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3 Ways to Mess Up this Long Weekend


After the early hustle and bustle of the first part of the year, our first long weekend is upon us—and admit it, you’ve been waiting for it. You have the Chinese New Year 2016 to thank for that, and don’t deny that you’d happily tell everyone how you’re half-Chinese if your boss didn’t let you take the Monday off. Most people like to look over the different things you can do to make the most out of this. We at PawnHero prefer to be cautious—we handle many a personal loan, after all. So we look at three ways you can mess up the long weekend and how you avoid them.

1. Bringing work home


Someone once said that it’s better to work smart than to work hard. Part of that mindset includes using your downtime for, well, downtime. Bringing home your work, especially on the long weekend just essentially extends your workweek and cuts into crucial recovery time for your body. It becomes only even slightly worth the effort if you’re being paid for what you’re doing. If you really are in need of money for this weekend, consider pawning your old, valuable stuff. You finally have time to sort through them, after all!

2. Overspending on Friday


Long weekends usually become refuges from the monotony of the average workweek. It’s unsurprising that may people tend to splurge on the Friday before to kick it off with as loud a bang as possible. You only need to experience the traffic along EDSA later to discover that. While a few drinks with friends or maybe even a little shopping is in order, remember that you’re now between paydays! Make sure that your enjoyment of this long break falls within comfortable expense limits. No use splurging today and suffering the rest of the week until payday.

3. Going on an all-out vacation


That’s not to say that you shouldn’t hit the beach, check out if Sagada is overhyped, or even take the gang on that Baguio road trip you’ve all talked about for months. Just that there are affordable vacation packages that you can go for—again considering the equal distance from paydays. If it’s relaxation you want, there’s nothing wrong with going for smaller, Manila-based hotels or resorts. These might not carry the same mystique as out-of-town destinations, but you’ll likely save more off airfare and other expenses. Plus, since it’s just a weekend, do you really have enough time for a full-blown vacation, anyway?


Much needed rest is always a welcome, but it’s far better to keep your finances in check as you relax. Of course, there are times when you need or want a little extra cash. PawnHero presents an alternative to the classic cash loan. Because you stake your loan on the value of something you own, you’re never going to get locked in a cycle of debt repayment. You can get your items pre-appraised online through our convenient online form. We’ll even handle the pickup of your item for full appraisal for free.
PawnHero offers the highest appraisals on your items versus traditional pawnshops. And our interest rate is a very low 2.99 percent up to 12 months to pay. Additionally, provided you accept our offer, your cash will be deposited into your bank account or your PawnHero Card powered by Security Bank.
Whether you need a little extra for the coming vacation or to take care of an emergency, PawnHero is the best option for your quick cash needs.


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