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10 Productive Things You Can Do Over Christmas Break


After a year at work or a full semester at school, all you can think of over holiday break is to have that laid back siestaBut hey, don’t sleep on this fun season of the year. What’s a break if you don’t have fun with it? So make your Christmas break worth it with these productive things to do below:

1) Go Christmas Caroling.

As it is the yuletide season, why not go out in the open to spread the holiday cheer and relive those old days caroling around your neighborhood. It’s a fun way to start your Christmas break.

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2) Volunteer This Season.

It is the season of giving so why not live up to it. Be a Holiday Hero and give back before folding into a New Year. There are a number of volunteer organizations that needs a helping heart.

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3) Exercise.

With celebrations filling up your schedule, expect yourself to fatten up. Instead of going to the buffet route, try balancing both food and fitness. You can take the chance to go on mountain climbing, bike around town, get up early for a jog and walk your dog as well. Sweat it out and welcome the New Year with a bang.

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4) Host a Reunion.

Invite your old friends, your mentors, your close relatives, your batch mates because time has always been the greatest enemy to relationships. It’s also the best season to reconnect and catch up. You don’t get to have this every year, it’s always different. So, if you want to host that holiday reunion check out some tips with Pawnina Shares: A Party Planner’s Guide To Host Successful Holiday Reunions On A Budget.

5) Read a Book.

When was the last time you read a book? Being busy can be a good excuse but now with all the time you have on your break, read a book. There are benefits when you read a book. Reading gives muscle to memory, it is a workout to more staying power, it keeps our brains young, it melts away our stress, it boosts vocabulary, improves empathy, encourage life goals and helps us feel more connected.

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6) Learn something new.

It takes 10,000 hours to be a master at a skill.  There’s so much to learn, you can get your guitar skills to a advance level, you can paint, join a workshop, attend a seminar. Learn latte art. You can do almost anything with determination, passion and will.

7) Bond with your family.

You don’t get to often bond with your family. This time there are less distractions, so catch a movie, go on an out of town holiday adventure, visit your favorite food hubs, attend the mass together, and prepare your Noche Buena as a family. 

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8) Attend the morning mass.

The nine-day mass is a tradition for most, so if you are practicing it, may be it is the best time to consider completing the mass. Plus, the early mass is a good start to get you going through the day.  

9) Make a resolution.

This time, be serious about it. You know how resolutions are like promises, you break them. Here’s how you can keep that resolution, create a dream board, write down the goals you want, and make a collage of it. The more visual, the more likely it will happen. Call it Psychological magic, but it’s the Law of Attraction.

10) Enjoy your Christmas break.

The reason for a Christmas break is to get the whole negative vibe off your life. It is great to end the year on a positive note. Get inspired, show some love, laugh out loud, and give this season. Happy Holidays!

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