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5 Financial Lessons you Learn from Hugots


“Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, ‘wag magalit”
This is the mindset you need to have when you open all your social media accounts nowadays. All your walls and feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat are flooded with hugot quotes that may or may not (but let’s be real, most often they do) apply to your own love life, or lack thereof.
Of course, PawnHero won’t miss on the opportunity to see the positive in all these posts, so here are five financial lessons you learn from all the hugot you’ve probably already seen, heard, and maybe even experienced.
1. Magtira ka para sa sarili mo (Save some for yourself)
When it comes to relationships, you should always save some for yourself. Never lose yourself into your partner, because in the chance that your relationship does not work out, you might find yourself lost with nothing, since you gave it your all.
That goes true with money. Sure, you’ve worked hard for it and you deserve to splurge and live a little, but it’s important to always save something for yourself because you’ll never know when you’ll need it for a rainy day. It’s always a good measure to set aside 10% or 20% of your income for savings so that you’ll be covered whether it’s for an emergency, or maybe you’ll be able to spend it for a bigger ticket item in the future. But in any case, the saying of saving some for yourself is not just true with relationships, but great advise for money tips as well.
2. ‘Di ko akalain na nauubos pala ang pagmamahal (I didn’t think that you can run out of love)
You think you’re in a steady relationship of 8 years and suddenly, your partner goes up and leaves you. Just like what Mace said in That Thing Called Tadhana“Hindi. Na. Kita. Mahal. Makakaalis. Ka. Na. Seven words. ‘Yung 8 years namin, tinapos n’ya in 7 words.” So if you were wondering if someone can run out of love, they can.
And that is definitely the case with money. You need to be wise about your cash inflow and outflow because you’ll never know when your cash inflow will up and leave you, just like your many exes. So it’s really wise to take hugot line number one to heart because having savings to turn to will definitely help you out in the long run.
3. Sinimulan natin, pero ‘di natin tatapusin (We started it, but we didn’t finish it)
Love is a lifelong journey. You go on adventures, ups, downs, and everything in between with your significant other. And then out of the blue, you’re partner decides to go on a solo journey to “find another lover himself or herself.” You realize that your partner on your journey to forever didn’t last that long.
This is a warning hugot reminding you that you need to be in it for the long haul when you’re starting a business. All the start-up success stories only highlight the good times; what they don’t show are the hard, grueling and tiring times that everyone in the company had to go through in order to get from point A to point Z. So when you start your business, you have to stick it out through the tough times in order to enjoy the rewards of the good timespara hindi ka masabihan ni Popoy, “She loved me at my worst, you had me at my best, at binali-wala mo lang lahat ‘yon.”
4. Move on, move on lang
Reality is, relationships fail, and you need to repeat this line to yourself until you actually get to do the moving on. It’s important to note that, even if you ask a lot of people, it’s a very hard thing to do especially if you were emotionally invested in your partner.
The same case is for financial investments and ventures. You put in all the time and effort and even the risk in your business, and you see it failing. At that point, you just need to scrape up your resources and move on to the next venture. Dwelling too much on a failed venture might cause you to stagnate and you won’t be able to recover by spotting the next opportunity that might be your one true love business. So when your business knocks you down, just stand back up and move on to the next.
5. Sana cellphone nalang ako para makita mo ang halaga ko sa buhay mo (I wish I was a cellphone so you see my worth in your life)
You are taken by your partner. Taken for granted. Sometimes, you find yourself like you’re not being valued by your significant other and it can get really bad. You’ll stick it out because you’re a tough little cactus, but in reality, you should either confront your partner or get up and leave and find someone who will truly care for you.
When it comes to money matter, this hugot can mean a totally different and positive thing. You’d be surprise how much your things are valued until you really need them, and when you’re in tight spot, you can definitely turn to some of those things and turn them into your saving grace. You can choose to sell it, but why do that when you can easily pawn it and get your items back in the near future when everything’s okay again.
If you find yourself in that spot, let your items and PawnHero save the day! Just download the PawnHero App on the Google Play Store or visit the PawnHero website and get a fair appraisal on your items, absolutely free. Everything is fast, easy, and secure. Time to move on and say bye to your old school pawnshops and say hello to PawnHero! Yes, bes! Naka-move on ka na!

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