Ten Everyday Heroes That Pawnhero Honors In Our Lifetime

We often ask ourselves, what makes a hero? Is a hero someone with superhuman abilities? Is a hero someone with incredible feat to fly and save the world? Is that the hero we read from comic books, the heroes we imagine to give us the assurance that the world wouldn’t be in great peril with their presence? Yes, perhaps that’s an ideal hero. An exaggeration of a true hero created to form fictitious individuals as a mere representation and a symbol of hope, strength, care and love. But by definition a real hero is a “person.” Typically a man, who is admired or idealized for their courage, their outstanding achievements, or their noble qualities. The hero Pawnhero honors and recognizes are the ordinary individuals whose purpose is to improve the quality of life. These are people you encounter everyday in your lifetime. In honor of such, we at Pawnhero recognize ten characters that embody the definition of a modern day hero. 1) The Sacrifice of OFWs The Commission on Filipinos … [Read more...]

8 Charitable Ways to Spend Without Money


Somewhere in your heart lies a philanthropic beat waiting to unleash good in the world. But we’re sure you all have those plans to make this world a better place with money. You think you need money to carry out your mission to change the world with all of your good intentions. You hope to be as significant as billionaire Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, to name a few, who dedicated a part of their income to charity. But hold your horses, you can be your own philanthropist without money to contribute something good in society. So, if you’re reeling in to give something back to the world, to restore your faith in humanity, and to be a good reminder to others that this world is actually not as cruel as they think, check out eight of these charitable ways you can spend without having to cash out a peso bill. Blood Donation  Reports from inquirer.net claim that the data from the Philippine Red Cross reveals that the country needs 118 blood units every hour, 2,832 units every day, … [Read more...]

How to Tell if You’re Already Successful


Everyone wants to be successful. However, these days success is no longer measured by the number of awards you've one, the amount of recognition you've received, and even how you fare against your competition. Today, success seems to be a difficult feat because the benchmark of success is competing and outmatching yourself - but when are you really able to say you're successful when you keep raising the bar once you've gotten near it? Here are some thoughts that you should have in your head so you can appreciate the hard work you've put in and revel in the success that you already are. Do you know your priorities? Knowing what is important and what can be put off until later is a sign of success because you know when to say no to the external noises and keep your focus on the right things, ensuring you stay on your path towards your goals. Even more, knowing your priorities just shows you already know what is beneficial to you, meaning you've gone the distance of learning and … [Read more...]

How 5 Young Filipino Entrepreneurs Made It Big


Back in 2005, the late founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs gave an inspiring commencement address to the graduates of Stanford University. In his speech, he talked about the decisions he had to make and the concept he had about life. He told the graduates to follow their hearts, fall in love in what they will do, and "don't settle.” Are you in love with what you are doing? If you’re among the Filipino workforce who’s getting used to your regular job and having a business has always been the dream, go for it. It is never too late to start. Remember that not every business idea is gold, and not all start-up companies grow to become conglomerates. However, starting early gives you the advantage to afford "failures." Being a young Filipino entrepreneur, when a business does not go as planned, gives you the privilege to rise back up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. A lot of Filipino millennials have done it. Be inspired by these millennial entrepreneurs who did not … [Read more...]

10 Filipino Hero Movies to Watch on Heroes’ Day

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National Heroes’ Day is a great time to be nostalgic. It’s when we find a reason to look back at our past to appreciate the present. Don’t let the day end without paying tribute to the heroes whose sense of nationalism is admirable. You can do this by simply going back to the lessons from their journey. We have a bunch of films to help you! Here’s a list of hero movies PawnHero picked for you to include in your films to watch. Heneral Luna (2015) The movie is set in 18th century, during the Philippine-American war. Actor John Arcilla brings to life the epic battle of Heneral Luna, a short-tempered Filipino general determined to free the country from American rule. After years of captivity under the Spanish colony, Heneral Luna refuses to let another foreign heritage take over. Together with his most trusted men, they embark on a journey to fight for the country he so dearly loves. He fights for the Filipinos and yet, betrayed by his own countrymen in the … [Read more...]

