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3 Small Businesses Anyone Can Start From Home


Ever had that itch to start your own business, but don’t exactly know what to do?
Well, here are some ideas that you may want to try, or at least get the ball rolling towards that direction!
“How on earth is blogging a business?!?,” you ask? Believe it or not, blogging is a great opportunity to earn money and all you really need is talent in writing or speaking. Typically, blogs are run by people who want to express their thoughts and feelings about their passions. Once they gain traction and following, that’s when a blog turns into a business.
With a following, companies that fall under your passion’s industry will message you and ask to have a write up about their brand (just like how fashion brands tap fashion bloggers to write about their launches). Aside from this, some businesses in the same industry will ask you to work with them in building site links in order to build reputation for both your blog and their website. This usually comes with compensation and freebies for you to enjoy and experience their products. Aside from that, you can choose to include ad space on your blog, which will get you more revenue.
Working with companies to build your own personal brand will eventually continue the cycle, so long as you stay relevant and passionate about your blog. It is important to stay true to your passion as well as managing the businesses you represent as well as your followers. If you do it right and continue to hang onto your following, you will be able to manage your blog as full-fledged business. All of this, without leaving the comfort of your home and the company of your laptop.
Micro Food Pick-up/Delivery
If your family and friends love the food or baked goods you make, maybe it’s time to get something more than compliments from your hobby! You can start a pre-ordered meal service or a made-to-order bakeshop that can definitely grow into a full blown business. You can either set up a Facebook website or your own Shopify site to manage orders and your schedule. After that, you just have to make sure you have stock of your ingredients and you’re good to go! Imagine that – a three-ingredient recipe to starting your own business: some capital, some skill, and a little elbow grease!
Online Store for Goods or Service
The online cyberspace is definitely changing the way people do business. With the emergence of digital and social media, it has become easier for businesses to interact with people at an increasingly hyper-targeted and personal way, optimizing the way they market their products — and you can use this to your advantage as well!
You can easily start your own online store to sell anything your heart desires! For example, if you have a knack for making great travel itineraries, start a Facebook page to promote your service to the market; or if you know a supplier of high quality yet affordable nutritional supplements, you can set up a Shopify store that integrates into your own website in order to manage your sales. You can literally start almost any business online with minimum operational costs, allowing you to focus on maximizing your cash flows towards inventory, logistics and marketing.
Get started!
As you’ve just read, it’s really easy to start your own business, all from the comfort of your home. It doesn’t cost much, but in case you need more capital to buy inventory or set up your personalized domain name, you can pawn your item and get a quick loan from PawnHero — all without leaving your house! You can use almost any item of value that you own and get an initial appraisal, and soon after, you’ll get your cash deposited into your PawnHero card or bank account.
As soon as you earn more money from the business you started, you can get back the item you pawned just by depositing the loan value plus the low 2.99% monthly interest rate to your nearest bank and PawnHero will deliver your item back to you in no time.
No more excuses! Get that business going and growing and be that mogul you were always meant to be!

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