Awesome Places You Can Take Your Date When You’re on a Budget – Holiday Edition!


It’s the holiday season and that means there’s a lot of time for couples to spend together and have more dates. To avoid fighting over where to go (and avoid the general break-up season that coincides with the holidays), here’s a list of five places for different types of couples to go on dates… all without burning through your 13th month pay because we all know you have other responsibilities to pay for, right? For the couple who loves adventure: Mt. Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal The later “-ber” months are usually colder, not as sunny, and not as rainy as other times of the year, making it the a great time for adventure seeking couples to go on adventure hikes! For an affordable and relatively easy hike (roughly around 4 or 5 out of 10 in a 10-scale difficulty), try going to Mt. Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal. Boasting picturesque views, a river that’s fun to swim in, and a bit of a challenge at some parts of the hike, this is something couples can definitely bond over and … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus


Apple does it again! As expected, the yearly iPhone update has been announced and the next generation of iPhones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, are ready to hit the market. But don't be blinded by the flashiness of the dual-camera system and don't get splashed by the water-resistant feature! Before you jump into pre-ordering that iPhone, here are 7 reasons why you shouldn't buy the iPhone 7. 1. You just bought a new phone If you just bought the latest "S" iteration of the iPhone within the last 6 months, maybe you should hold off until the next S iteration comes out. The specs on the new iPhone may be better in terms of battery life (12 hours) and is now water-resistant (finally!), but it does not warrant for an immediate upgrade because aside from these cool new features, the phone functions are pretty much the same. Image source 2. You don't want adapters The biggest buzz around the iPhone isn't really about it's water resistance nor is it the fact that the home … [Read more...]

How to Tell if You’re Already Successful


Everyone wants to be successful. However, these days success is no longer measured by the number of awards you've one, the amount of recognition you've received, and even how you fare against your competition. Today, success seems to be a difficult feat because the benchmark of success is competing and outmatching yourself - but when are you really able to say you're successful when you keep raising the bar once you've gotten near it? Here are some thoughts that you should have in your head so you can appreciate the hard work you've put in and revel in the success that you already are. Do you know your priorities? Knowing what is important and what can be put off until later is a sign of success because you know when to say no to the external noises and keep your focus on the right things, ensuring you stay on your path towards your goals. Even more, knowing your priorities just shows you already know what is beneficial to you, meaning you've gone the distance of learning and … [Read more...]

19 Financial Terms Millennials Need to Know


Money plays a vital role in our daily lives, so it’s important that we deeply understand how it works to manage it well. Learning about money begins by having a good grasp of the basic terms that can guide us in our pursuit of financial freedom. Broaden your financial vocabulary. We made 19 common financial terms easy to understand to help millennials like you widen your knowledge in basic personal finance and investment. 1. Monitor and check your salary deductions and where it goes with a payslip. It is where you can see the detailed breakdown of your pay. 2. Bank Certificate. To prove that you have an existing account at a specific bank branch, you would need a bank certificate. Details in the bank certificate vary per bank, but it usually includes the type of your account and when you opened it. 3. Bank Statement. Official transactions such as visa processing requires a bank statement, also known as an account statement. This contains a summary of your account … [Read more...]

5 Facts and Myths about Small Businesses


Starting or running a small business can be daunting. From the time and effort you put in, all the way down to the investments, being a business owner is no joke. However, that shouldn't stop you from starting your own business or pushing it to greater heights, especially if you're in a comfortable situation. Here are a couple of statements about owning a small business, and the corresponding facts and myths about them. 1. You need to know what you're doing Myth: Being a master in whatever field or industry you want to enter in will ensure your success; knowing everything will make sure you won't fail, and you need to know everything before you start your business. Fact: While it's important to have background in and have some research on the field or industry, you don't have to be an expert at whatever it is you're starting. Most of the time, when you're starting a business, you learn as you go and grow. There's no set rubric that will guide you, nor will there be a staple … [Read more...]

