3 Other Things PawnHero Can Help You With

The greater majority of people who pawn with us do so because they have some emergency need that they have to deal with. Sometimes it’s a rushed kind of thing that keeps people in a bit of a panic when they pawn. While we’re always happy to step in and save the day, there are a whole lot of other things that we can help you with. In this article, PawnHero looks at three other reasons you can use our super convenient service. Upgrading Your Stuff A lot of things have a limited lifespan these days and there’s always something new to be had. Naturally, tight budgets mean that we can’t get the latest of everything. PawnHero allows you an avenue to be able to de-prioritize some things in your life in order to prioritize other things. Say you have both a tablet and a smartphone. Both keep you connected, certainly, but having them both also is very redundant. Now, say you actually needed to get new waterproof shoes to face the constant daily bagyo we find ourselves in, you could pawn … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Pawning – A New Perspective


Pawning is a viable option that covers a lot of needs and a lot of possibilities. What people once saw as simply a platform for the desperate times or for sudden emergencies has expanded into a lot of other options for the financially savvy. PawnHero will look at the collected benefits of online pawning and the possibilities that it will lend to you should you opt for the service. The Benefits of Convenient Service Fast cash is often relegated to normally urgent needs like hospitalizations or unexpected expenses like mid-school year fees. And fast in this case isn’t just referring to the speed of deliver of the cash loan, it also comes into play with the expediency of time offered when you don’t have to waste it with the external things like travelling to a pawnshop, getting stuck in traffic, etc. Indirectly, this allows you more leeway to spend time with other opportunities as they open up to you. This is why online pawning with PawnHero comes with hidden extras. Entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

Filipino Money Habits


We Filipinos are "known" for many things. We're known as being warm, kind, and welcoming. We're known as being positive, supportive, and always up for a little bit of fun. Is it any wonder that many foreign celebrities from Johnny Depp to Neil Gaiman, Quentin Tarantino to Rachel Weisz spout nothing but praise for our country and its people? While there's certainly much to be proud about when it comes to being Filipino, there are several money habits that we really need to shake off fast if we want to be more financially secure. Read through these. If you spot one that resonates with you, take heed and avoid repeating these habits in the future! "Bahala na si Batman!" When you spend the last days before the next payday barely subsisting on instant noodles and water, it's understandable that, when you get your paycheck, you'd want to splurge a little. Notice that the emphasis was on "little" and not on "splurge". Because that's the problem with a lot of us, first smackings of … [Read more...]

Ease of Pawning


Generally, like any process out there, pawning is often thought of as complicated. In a certain sense, it is! With the traditional setup, it required bringing your item over to their store through the heat and traffic of the city, waiting in line for your turn, then letting someone look over your item for pawning. Only after do you find out how much you can get and, depending on the item in question, figure out if it's enough to cover whatever need got you pawning to begin with. It's a very tiring and kind of nerve-wracking process altogether! With a fully online process and an app on Google's Play Store, PawnHero simplifies the process and focuses on making pawning as easy as we can make it. We take a look at the three simple steps you need to take in order to go from pawn in to cash out without any hassle at all. Step 1: Online or On-screen There are two ways you can pawn. The original method was via our webpage, which let you pawn from the comfort of your home. The newer … [Read more...]

What to Expect When You Pawn


For something that tends to get a bad rap, most people actually have no idea how pawning works. And that's understandable. With traditional pawnshops, it's admittedly intimidating to have to walk up to a side store, bringing in something that you value, to then have it looked over by a total stranger while you wait anxiously is a price that's going to meet whatever need has you pawning to begin with. All that, mind, in the often blistering heat that is our country's day to day. It's a hassle, when you think about it. Taking it online, PawnHero aims to mitigate many of those stressors to provide a smooth and easy pawning experience. To help you on you way to an easy quick cash process, we tackle today all the things that you can expect when you pawn with us. Expect Convenience Obviously, having everything done on a website means you cut out nearly all of those hassles we just talked about. That's right, with PawnHero, you can expect to be able to raise some quick cash without … [Read more...]

Items You Can Pawn


Everyone and their grandmother knows that pawn shops make their business by accepting valuable items as collateral for cash loans. Surprisingly, however, there are many who don't take advantage of this easy source of quick cash because they don't know what items are open to pawn. PawnHero looks at several of the most valuable items that you can pawn with us. Even if you've had experiences with traditional pawnshops in the past, you should read this list, because we accept far more than most pawnshops do. Jewelry, Precious Stones & Metals Jewelry and other precious stones and metals have always been the staple of pawnshops. Ever since people have been temporarily giving up their stuff for a little bit of cash, jewelry has been top on the list of items pawnable. All pawnshops that you go to will generally equipped with the capability to determine the veracity of jewelry as a basic function before anything else. PawnHero adds a little more "value" for this particular item set as we … [Read more...]

You Don’t Have to be Desperate to Pawn


Pawning has been around for centuries and is one of the longest-serving business models around. You could say that it's a natural offshoot of the barter system that served as man's means of getting what he needed. With such a natural evolution, it's funny when you realize that it gets such a bad rap these days. Many people see it as a desperate, "last chance" solution that they hide from the people who care about them. But you don't have to be desperate to pawn. There are many reasons why it's a viable means to raise money for other cool things like upgrades or even investments. PawnHero takes a look at those reasons. There's historical precedence. Queen Isabella was arguably one of Spain's most prolific queens. Her marriage to Ferdinand would propel Spain into superpower status in their era and one particular victory depended much on pawning! It was during a war against the Granadan Moors that saw Isabella need to resort to pawning off the crown jewels (including a favorite … [Read more...]

10 Things You Can Pawn for Quick Cash for Tuition Fees


Education is one of the more important things you have to spend on. When it comes to securing the future of your children, this is what should be a major priority. With many grade levels to run through (not even counting college!), it’s a pretty big investment and, if we’re totally honest, not everyone can afford it. One way to raise cash is to borrow money—which is the classic way people do it. Because tuition fees are repeating expenses, this is also the best way to rack up significant debt. A better way is to pawn items that you don’t need or those that aren’t as important as, well, educating your kid. PawnHero looks at 10 things around your home that you can pawn if you need quick cash for your kid’s tuition fees. 1 – Smartphones Easily among one of the more prized possessions these days, smartphones are just as easily one of the more bankable items around your home when it comes to pawning for quick cash. Of course, that still entirely depends on many things like … [Read more...]

What’s Your Vote Worth?


If the hubbub on social media channels are anything to go by, the stakes of this upcoming election are really high. For the past few months, people have been engaging in friendly (and, often, unfriendly) word wars over their chosen candidates or manoks—to go by the colloquial. While it’s heartening to see lively and robust discussions like these, the funny subtext that many people don’t realize is that far too many Filipinos aren’t even registered to vote. Of the roughly 101,498,763 Filipinos worldwide, only around 52,014,648 are duly registered voters. Granted, a great majority of the total number of Filipinos will be underage and not eligible to vote anyway, it’s still a great many votes that aren’t getting cast. If you look deeper, it gets slightly more disturbing. Of those not registered, around 2,500,000 are officially inactive. Of those registered, many aren’t planning on voting anyway. For those keeping themselves out of the electoral process, the main justification always … [Read more...]