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3 Other Things PawnHero Can Help You With


The greater majority of people who pawn with us do so because they have some emergency need that they have to deal with. Sometimes it’s a rushed kind of thing that keeps people in a bit of a panic when they pawn. While we’re always happy to step in and save the day, there are a whole lot of other things that we can help you with. In this article, PawnHero looks at three other reasons you can use our super convenient service.

Upgrading Your Stuff

A lot of things have a limited lifespan these days and there’s always something new to be had. Naturally, tight budgets mean that we can’t get the latest of everything. PawnHero allows you an avenue to be able to de-prioritize some things in your life in order to prioritize other things. Say you have both a tablet and a smartphone. Both keep you connected, certainly, but having them both also is very redundant.
Now, say you actually needed to get new waterproof shoes to face the constant daily bagyo we find ourselves in, you could pawn your tablet to get cash and buy that new pair today. And, as you earn more from work in the months that the loan runs, you still have time to get your tablet back. In this case, you ultimately end up with both the shoes you needed to begin with and the tablet that you probably like watching movies in—because who watches movies on a smartphone, anyway?

Investing in a Business

A lot of people say that it isn’t enough these days just to hold down a 9-to-5 job. It’s true, when you think about it, and the best way to go is to invest in a business. Thankfully, opportunities abound to make a little money on the side. It doesn’t have to be a big business too—as those require millions of pesos in investments. There are many small business ventures that one can get into these days
Whether big business or small, it all boils down to capital. And that’s where PawnHero can help. Think about it, giving up your flatscreen TV, your console, or your smartphone now to earn extra cash on the side is certainly worthwhile, right? Pawning those will let you set up a loading business or even a small, in-cubicle shop to sell goodies for your officemates and friends. The best part is that you can make enough money to get your items back while continuously earning money to complement your income!

Get Through an Expense Bump

For me, expense bumps are those points during the year that you know you have to spend on something that’s slightly more than what your income would allow. Some of these are encountered by a lot of us, like tuition fees. Others are more personal, like mum’s annual executive check up, for example. All of these share the same characteristic, though: they’re absolutely important and can’t be ignored.
Given their relative importance among so many other things, they’re certainly worth pawning an item for. The best part, however, is again that you don’t even have to lose an item for good. It’s just going to be a short-term sacrifice to get you over that hump. Within a few months, when finances start to normalize and these needs are met, you can still get your item back in one piece.
Pawning never has to be a desperate thing. You can pawn short-term to do a lot of other important things like what we detailed above. Head on over to our website or download the PawnHero Android app and give it a try today. We have one of the lowest interest rates on the market today and our process is absolutely convenient and free.

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