them during the weekend will help you cut down on your weekly expenses.
  1. Join a carpool instead of driving alone. Spend less on gas, stress less on traffic, and reduce pollution by opting for carpool over driving solo to work.
  1. Stop incurring credit card debt with e-book purchases. Opt to visit the library instead or swap books with your friends and office colleagues.
  1. Take public transportation. If the metro’s transit system is near your place, take advantage of that instead of driving to work. It’s not only cheaper but will save you the hassle of parking especially when you’re running late for work.
  1. Learn about and use your company benefits. Sit down with an HR representative at work and find out about the benefits your company offers. Use your medical benefits and gain free personal improvement opportunities instead of spending on them.


  1. Pack food for road trips. Prior to hitting the road, take some time to pack breakfast and snacks on-the-go. This will save you time looking for a place to eat and shopping in convenience stores where items are more expensive.

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  1. Check out free events. You don’t have to spend a fortune every weekend to have fun. Research on free events with no expensive entrance fees prior to hitting the weekend.
  1. Cancel magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Opt to read the news and lifestyle articles online.
  1. Invite friends over instead of going out. Going out of town or eating out with friends has a way of destroying your budget in one go. Host a pot luck party or a simple dinner get-together instead.
  1. Refrain from seeing movies in theaters. Subscribe to streaming services or borrow DVDs. Eat snacks at home during movie nights.
  1. Cut down on your vacation spending. Seeing some sights in your area instead of flying to another country is always the less extravagant choice. Take advantage of seat sales and hunt for cheaper travels in travel expos and fairs.
  1. Stay in one weekend each month. Instead of going out every weekend, opt to stay home and learn something new. Like cook a new special recipe. Dinner and movies for 2 can easily cost you over P1000.
  1. Avoid the mall. Unless you really need to make a purchase, avoid going to the mall. Window shopping is not only torture but makes you vulnerable to unplanned purchases.


  1. Set a budget prior to shopping. You’re likely to spend a hundred pesos more when you don’t have a battle plan to stick to.

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  1. Master the 10-second rule. Upon picking up an item, stop for 10 seconds and think about why you’re buying it. If you don’t have a convincing answer, let go and walk away.
  1. Learn to shop for basic clothing. Investing in basic clothing items and learning to mix and match will help you keep your budget.
  1. Remove your credit card number from your online accounts. This is best way to break your online shopping addiction.
  1. Stop stress-spending. Like stress-eating, you’re likely to shop impulsively when you’re emotional or stressed out. Exercising and meditating are better ways to relax.
  1. Buy quality appliances that will last. Research on quality products before shopping. A costly but reliable appliance will save you money in the long run so go ahead and invest.
  1. Make your own gifts. Homemade gifts have a personal touch and is cheaper than purchasing one.

These may be small adjustments but when done constantly, you’ll reap the rewards in the long run. Do you have any tried and tested tips to save up?


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