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Indigenous Christmas Tree Ideas & Ornaments to Try This 2022

Indigenous Christmas Tree Ideas and Unique Christmas Ornaments to Try

The Christmas tree is a classic symbol of the Holiday Season. It is a sight to marvel at. It definitely brings out the Christmas spirit while you spend time at home with loved ones or friends feasting over Noche Buena, exchanging gifts, and having lively conversations.

Creativity matched with resourcefulness is a good life hack Filipinos have a knack for. They can make something out of old magazines, recycled bottles, old boxes, and even drifted woods. As the 25th of December draws closer, the spirit of the Filipino Christmas grows merrier.

While there are Christmas trees available in the market to buy, there are also home-made ones that do not require much budget. If you’re looking for creative alternatives when building your DIY indigenous Christmas trees, here’s a fantastic way to start things off. With the unique Christmas tree inspirations below, you can create one of your own using available materials at home where you almost don’t have to spend anything.

6 Indigenous Christmas Tree Ideas to Try at Home

1. Bamboo Pole Christmas Tree

Indigenous materials such as bamboos are widely available in the Philippines, particularly in rural areas. Long wooden poles are an alternative if you can’t find any bamboos. Wrap the poles gorgeously with Christmas lights, garlands, and wreaths, then fill the inside with gifts. You could also add more gift boxes around the cylindrical-shaped tree to give it an exaggerated holiday look.

Bamboo Pole Christmas Tree

Image Source

2. Dried Fern Christmas Tree

Dried fern leaves are ideal for making Christmas trees. Not only are they abundant in tropical countries and easy to grow, but they’re also suitable for creating a natural woodland aesthetic for your home’s interior. For those who are superstitious, it’s believed that dried fern leaves, along with other foliage, can ward off evil spirits.

In addition to functioning as Christmas trees, dried fern leaves are also environment-friendly since they are sustainable. Once Christmas is over, don’t throw the dried leaves away immediately. You can still maximize them by burning them to release a pleasing and relaxing scent.

Dried Fern Leaves Christmas Tree

Image Source  

3. Ipil-Ipil (River Tamarind) Christmas Tree

You probably never expected to come across such an idea, but ipil-ipil Christmas trees are great alternatives to the commonly used dark green Christmas trees. Also referred to as “the wonder tree or the supermarvelous tree,” ipil-ipil is mainly known as a source of animal feed, fertilizer, wood, and reforestation.

Apart from these uses, ipil-ipil trees are fast growers, reaching a fully grown state within two years. What makes them aesthetically pleasing is the contrast between the white flowers spread throughout and the smokey-brown leaves, giving the impression that you’re outdoors enjoying the simplicity of nature.

Ipil-ipil (River Tamarind) Christmas Tree

Image Source

4. Campfire Wood Christmas Tree

It doesn’t snow in the Philippines or any other tropical country. However, a campfire wood Christmas tree is a must if you’re planning to celebrate Christmas in chilly places such as Baguio and Tagaytay.

People usually hold Christmas indoors, but it’s also nice to set up an outdoor campfire by your house with a proper Christmas tree for a change. Nothing says Christmas like enjoying the cold weather, gathering around a campfire outside your house with the people you love, and setting up a Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday.

Campfire Wood Christmas Tree

Image Source

5. Dried Twigs Christmas Tree

Something rustic for Christmas? Go eco-friendly with dried twigs for a Christmas tree. You can find such twigs in the provinces or at the flea markets like Divisoria. With a Christmas tree twig, you save more on your Christmas budget for more.

Dried Twigs Christmas Tree

Image Source

6. Driftwood Christmas Tree

Woods washed on shore or bodies of water can be an ornamental art during the holidays. If you live near the beach, take a stroll around and you’ll find washed woods that are just too beautiful not to pick up. Their pattern and structure are nature’s abstract that’s left to rot. So, gather them and turn nature’s debris into a unique home-made Christmas spectacle.

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Image Source

10 Unique Christmas Ornaments: Recycled Materials and DIY Ideas

While Christmas traditions are important, it’s perfectly fine to deviate from them once in a while, as this allows you to explore other options for Christmas tree decorations. Celebrations don’t always have to be expensive and flashy. You can still discover creative ways to decorate your place, even with basic resources or the stuff you already have lying around the house.

