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Change the Way You See Pawning


Pawning has always been seen as an act of desperation, being the last resort people go through in order to get through those rough times in life. Even worse, pawnbrokers are often made into the bad guy being described as preying on the needy.
Well, let’s change the way you see pawning!
They say: Pawning is only for the desperate
FALSE! While Pawnshops are a quick and easy way to get cash in those times of need, you don’t have to be desperate to pawn. Believe it or not, pawning is just like a loan from a bank, and you don’t have to be desperate to get a loan. You can use the money you get from pawning as capital for that small business idea you want to start or franchise, or even use it to make the most out of your vacation until your next paycheck arrives. All of that, and you don’t have to forego your collateral.
They say: Pawn brokers are evil
FALSE! Contrary to popular belief, pawnshops aren’t the opportunistic monsters preying on those who are in need that they are made out to be. Rather, they are helpful financial institutions that give easy credit access to those who have difficulty getting support from large banking institutions that have multiple requirements. Additionally, institutions like PawnHero charge lower monthly interest rates on micro-loans as opposed to your big name banks. At PawnHero, the monthly interest rate is only 2.99%, as opposed to industry average of 4%. You can also choose the duration of your loan, from a short one-month loan up to twelve months!
They say: Pawn brokers will scam you
FALSE! If you didn’t know, legitimate pawnshops are regulated by the government – in the case of the Philippines, pawn brokers are governed by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas. They are also frequently audited by these governing bodies to ensure they do not commit fraud or money laundering – so yes, real pawnshops are regulated businesses.
To find out if a pawnshop in the Philippines is a legitimate business abiding by BSP regulations, you can ask to see their permits and clearances, as well as displayed monthly interest rates and other charges, as mandated by the law. In the case of PawnHero, you can find it on the website alongside other pertinent information that makes us a certified and trusted pawnshop.
They say: You can only pawn jewelry and precious gems
FALSE! This statement is no longer true thanks to PawnHero! We accept a wide array of items, from the typical jewelry and precious gems to your electronic gadgets and household appliances. PawnHero truly wants to save your day, whether you’re in need or you just want to take on that opportunity that’s knocking on your door.
They say: You have to go to a pawnshop to pawn
FALSE! Again, this statement is no longer true thanks to PawnHero! Disrupting the 3,000-year-old industry of pawning, PawnHero is the first, fully-online pawnshop in South East Asia. You no longer have to go outside of your house to get a quick loan. All you have to do is just visit the PawnHero website or download the PawnHero App, fill out the details of the item or items you want to pawn, and PawnHero appraise your item and give you an initial estimate within an hour!
If you’re ready to push through with the offer, PawnHero will pick up your item or items at your most convenient location, absolutely free and fully insured until it gets to the warehouse. Then you will get a final appraisal and your item will be stored for safekeeping if you accept. If you do accept the final appraisal, you can get your cash immediately deposited in your free PawnHero Card or your own bank account.
So what are you waiting for?! Visit the PawnHero site and show people how you’ve been enlightened and are a true financial mogul in the making!

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