What You Need To Focus On To Live A Healthy Lifestyle


To live a healthy lifestyle, one must have a clear focus on the important areas of life. As they say, when everything is clear, it would be easier to get where you want to be.  With a whole fresh year to start, you'll need as much inspiration as you can to race through another year. And in order for you to do this, you should consider the following factors to determine your overall health for 2017.   1) Family first. It always starts at home. Your family contributes to the way you live your lifestyle. And in order to get the optimistic outlook, you should consider your family goals. Being independent and busy should never be an excuse to forget spending time with your family. So, make this unconditional relationship thrive by strengthening the bond, settling differences and doing productive things together. Image source 2) Friends. Socializing is a good form of increasing your emotional quotient. And having a high EQ is an important gauge to success. One of the ways to … [Read more...]

Travel On A Budget Tips For Your 2017 Vacations


2017 is a year full of new adventures on your calendars. And since we’re still on the first month, it is best to start early with planning and budgeting for your vacations. After all, the earlier the better. To start your 2017 vacations, here are travel on a budget tips to make your travel money worth spending: First: Write down your bucket list of places you want to go. Much like a financial plan, write down the list of places you want to go. Include the months when you can file your vacation leaves and plot those with holidays as well. From there, narrow down your top five or top six destinations of your choice. Then, write down the corresponding budget you’ll need to allocate on each of the vacation spots. The good thing with planning is that you’ll have a clear itinerary of your wanderlust travel list for 2017. Image source Second: Know the season of the places you want to visit. Take note of the peak seasons of the countries or places you are visiting as peak seasons … [Read more...]

Pawnina Tips: How To Start The “New Year, New Me” Right


The old year may be both good and bad for some, but like everyone else, the new year is an opportunity. It is full of possibilities and challenges that should be exciting. And whatever you amassed last year, it’s time to look back, get rid of the old and focus on the “New Year, New Me” mantra. With a clean slate, and a full year ahead of you, here’s how you can start making everything right: 1) Declutter Your Home. It starts with  you. And what’s a better place to begin cleansing your spirit than your homes.Your home is your space. It reflects your personality, your life and yourself. If it is a mess, full of unnecessary things that you’ve hoarded from the old year, then it is time to declutter them. Get rid of the negativity, segregate the non-bio from the biodegradable trash, donate old clothes and old books and recycle what you can use. It really feels good to live and breathe in a clean space. Image source 2) Let Go Of Bitter Memories. There are two ways you can to do … [Read more...]

The Best Places To Start Your Business In The Philippines


It’s a good time for business and investments for our country this year as Philippines is seen to be the fastest growing economy in Asia! Really uh-mazing! And with such optimistic news, the opportunity to jump into the entrepreneurial hole couldn’t be any better than now! No kidding! Now, if you are looking to find the best places across the country to begin your biz journey, here’s a perceptive map to plot where you can begin marking x for your investment spot. 1) Makati Central Business District Makati is undoubtedly Philippines’ prime business district! As the country’s foremost financial and business hub, the city reflects the likes of great cities across the world with its most attractive real estate! This city continues to live its name as the crown jewel and financial capital as countless numbers of businesses, headquarters of blue chip companies, the largest banks and the Philippine Stock Exchange, among others, are located. Adding up to Makati as an ideal place to … [Read more...]

Five Simple Steps To Grow Your Business


Planning your baby investment or delivering your first baby investment to this world can be both apprehensive and exciting. For all young and first time entrepreneurs out there, here’s how you can help manage growing that business so you can create new money from your new biz. 1) Know your purpose to determine your goals. The first step is to identify your purpose. This allows you to overcome hurdles when reaching your goal. Reflect on the question, “Why do you want to have a business?” “What business best fits your passion and at the same time deliver an income?” and “How do you see your business in the next three to six or ten years down the road?” This is very crucial so you cannot just make hasty business venture decisions. You don’t want to be that guy who knows where he wants to go but doesn’t know the reason for going there. Remember that an established foundation of purpose creates an unwavering stamina and determination to reach your dreams for your … [Read more...]