If you’re working with a tight budget but still need materials to add to your Christmas tree, don’t fret. You probably won’t need to buy anything since there are items you can use as unique Christmas ornaments you can find at home.

1. Recycled Newspaper Christmas Tree

It’s really simple. You could collect old newspapers, magazines, scrap papers, and even those yellow pages of that old phone book and form a tree-like creation this holiday. You just have to buy a spray paint then visit video tutorials to shape the papers into your artistic choice just like the photo below.

Recycled Newspaper Christmas Tree

Image Source

2. Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree 

The average time for a plastic bottle to degrade is 450 years, a period that’s way more time than the Spaniards colonized the Philippines! So, give back to nature and go green this Christmas. You could build a towering Christmas tree out of the bottles or if you’re up for a creative challenge, you can do more than stacking bottles.

Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree

Image Source

3. Christmas Photo Collage

If you want something Christmas-y hanging on your wall these Holidays, collect black and white versions of your family photos and form a tree-like collage. Add a little festive flare with Christmas lights for that perfect wall Christmas photo collage!

Christmas Photo Collage

Image Source

4. Christmas Ladder

A Christmas ladder? Well, there’s no limit to creativity. If you have a sturdy ladder kept in your storage room, bring it out and dress it up in a fashionably holiday manner. Wrap it with Christmas lights and hang some Christmas ornaments such as Santa socks and Christmas balls to create the perfect Holiday glam.

Christmas Ladder

Image Source

5. Christmas Cutouts

Bond with your family by making giant snowflake cutouts then stick them to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. You may add some glitters as well as Christmas lights to give it a holiday glow.

Christmas Cutouts

Image Source

6. Book Christmas Tree 

If you are a bookworm hoarding books at your makeshift mini-library, well, there’s nothing like a nerdy-themed Christmas doing the trick!

Book Christmas Tree

Image Source

7. Shoe Box Christmas Tree 

Ten or more shoe boxes could be an alternative for a unique Christmas tree. You just have to stock them up into a cylindrical, geometric structure. You may pile them as high as you want! Then, add DIY Christmas ornaments to bring in that Holiday vibe.

Shoe Box Christmas Tree

Image Source

8. Popsicle Wreath

Popsicle sticks are used for several purposes, including handicrafts, food skewers for kids, and bookmarks. They’re also ideal for creating wreaths. Instead of buying new wreaths every year, try to look for popsicle sticks at home and gather them. Make sure to have foam, as this will form the shape of your wreath.

Ideally, you should paint around 50 small popsicle sticks together with 20 to 30 small ones in various shades of green. Once complete, layer them on top of each other and use hot glue to stick them. You can add a red bow or gold and red Christmas balls to create contrast for the finishing touches.

Popsicle Wreath

Image Source 

9. Bulb Wreath

Like popsicle sticks, old lightbulbs can be used for other things. If you have any old lightbulbs at home, don’t dispose of them. You can recycle old lightbulbs by turning them into bulb wreaths.

Begin by hot-gluing twine around one lightbulb with your preferred shade of green and red. Look for a twig or any similar item in your house and use it as the stem. To create the leaves, use gold paper. Fold it into squares in half and cut out crescent shapes. Once done, hang the bulb wreath in your living room or any space where it will stand out.

Bulb Wreath

Image Source

10. Treat Mugs

Want your Christmas to be extra sweeter? Treat mugs are a simple but sure way of making your Christmas celebrations more fun and engaging, especially if you have children coming over.

Instead of hanging stocks like you usually would, use mugs. Find ideal spots in your home where you can hang them, such as the side of your staircase’s handrail or above a fireplace if you have one. Then, fill each mug with small treats or trinkets depending on who is coming over and what they like.

If your visitors have a sweet tooth, start with pieces of chocolate, such as Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher, Twix, or any other chocolate that can be placed inside the mugs. If your visitors are close friends or family members you haven’t seen in a while, go for a more memorable approach by giving them custom bracelets with their names etched or printed-out old photos with Christmas messages.

Treat Mug

Image Source 

Make Your Christmas Celebrations More Memorable

Christmas is not just about bonding with loved ones and friends over warm meals and drinks and exchanging gifts. It’s also an opportunity to expand your creativity by utilizing everyday resources and turning them into something distinctive, such as indigenous Christmas trees or even coming up with unique Christmas tree designs.

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