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Pawnina Speaks: You Don’t Need Much to Get Started on Success Today


Hi everyone! Pawnina here, checking up to see if you’re well on your road to financial success!
There’s a saying that goes, “To make money, you have to spend money.” While that is true to some extent, it gives the wrong idea that one needs a lot of money in order to make that money grow. I don’t personally think that, because like the turtle – slow and steady wins the race towards success.
Believe it or not, you don’t need much to get started on your journey to become a financial superstar. Aside from a sum of money for investment (and if you don’t have it, you can always get a loan or find an investor), the most important ingredients to bake that cake of success is really passion, grit, determination, strategic thinking and a great personality.
A great example of this is everyone’s most loved social media platform, Facebook. Started by a college dropout, he had nothing but grit, passion, strategic thinking, and a (quite eccentric) personality. What started out as a hobby and a passion project turned out to be quite the internet sensation, and eventually investors took notice and grew the brand to what it is today, making more money everyday as it capitalizes on the digital space it owns.
On a more local level, RUB Ribs started out as a passion project in the Kapitolyo area of Metro Manila. After saving up some money, the owners got a couple of friends on board to start a small restaurant. All they had was the small amount of money, a great ribs recipe, and an affordable but quality supplier to meat to get their business started. The owners definitely had some strategic thinking in place, knowing where and what to invest in, and the grit to keep going as they built their ribs name into Metro Manila’s staple books. As soon as word got around that they do make one of the best ribs in town, RUB Ribs customer base grew, eventually needing to expand their business.  RUB Ribs now has more than a handful of branches around the metro, from their Kapitolyo home grounds to a shop in Makati and another in Quezon City.
On a smaller scale, Mang Larry’s Isaw in UP Diliman started out as a small kiosk run by Mang Larry and his faithful employees. Mang Larry’s stall did not take much to start, just set up shop, buy the raw isaw and give it the best marinade known to mankind, and pair it with the best suka mix. Slowly, but surely, Mang Larry’s Isaw kiosk garnered customers who would line up until the early evening, ordering more than dozen sticks of isaw among other items for sale. As of late, Mang Larry’s Isaw has grown from a small stall to a larger stall, with a makeshift generator from a jeepney so they can serve more than their typical menu, expanding to shakes and more. Mang Larry showed that you can really do anything so long as you have the passion for it, and the great personality that he is known for.
So there you have it! You really don’t need that much money to start your journey to success. But in case you find yourself short of some capital, try getting a loan from PawnHero! You can visit the website or download the PawnHero App to get a FREE estimate and high appraisal values on almost any item, which you can loan off for a duration between 1 to 12 months. No more excuses, time to get going on that road to success!

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