LOOK: Foreign and Local Movies That Are Worth Watching This December


This December, the movies are worth watching! There’s a bucket list of films that caters to all our Inside Out emotions. You really don’t have to wait a New Year to watch these films, there’s a reason they are showing at the last month of the year, so grab some popcorn, and check out the trailers on our list because here are the movies that will convince you to go to the cinemas this December. Foreign Movies Hollywood films have always innovated far than any other films in the world. With their CG animated and green screen technology, their Oscar-worthy story plots, cinematography and all of that film talks, it’s no wonder we still get to love watching the genres served to us by our foreign counterparts. Here are three of worthy foreign movies to watch that are still showing this December:   1) Moana Video Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios You’ll never doubt Disney, their magic always work!  Moana is slated to be bigger than Frozen, and watching the first Polynesian … [Read more...]

Ultimate Christmas Movie List for Your Every Mood


Cold breeze, Christmas trees, dancing lights, shopping sprees, and countless Christmas parties waiting to happen—it’s definitely the season to be jolly! It’s also the best time to roll out those movies to hype the Christmas vibe. But, let’s not punish ourselves with the traditional ‘A Christmas Carol’ movie night with the family over and over again. To give the holidays a different flavor, PawnHero came up with a list of must-watch movies that aren’t as, well, boring as the typical Christmas movies we’ve already gotten tired of. Romance 1) Serendipity (2001) Source: Movieclips While shopping for gloves one Christmas night in New York, Sara met Jonathan. From then, they knew that what they had was something. They tested fate by splitting up to see if destiny could bring them back together. Many years later, both are engaged to be married after losing each other that same night. Will serendipity make its way to bring them back together in the end? 2) Love Actually … [Read more...]

8 Financial Lessons That You Can Learn From Favorite Christmas Movies


Finally, it’s December first! We’re officially in the last month of the year! What else there is to do than make the best out of this holiday month! And marathoning those all-time favorite Christmas movies is one way to get all that hype running.   So, to help you get started, we list down favorite Christmas movies to get you cozy up on your jammies. These movies not only provide entertainment but also help you pick up financial life lessons that you can bring beyond the holidays. So, spare the spoiler alert, and check through the list and find out what these Christmas movies can offer. 1) Home Alone (1990)  Lesson: “Keep homes secure when you’re away for a holiday.” Generally funny, really heartwarming, and slightly sadistic, this 1990 American Christmas comedy film is now a real-good classic movie that has become a tradition to watch on our cable channels. The movie tells a story of the 8-year old boy, Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) who was left behind when his family … [Read more...]