5 Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Business


If you're already a business owner, you're probably looking for ways to keep your business growing and improving. However, the words growth and improvement often connotes having to spend a lot, whether it be a physical expansion of your store/set up of more branches, hiring more manpower, and so on and so forth. In reality, there are ways to improve your business without having to spend too much or none at all! It's all about thinking outside the box, allowing you get more out of your business for a whole lot less. Here are five ways to improve your business without having to spend too much - if not any - money at all: 1. Improve your customer service Nothing beats great service, whether you are actually providing a service or selling a product. It creates great mileage in terms of word-of-mouth, and even better, it create loyalty with your patrons. Improving customer service costs almost nothing, and only requires a lot of time, patience, and attention to detail. For those … [Read more...]

10 Hugot Lines for Your Wallet


Feels, feels, feels. They're everywhere, especially every time you see your wallet. So here are some hugot lines that we're sure you relate to, especially when you and your loved wallet see each other. 1. Nandiyan siya, pero wala naman siya You may have your wallet... but there's nothing but old receipts and memories of what was. 2. Kala mo meron pa, pero wala na pala talaga You go about your life pretending that you still have money in your wallet, but in reality, it's all just an illusion. 3. Akala mo walang pagasa (pero sweldo na pala) Just when you thought you had to accept your life as being peso-less, your sweldo pulls through. Clutch! 4. Gusto mo, pero hindi mo makuha (dahil hindi mo afford) You really want that new shirt you saw, or that really nice watch. But your wallet says you really can't afford it at all. 5. Ready ka na, pero hindi pa siya ready For all those times when you though this payday will be the day you buy that watch... but … [Read more...]

5 Financial Lessons you Learn from Hugots


"Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, 'wag magalit" This is the mindset you need to have when you open all your social media accounts nowadays. All your walls and feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat are flooded with hugot quotes that may or may not (but let's be real, most often they do) apply to your own love life, or lack thereof. Of course, PawnHero won't miss on the opportunity to see the positive in all these posts, so here are five financial lessons you learn from all the hugot you've probably already seen, heard, and maybe even experienced. 1. Magtira ka para sa sarili mo (Save some for yourself) When it comes to relationships, you should always save some for yourself. Never lose yourself into your partner, because in the chance that your relationship does not work out, you might find yourself lost with nothing, since you gave it your all. That goes true with money. Sure, you've worked hard for it and you deserve to splurge and live a little, but … [Read more...]

3 Affordable Franchise Ideas Anyone Can Get Into


The era of the self-made man and woman has begun. Almost everyone wants to have something to call their own, and watch it grow and become a thriving business. Franchises are a great way to do this; most franchise companies help you start up your own branch, end-to-end. And if you thought it would cost you a pretty penny, think again! There are companies that charge anywhere between P15,000 to P50,000 to start your franchise, and that includes the fixed assets like the stall and hardware to employee's uniform. So here are a couple of franchise industries you can get into within that range! 1. Food-cart franchise Food cart franchises are a no-brainer. Food is something that is a staple to people; every now and then, people get different cravings so you're sure to have a market at any point - whether you're serving siomai, hot dogs, french fries, or ice cream. That's why it is a great idea to open a franchise for food. The most difficult aspect of this is really finding a good place … [Read more...]

3 Start-Up Opportunities People Overlook


When people think start-up, they think high-tech, millennial-run companies that are all online or all mobile. That's partially true. While most massive, highly-publicized successful (and very much earning) start-ups are of the millennial and tech archetype, there are some start-up businesses that are successful in their own right. Just because you're not globally known and and widely used on a smartphone and you're not earning in the millions of dollars does not mean the start-up you own is not successful. That being said, here are 4 easy start-up opportunities that people tend to overlook, yet are easy to start, easy to scale up, and is definitely in demand. 1. Food Crawl Coordinator One thing that will remain true to anybody in the world is their love for food. People will always want to know the best places to eat the best kinds of food to try, especially when they're in a new or unfamiliar place. That's why if you're a foodie, this is a definitely a start-up worth looking … [Read more...]