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10 Hugot Lines for Your Wallet


Feels, feels, feels. They’re everywhere, especially every time you see your wallet. So here are some hugot lines that we’re sure you relate to, especially when you and your loved wallet see each other.
1. Nandiyan siya, pero wala naman siya
You may have your wallet… but there’s nothing but old receipts and memories of what was.
hugot 1
2. Kala mo meron pa, pero wala na pala talaga
You go about your life pretending that you still have money in your wallet, but in reality, it’s all just an illusion.
hugot 23. Akala mo walang pagasa (pero sweldo na pala)
Just when you thought you had to accept your life as being peso-less, your sweldo pulls through. Clutch!
hugot 3
4. Gusto mo, pero hindi mo makuha (dahil hindi mo afford)
You really want that new shirt you saw, or that really nice watch. But your wallet says you really can’t afford it at all.
hugot 45. Ready ka na, pero hindi pa siya ready
For all those times when you though this payday will be the day you buy that watch… but your wallet (and life responsibilities) says otherwise.
hugot 56. Binigay mo na ang lahat, pero kulang pa rin
You’re at the check out counter and you just withdrew the right amount for what you planned to buy and gave all you had in your wallet… and then the cashier says, “ma’am, kulang pa po ng 50 pesos.”
hugot 67. Sabi mo, “last ka na”
Plans on saving so your wallet can feel full again — but plans only stay as plans because you can’t say no to that cute floral dress.
hugot 78. Gusto mo ulit-ulitin ang past dahil nandoon pa siya
Remember the good old days after payday, when you had the world in your hands with your wallet by your side.
Hugot 89. Nandoon ka na, pero na-decline ka pa
You were all-in, but the bank said, “NO.” Not even the back-up cards can save you now.
hugot 910. It’s always going to be an uphill battle
Keep moving on, you’ll get to that comfortable place where your wallet is full… hopefully.
hugot 10
But you don’t have to worry! PawnHero is here to help you and your wallet in your times of need (even though we all know you just really, really want that floral dress you saw). Make use of old items and pawn them to get some cash, and get them back as soon as your paycheck and bonuses come through. All you have to do is visit the PawnHero website or download the PawnHero app and get a fair appraisal, absolutely free! What’re you waiting for? Let your wallet have a feast!

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