10 Saving Tips: Your Survival Kit to Save Money this Holiday Season


You spent half of the year saving up money for what? For celebrating what the world describes as the Philippines’ longest season- the Christmas season? Well, somewhat true, after all, you deserve to reap the benefits of your hard work. But don’t forget, you have a financial goal to reach at the end of this year. And if you want to be Santa this year by treating your loved ones and yourself as well, there’s no stopping you. But if you're still reeling to achieve your target digits, don’t worry, we are giving you the survival kit to save money this holiday season with these ten saving tips. 1) Book early, book now. The holiday season means a peak season for most hotel and lodging businesses and businesses with reservation-based services. If you’re all planning for an out of town or out of the country style holiday trip, it is best to book early and book now before demand pushes prices to its rock rates. So better start now than later. Image source 2) Don’t be a last-minute … [Read more...]

6 Hacks To Get The Best Deals Online


Going outside, waiting in line, and being around other shoppers—these are the cons of not buying online. Since online shopping already exists, you can now shop in just a few taps and clicks right in the comfort of your home. As Filipinos, we always want to get the most out of our money, let alone the fact that we are inherently frugal. So how can we make sure that we are getting our money’s worth when shopping online? Here are smart tips to help you shop the things you want and need online at the best prices—in the quickest way possible. 1) Fill up and abandon your online shopping cart After putting all the things you want to shop in the cart, don’t check out just yet. Leaving it for a day or two will make the store think that you’re second guessing your purchase. As response, the store will send a deal or coupon to your inbox to lure you back in. 2) Shop in private mode Stores can track your online shopping activity including location/ZIP codes, peak time, and buying … [Read more...]

10 Must-Visit Flea Markets For Bargain Hunters In Metro Manila


We shared haggling tips for you to become the bargain-hunter you wish to be. Now, we feel it’s time for you to get out from the comforts of the high-end shopping malls and practice those haggling tips  as you go on a trip down the go-to flea markets in the metro. And if you have never seen these places, you’re missing out on your life. So this coming weekend, try visit these must-see flea markets for the ultimate bargaining experience. 1) Quiapo Market Address: F.R. Hidalgo Street, Manila, Metro Manila, Ah yes, Quiapo market...who would ever take his/her eyes off the famous centuries-old church surrounded by the theatrical flare of the street market overflowing with all sorts of goods from exotic fruits and local delicacies to traditional handicrafts to branded imitations? Quiapo market is indeed one of a bargain-hunter’s crown jewel destination. From the streets of Raon lined up with electronics and gadgets to Carriedo where merchants stretch from end to end to the under … [Read more...]

4 Expensive Things To Expect From The Brangelina Divorce


“I am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the well-being of our kids. I kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve during this challenging time.” -Brad Pitt (People Magazine) After having 6 kids, getting almost 40 movie collaborations, earning millions of dollars, amassing huge estates, establishing a foundation, and living twelve years together (with two years of marriage!), one of the most admired celebrity power couples in the world - and might we say also one of the richest in Hollywood - has called it quits! Like the BREXIT, the Brangelina split shocked the hearts of every human being in love with them. None of the fans NEVER, like NEVER EVER, expected Angelina Jolie to file divorce from Brad Pitt. Now, we’re about to face the reality that a Hollywood ever after is nothing but a foolish fantasy. So to add more grim to reality, let’s highlight the whole world of the Brangelina empire breaking into two with these four pricey moments to expect … [Read more...]

5 Questions Young Business Owners Need To Ponder Before Offering Discounts


Discounts can either turn out well and bad for a business. Taking this route to increase sales and get more referrals especially for young businesses are two of the advantages. On the downside, you don’t want to run the business and let sales stay afloat just because of the discounts especially when you’re a start-up. Either way, a smart decision is always the best decision. So, as young entrepreneurs, ponder on these five questions before taking into consideration a discount strategy. 1) What matters most, the value or the price? If you’re off to build a brand for your service or product, it’s best to consider the value. The price should always match the value. For a sale strategy, make sure the discounted prices DO NOT strip away the value of your products or services, because a consumer’s perspective sees discounted price as an undervalued product or a cheaper service. You ought to know that there’s always a corner to be cut for discounts. So, before giving a product or … [Read more...]

