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9 Gadgets To Keep You Cool This Summer


The summer wave is on its peak and you’re not sure which gadgets can help you beat the heat. Do you need something to keep you cool inside your home or use it without missing a beat in the sun?
Let this list of gadgets help you keep your cool this summer:


9. Dyson Air Multiplier Fan

Location: Any room in the house
Why it beats the heat: Whether its a tower fan, a pedestal fan, or a regular fan, the Dyson Air Multiplier has it covered. Its fans offer a design that’s completely bladeless with a simple switch that lets you control the speed of the air flow. The fan works by intaking air through its base unit and pushes the air with a silent and powerful Air Multiplier through the loop, drawing the air out for a more convenient air flow.
The fan doesn’t produce any buffeting or a chopped feeling of air flow produced from regular fan blades. With this, the flow is always smooth and constant. Its technology is unlike any other fan you’ll come across.

8. Chill Factor Ice cream and Slushee Maker

Location: Kitchen
Why it beats the heat: Want an endless supply of drinks and snacks you can chill with while you’re having fun in the house? You can now do this with the ice cream and slushee maker of Chill Factor. Both gadgets let you create soft-serve ice cream and slushee in less than a minute. You can have a slush and soft-serve ice cream on demand, all it needs is to be frozen, mixed, and squeezed.

7. USB Powered Fan

Location: Desk
Why it beats the heat: You already have a laptop cooler for your laptop to keep it from overheating in the summer heat, why not get one for yourself?
This executive USB Desk fan with its nostalgic retro design will remind you of the old days where you’d draw yourself close to the fan and convert it into your own automatic “funny voice” changer (before apps like Talking Tom Cat existed). It could also remind you of the battery powered handy fan made out of foam producing that “buzzing” sound every time you press it or turn it on. Make no mistake, this fan is silent and efficient enough to keep the air moving through your hands while you play that PC game or while you are in the middle of watching a movie. This fan is enough to have you going on your laptop for hours without blowing over your nearest knick knacks.

6. Solar Blinds

Location: Windows
Why it beats the heat: Aside from being eco-friendly and getting the bragging rights of having solar power in your home, solar shades prevent UV damage and protect you from the glare of the sun’s rays while providing coolness for your household. Compared from regular blinds, solar blinds are very reflective and a great percentage of the sun’s rays are reflected back out of the window before they turn into heat energy.
It also insulates you from heat by creating a still air space between your room and the glass protecting your furniture and other gadgets from fading out of sun exposure.


5.  iSplash Floating Speaker

Location: Pool or any swimming area
Why it beats the heat: This toy can be thrown around the pool and play your summer jam. It can play music via bluetooth from a distance up to 30 feet. Its volume could be easily adjusted and the battery could last for up to 4 hours. This speaker is waterproof and you don’t have to worry on having poor quality or clarity of your speakers once it gets splashed around. It emits a blue LED light which can illuminate your pool/bath at night while rocking up the beat in your party.
4. Bex Runner
Location: On your palms
Why it beats the heat: Its your ice pack on the go. The Bex Runner absorbs the heat from your body and prevents you from possible heat strokes and losing too much body fluids by sweating. It’s suitable for temperatures 10 – 43 degrees Celsius and could keep you cool for over an hour. The device also regulates your blood flow and have you moving further in your workout session. It does this by keeping your palm surface called arteriovenous anastomoses (AVAs), your body’s natural radiator return cool blood to your body’s core.

3. Sony Walkman Waterproof Earphones

Location: Pool or any swimming area
Why it beats the heat: You can have 1,000 different songs as your soundtrack while you’re having fun in the water for over 8 hours. It is unbelievably lightweight and comes with all the needed controls. The earphones is waterproof up to 2 meters and funnels well into your ear with a decent mid-range and high-end sound to boot. Sound isolation works great and it comes with a stylish design.

2. Columbia Omni-freeze Zero Shirt

Location: On your body
Why it beats the heat: It uses your sweat to cool the fabric. The shirt is embedded with thousands of 0.15-inch hydrophilic polymer rings and as the base spreads sweat, the rings absorb moisture and expand into three-dimensional figures. The shirts keep you cooler by 10 degrees compared to other shirts.

1. Sunburn Wristbands

Location: On your wrists
Why it beats the heat: It prevents you from sunburn and ingeniously gives you the signal when you’ve had enough time under the sun.The Sunburn wristbands prevents you from having skin cancer by indicating on its band your share of sun exposure. You can customize it according to your skin tone and skin sensitivity. The band lights up once the safe limit of sun exposure has been reached. It measures both direct and reflected UV exposure. It aids sunscreens which may block some needed Vitamin D for the skin along with the UVA and UVB rays.


Location: Between two trees/two posts
Why it beats the heat: There is no fancy technology behind the hammock but it surely does help you beat the heat by letting you take that feeling of lying on a comfy bed outdoors. You can even add on your “chill” moment by listening to your favorite playlist or while reading a book.
Gadgets and having fun in the sun can work out to your advantage. For gadgets without any resistance to the heat, you can have some tips on keeping it safe and swell throughout the summer.
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