5 Attainable Strategies To Grow Your Income This 2017


There are two types of income; passive and active. For most Filipinos, their common source of active income comes from their monthly salary. It is steady and it is there, however, the growth of income remains stagnant. Now, the million peso question, “How to increase that income?” To help you get your millionaire success story answer, here’s a takeaway on five attainable strategies that are real and practical to grow your income this 2017! 1) Determine your expenses. The first strategy is to determine all of your expenses and to know where all the bulk of your expenses are coming from. Get the difference of your total expenses from your active income. Your active income is your gross income (the monthly salary), and the more expenses you have the less net income you receive. For example, if you are spending too much for a coffee from Starbucks when you can take a sachet of caffeine from your office pantry. So the goal here is to lessen expenses to increase your net income. That … [Read more...]

10 Easy-earning Business Ideas You Can Start This 2017


A one stream income will not keep you afloat all your life. Unless you’re passionate, working a 9 to 5 doesn’t guarantee lifetime financial happiness and security. If you’ve been wanting to be the boss of your own, or if you have longed to think which business is right for you, then we share ten easy-earning business ideas that you can start this 2017! Below are just ten of the many business ideas that can inspire your entrepreneurial journey. 1) Events Planning Got the knack to naturally organize events? Well, bet you can risk your chances having your own events planning business. This “life of the party” business is exciting and can be very fulfilling. With birthdays, weddings, company outings, baptisms, and debuts happening everyday, this business is sure to keep you book all throughout the year. You just have to find the right connections and create a wide network with partnerships from photographers, hosts, videographers, caterers and other event relationships. Image … [Read more...]

Smart Business Trends To Venture Into This 2017


For those planning to venture into the business side of life, there’s no better time to start than now. And if you grasp on the decision to finally do it, then here’s a well-deserved pat on the back for pursuing another source of income. Of course, trends do not only merely translate to what’s hot and what’s not, here we share to you the emerging direction of business trends based on consumer buying and lifestyle behavior. To give you a gist on smart business trends you may venture into this 2017, check out where you can begin delivering your baby investment in your life below. 1) Franchising If you want to play on the safe side on the business industry as a newbie, franchising would be a good idea. Venturing into this type of business is the most popular one because most of them have already established a name of their own. The Philippine Franchise Association or PFA saw that franchising in the Philippines has a 97% success rate. For the capital, food kiosks are among the most … [Read more...]

How To Successfully Plan Your Financial Health For 2017


We have to admit it, generally, Filipinos do not assess their financial health at the beginning of the year. Often than not, they just have an earn and spend financial mindset. Budgeting doesn’t entirely make one financially savvy. Although Filipinos are good short-term savers, they still rank high in debt. Now, if you are one who wants to revamp the way how finances are managed effectively, then  this is how you can successfully plan your financial health for the new year. 1) Check your financial health diagnostics. The first thing you need to do is to check your financial portfolio or your financial standing. Get a financial audit by knowing your existing assets, your annual income, current savings, and listing your possible receivables ( Receivables are the money you’re expecting to receive aside from your monthly income in the form of cash, business income, value of inheritance, and payment of debts to you.) Afterwards, list down your liabilities and expenses (these are the … [Read more...]

What Your 2017 Financial Astrological Forecast Tells You


It’s the year of the Fire Rooster! The New Year comes with the usual beliefs like reading the stars forecast through astrological signs and other soothsayer palm reading powers. While these forecasts are just a general guide and overview to help you get through the year, still there’s no harm getting a glimpse of how auspicious the next 12 months can be for us. Now, if you are more likely interested to find out how lucky you are in terms of cash flow, below is the following financial astrological forecast this 2017! ARIES “This year, Aries born signs will be blessed with good finances.” Image source New cash flows will be seen for this period. In order to make the best out of the financial blessings coming this year, it is advised to avoid being extravagant, instead focus on savings and investments. Ask the right people to help you with your money goals and revamp your budget when the need arises. As mentioned, your financial destiny this year is optimistic. Look forward to … [Read more...]