Pawnina Says: Three Things Successful People Do


Hey guys! If you want to get ahead in life, it's all about having the right mindset and doing the right things. Success does not happen without the proper ingredients, so let me share a couple of things that will definitely get you started on the right path towards success and getting your goals. 1. An optimistic outlook and the power of positivity Whether it may be starting your business or just simply braving the monster that is Metro Manila traffic during rush hour, being optimistic and positive can do wonders to your journey to success. First, looking at the brighter side of things will make you feel less stressed, and that already is a great success. Second, it allows you to think about other things; being optimistic and positive will let you see things in a different light and let's you work on things instead of focusing on the hassles and stress you're currently facing. So next time you find yourself in a not-so-ideal situation, be positive and use that setback as your … [Read more...]

19 Financial Terms Millennials Need to Know


Money plays a vital role in our daily lives, so it’s important that we deeply understand how it works to manage it well. Learning about money begins by having a good grasp of the basic terms that can guide us in our pursuit of financial freedom. Broaden your financial vocabulary. We made 19 common financial terms easy to understand to help millennials like you widen your knowledge in basic personal finance and investment. 1. Monitor and check your salary deductions and where it goes with a payslip. It is where you can see the detailed breakdown of your pay. 2. Bank Certificate. To prove that you have an existing account at a specific bank branch, you would need a bank certificate. Details in the bank certificate vary per bank, but it usually includes the type of your account and when you opened it. 3. Bank Statement. Official transactions such as visa processing requires a bank statement, also known as an account statement. This contains a summary of your account … [Read more...]

10 Smart-saving Ways 20 Somethings Must Do


Most 20 somethings are still trying to figure things out in their life, and if you think you’re alone, you’re not. The 20’s is a time for exploring your goals, be it personal goals, spiritual goals, life goals and of course financial goals. The 20 somethings today had a much more YOLO running through their spirit. They don’t settle down as early as our parents did, but still, everyone’s different. So, if you’re the 20 something who has priorities laid out for his/her life or the 20 something making ends meet, we round up 10 smart-saving ways that you must do to somehow help your way to reach your goals. 1) Bet your way on public transportation. Take that commuting lifestyle. The commute may be uncomfortable, hassle, and long but as a 20 something starting out in life, that car can wait. You don’t want to think of paying for your gas and the maintenance that comes with it, tho that makes you financially responsible. However, imagine the money you can save for yourself. Plus, … [Read more...]

Investments That Build-up for A Lifetime


It's high time you don't just spend the money you earned for things you just want and need. Sure, gadgets, clothes and those luxurious items that you can now afford may seem rewarding enough, but those are the short-term financial goals you set for yourself. By this time, you prolly heard of building your assets. In terms of economics, assets give you more economic value as a person. Now, we get you to wonder about the possible investments that would meet your long-term financial goals. So, don't fret, because we got you covered of these investments whose value marks up over time. 1) Real Estate If there's one finite commodity wherein the demand skyrockets over time, it's definitely the value of land. The ever growing demand for space in key cities, where space is getting smaller while its price is getting expensive, is a market you would want to tap into. Who wouldn’t want to own a nice piece of land or a wide place of space in the metro right? But mind you, don't just limit … [Read more...]

7 Life-Hack Saving Tips We Can Learn From Mama

If we talk about basic financial management that you can learn from home, we bet there's no other person who can teach the basics of it best than your mother. Well, how on earth would most dads (in case) trust most of the budgeting to our moms right? (No offense meant to dads but moms got it this time, hooray!) Plus, there's a petty good reason why it's most moms who give your allowances and not dads (Guilty as charged, it's safe to say you love dad more when it comes to allowances, L-O-L!). Anyway, our working moms, single moms, full-time moms have money-handling wisdom that we can just learn from. So here are a few quick saving tips we can learn from our beloved mama. 1) Go Grocery shopping with a happy tummy. Right, going to the groceries with an empty stomach is definitely a recipe for impulsive buying. Since you're not in the right mind to buy what you really need, you're hungry-driven brain is much more wired on buying what you want to eat. By the time you'd have a … [Read more...]