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Ultimate Christmas Movie List for Your Every Mood


Cold breeze, Christmas trees, dancing lights, shopping sprees, and countless Christmas parties waiting to happen—it’s definitely the season to be jolly! It’s also the best time to roll out those movies to hype the Christmas vibe. But, let’s not punish ourselves with the traditional ‘A Christmas Carol’ movie night with the family over and over again.
To give the holidays a different flavor, PawnHero came up with a list of must-watch movies that aren’t as, well, boring as the typical Christmas movies we’ve already gotten tired of.


1) Serendipity (2001)

Source: Movieclips

While shopping for gloves one Christmas night in New York, Sara met Jonathan. From then, they knew that what they had was something. They tested fate by splitting up to see if destiny could bring them back together.
Many years later, both are engaged to be married after losing each other that same night. Will serendipity make its way to bring them back together in the end?
2) Love Actually (2003)

Source: thecultbox

Is it really a small world after all? In this twisted romantic comedy film are ten different stories of finding love, taking chances, and the best part, exposing secrets. Find out how each story unveils another story five weeks before Christmas day.
3) Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Source: PictureBox

Ever had a diary your whole life? Well, Bridget Jones’s diary will tell you much about her story of being an average clumsy woman in her 30s, struggling with insecurities, finding Mr. Right, and trying to step up her game as her New Year’s Resolution.
If you were Bridget, would you choose the dream guy that’s too good to be true? Or the man that sees your imperfections, and still loves you for it? Tough one, right?
4) The Holiday (2006)

Source: whatUwant

Have you thought of swapping lives with someone just because you hate yours? Iris and Amanda just had the worst heartbreak during the most wonderful time of the year, and they just couldn’t think of any way to get away from it.
Living in two different worlds, these girls decided to spend the holidays in the not-so-normal way there is: through house swapping. Pretty exciting, but can that even be possible?


1) Home Alone 2: Lost in Christmas (1992)

Source: gatory303216

The McCallister family are set to spend the holidays out of town. But, as they were about to fly to Miami, Kevin realizes that he took the wrong flight and found himself in New York City.
This film would take you from excitement to comedy, to wondering how this 9-year-old boy outsmarted the guys going after him. What scared off these two bandits the most was a movie that Kevin played with the line “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal! And a Happy New Year!”
2) Four Christmases (2008)

Source: videoschristmas

Ever wanted to spend the holidays away from the boring, usual family get-togethers and reunions? Better plan your getaways well and far from how Brad and Kate did it.
With no choice of leaving the country, they had to deal with four Christmases with both of their divorced parents, and the rest is history. One lesson that you must take note of: know your partner well.
3) The Night Before (2015)

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

For three bros who’ve been friends since childhood, celebrating Christmas Eve together has been an annual tradition. But as everyone gets older, the tradition must come to an end.
How did they all plan to do it? Find the Holy Grail of all Christmas Parties – the Nutcracka Ball. If you’re up to getting out and about with your barkada this Christmas, this is definitely the movie for you guys!


1) Gremlins (1984)

Source: Movieclips Trailer Vault

Christmas isn’t just about elves and Santa Claus because, ta-da, welcome the Gremlins! By having three simple rules for Mogwai, which are no water (which was violated), no food after midnight (also violated), and no bright light, these green miniature monsters just made their way through the holidays, and they’re not as cute as you expect them to be. Perfect for fright night—with a touch of fun!
2) Sint (2010)

Source: Afilmtube
We all know that the man behind the story of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas. But in this movie, St. Nicholas is not the kind-hearted guy who crawls through your chimneys and sends you gifts.
Sint actually discusses the fight between the good and the evil that took place on December 5. This day will never be the same again after watching this movie. Creepy!
3) Rare Exports (2010)

Source: hollywoodstreams

We’ve been warned: you better watch out and better not cry because the real Santa is coming to town. This Finnish horror-dark fantasy-thriller film will scare the Christmas out of you as people living in the mountains exposes the secret behind Santa Claus. Rare Exports will definitely scare and might change the Christmas spirit in you.


1) Die Hard (1988)

Source: TrailersPlaygroundHD

Spice up the holiday feels with this intense action film. NYPD police officer John went home for Christmas only to find out that his wife was taken into a hostage.
With no possible way to escape, John takes the lead in stopping the terrorists and saves the hostages’ lives. How can one even handle a situation like this?
2) Lethal Weapon (1987)

Source: FOX

Two policemen who hate working in pairs are partnered as they stop a gang of drug smugglers. As the story takes place at Christmas time, they both try to solve a crime and discover friendship after their assignment.
It’s always nice to have a partner in crime, whether literally or figuratively, right?
3) Batman Returns (1992)

Source: DC Entertainment

We all have that soft spot in our hearts for superhero stories. As the Dark Knight rises again after Joker, Batman faces a new battle.
The clash against both unusual Penguin and the mysterious Cat Woman that took place on the night of the ceremonial Christmas tree lighting. This just concludes that even in the holidays, Gotham City needed the help of the Dark Knight.
4) Iron Man 3 (2013)

Source: JoBlo Movie Trailers

With Stark’s goal to build more Iron Man suits, he faces a battle against the Mandarin. With nothing left but his prototype, Tony puts the pieces back together and makes the MK42 working. Then, he discovers that the event from 1999 is connected to the present terrorist attacks. But really though, the past is past right?
Whether the Christmas craze has begun in your household or not, or if you aren’t feeling the holidays yet, these movies will definitely do the trick! What’s your favorite in the list?


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