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10 Easy-earning Business Ideas You Can Start This 2017


A one stream income will not keep you afloat all your life. Unless you’re passionate, working a 9 to 5 doesn’t guarantee lifetime financial happiness and security. If you’ve been wanting to be the boss of your own, or if you have longed to think which business is right for you, then we share ten easy-earning business ideas that you can start this 2017!
Below are just ten of the many business ideas that can inspire your entrepreneurial journey.

1) Events Planning

Got the knack to naturally organize events? Well, bet you can risk your chances having your own events planning business. This “life of the party” business is exciting and can be very fulfilling. With birthdays, weddings, company outings, baptisms, and debuts happening everyday, this business is sure to keep you book all throughout the year.
You just have to find the right connections and create a wide network with partnerships from photographers, hosts, videographers, caterers and other event relationships.

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2) Internet or Gaming cafe

Philippines ranked the second highest internet users in Southeast Asia and 6th all over Asia with an average of 44 million users. The statistics is proof that the internet cafe business is a thriving one.  
For those with a computer background or gaming interests, an internet cafe or a gaming cafe can just be the right match for a business.

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3) Coffee Shop

The love for coffee among Filipinos is evident as coffee is still considered the “go-to” drink of the country. There’s no doubt the market for coffee shops is incredible as coffee shops always operate in full capacity.

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4) Catering Services 

Not everyone is a good cook, and the talent for kitchen can be brought to the catering industry. This well-rounded business gives an entertaining, financially fulfilling, fun yet challenging entrepreneurial experience.
Offer a unique menu for your catering business, attend a seminar on how to start your own catering service, study your market, build an online presence and make connections to get your masterchef apron working in no time.

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5) E-Commerce

In the Philippines, the sales revenue for the e-commerce market amounts to US$ 1,013 M this 2017. The e-commerce business comes in the form of online shopping. One example is Marketplace.ph, an online store where pre-loved authentic brand name items from PawnHero are sold at a bargain price.
With Filipinos spending 26% of their time online shopping, a good way to market your products is through an online platform. Invest in a high-quality website to give your visitors a great user experience gives you the competitive edge to play in the e-commerce industry.

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6) Photography/Videography Services

An eye for photography, a skill for video editing, a talent for storytelling, then a photography/videography service is the one for you. This type of business is fun as it requires a great deal of passion, exciting equipment that costs a bit much, and a viable source of income.

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7)  Rice Retailing

Rice is a staple food in our country making rice retailing a profitable business to begin with. The typical Filipino eats up to 123 kgs of rice per year, so you are guaranteed that you do not run out of customers. Aside from that, there are many varieties of rice that consumers can choose. These varieties range from low cost to high quality.

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8)  Water Refilling Station

The high demand for cleaner water makes this business promising. A water refilling station can give you up to Php 39,000 of gross monthly sales or more if you have established loyal customers in your area already.  

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9)  Pet Grooming Salon

A pet lover would understand why pets deserve the grooming services. They are also members of the family and pampering them has become a status for many household. Hence,  pet grooming businesses has become a bankable source of income. Among the services in the pet grooming salon include dog walking, veterinary care, retail of pet supplies, spa treatments and many more. Start with a few services and improve as your clientele grows.

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10) Leadership Training Seminars

People make money when they just talk in front by providing a service that aims to motivate, improve personality development, build confidence and inspire people. If your credentials speak of a variety of leadership development programs then building a good career around it through offering seminars and coaching sessions will do the trick.

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