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3 packaging tips to pack like a hero!


At PawnHero.ph, we go the extra mile to keep your items safe. That’s why we partnered with 2GO to assure all our customers that their pre-loved items are okay during shipping and storage. But did you know that you can keep your items safer just by packaging your stuff properly? Here are 3 easy packaging tips so you can pack like a hero anytime you pawn an item online!

3 packaging tips to pack like a hero!1. Check your items first

Make sure your item is fully secured before you pack it. For example, any fragile item like glass or brittle parts should be cushioned with cloth or bubble wrap to prevent breakage while the item is in transit. Loose parts that may pierce through your pack, get lost, bend or break should be secured with a tape as well. Lastly, gadgets should have enough battery for it to be tested. Always include the charger or the password for your gadget to avoid inconvenience during gadget testing stage. For added pre-caution, remove the battery from your device when shipping.

3 packaging tips to pack like a hero!2. Choose the right container

The best packaging for your container is its original box. But if this is no longer available, find the right container for your item. It shouldn’t be too small that you can’t cushion your item or it’s too cramped inside; nor should it be too big that the item moves around when shaken. Thick or double-lined boxes are perfect because of the added cushion and support it provides, but you can always amplify your container selection by choosing a box made of durable material. To check a box’ durability, test if it is easily pierced or dented.

3 packaging tips to pack like a hero!3. Label and seal your package

For packages with multiple items or parts, don’t forget to include a list inside your package. This will help ensure that your package will be re-sealed with complete pieces or parts after its on-hand appraisal. Likewise, label your item from the inside to prevent lost packages especially in the event that your pawn ticket is damaged. If you love to recycle, always cross out previously used shipping details to avoid confusion. And most importantly, reinforce all seams with tape!
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