PAWNINA SHARES: 10 Haggling Tips To Score A Bargain At Almost Anything


Hey Guys, Pawnina here! Haggling or “Tawad” is considered a thing here in the country. It comes to no surprise that flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, warehouse sales, garage sales, junk stores, antique malls or artisan malls are go-to places for patrons looking for great bargains on amazing items. Top places for bargain-hunters like Divisoria, Greenhills, Baclaran, Quiapo markets, to name a few,  are arenas for the bargain industry. And having to leave these places without a bargained item in your shopping bags is unfortunate, if you’re new to this. If you’re missing out on getting your hands to bargain stuffs on these places and wanting to go up against merchants with their well-prepared deal-bargain experience, don’t feel intimidated, every master was once a beginner. Below, we’re sharing you ten haggling tips to score a bargain at almost anything. 1) Dressing down is key. The first rule of thumb is to always look as simple as possible. The merchants at flea markets … [Read more...]

5 Easy-To-Do Discount Strategies For Startup Businesses


It’s the time of the year when business sales go up because most people love to spend when the BER months are kicking in, and hooray the lean months are finally over to say the very least. So for start-up businesses, getting yourself to spike up your income chart is really exciting. And one way to do that is through providing discounts! Yes, don’t feel hesitant about it. Mind you, Filipinos are generally thrifty but they are willing to spend money for something worth it especially when it’s on a 25% off discount. Discounts don’t mean cutting off prices for your products in general, there are discounts that actually play with illusion (Winks). Discounts are good ways to get your customers’ financial hearts jump up and down with glee and we give you 5 easy-to-do discount strategies that you can do for your startup businesses. 1) Launch a loyalty Program Discount Courting your customers through consistent good services will def make them a regular at your store, but you need … [Read more...]

8 Characteristics of Debt-Free People


Some people are drowning in a pool of debt while others swim in cash. And it’s not hard to spot what makes their difference. Debt-free people have developed characteristics that make it easy for them to manage their finances well. So, if you want to stop your debt from haunting you, develop similar traits. Here’s a list of top characteristics debt-free people have. They have a keen eye for details. Image source: The Balance Your hectic schedule is not an excuse to miss your dues. Overdue bills, bank statements, and credit card surcharges—debt-free people never forget to watch out for these records, which many often overlook.   How to do it? Pay close attention to small things in your life, particularly those involving money. Know your due dates. Keep track of your expenses and where your money is going. With these simple ways, a huge amount can be saved. They are self-reliant. Debt-free people take pride of their financial milestones and freedom, so they … [Read more...]

Do Or Debt: 5 Quick Tips To Get Away From Bad Business Debt


Planning to start your own business venture? Well, here's a toast to your new chapter. And if you have just started your business, here’s a high five for finally having your baby investment. Now, for most start-ups, business debts are one of the responsibilities that you as the owner or partner handle. Business debts are the loans that you borrow from a money-lending institution, the credits you get from your suppliers or basically, any "money that your business owes." A business debt can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you know how to take advantage and manage your business debts, then you’re in for a treat, otherwise a bad business debt means a bad rep. And that’s what you want to avoid at all cost. To get away with bad business debts, here are quick tips that you need to consider to keep your business up and going. Quick Tip 1: Firmly review your business loan plans.  Your business is doing fine, and you see that sales are good and you begin to … [Read more...]

Five Hugot Stages You Face During A Debt Experience


In Asia, Filipinos are among the best in terms of their short-term savings and spending tracking behavior. An A plus for financial discipline, indeed! However, reports also claim that although Filipinos take savings seriously, long-term investments are somewhat not their cup of tea, making Pinoys the second most indebted in the region.  Unlike Western counterparts where they have student loans, mortgages and other loans with a borrow now, pay later program, a Pinoy's way of debt is usually through borrowing from friends, families and neighbors. Surveys show that Filipinos' high personal debts are driven by daily living expenses, medical obligations, family welfare, child education and many more discretionary expenses. In other words, “Utang” meaning debt in Tagalog is seen as a solution for a typical Filipino to sustain his/her cost of living.  So, to say the least, money does not really grow on trees. Getting a life and making ends meet is not at all an easy responsibility. … [Read more...]