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Pawnina Tips: New Apps to Try on Your Smartphone


Hi guys! Pawnina here!
With all the current events happening in our country, I think it’s time that we all welcome newer possibilities as we enter the second half of the year. That’s why I’m here to tell you about new and emerging apps that you should definitely download on your smartphone that will help you get ready since #ChangeIsComing. It’s out with the old, in with the new!

Telegram – for the social butterfly

There may be a lot many chat apps cluttering the market, but Telegram is gaining a lot of traction in the Philippines right now. Why? Aside from the typical chat and call functions, and the expected emojis and stickers, Telegram steps up the chat app game by mixing in GIFs and personalized stickers! That’s right, you can express yourself in your barkada groups with moving pictures and even stickers of your friends faces and other inside joke-worthy images. There are even bots (like the magic conch shell) that provide endless entertainment for you and your friends. If you want to go on the next level on group chats, time to make the switch to Telegram!

Splitwise – for the barkada’s banker

There’s always that one person in everyone’s barkada that ends up counting the money when it’s time to bill out, or that one person that books everything for that hashtag-worthy trip. When it comes to splitting the costs, that’s when it get’s tricky, especially when there’s more people. If you find yourself in that mathematical situation, it’s time for you and your friends to download Splitwise, an app that tracks a group’s expenses into one and splits the costs accordingly to everyone involved. You can also chose to either split the costs evenly, for things like online plane ticket purchases. Splitwise will even track how much money you owe your friends, and how much money your friends owe you. No need to do a lot of math, just track in on Splitwise!

Cinemute – for the movie junkie

Imagine this: you’re in a theater and deep into the movie, when suddenly the person next has a loud, ringing phone, making you miss out on that crucial one-liner that will explain everything about the plot? Don’t ever be that person, even if it was an honest mistake of you forgetting to put your phone on silent. Lucky for you, you can download Cinemute, an app that will know when you’re in a cinema (based on geo-location) and will automatically put your phone on silent. You’ll never have to worry about disturbing anyone’s, especially your own, movie-watching experience!

Slack – for the corporate millennial

If you really don’t want to use your personal chat apps for work, the answer to your prayers is Slack. Slack is an application that allows users to form large, permanent groups called channels, have smaller, temporary group conversations, or have one-on-one discussions. What’s even better is that you can call someone’s attention in a group by typing out “@username” and even send attachments of varying sizes. It’s just like an e-mail trail, but in real time! You can use it as an app on your phone or laptop, or access it through a browser. It’s like it was really made for work!

CamScanner – for the hustling entrepreneur

When you own a small business, you’re everything rolled into one, from being the boss to being the assistant. So when you’re in a situation where you need to scan important documents to send to your investors but you’re nowhere near a scanner (or you haven’t had the chance to buy one because of reasons), then you better get CamScanner. It can literally scan anything you aim your smartphone’s camera at, and digitally make look like you scanned it using a machine. It can straighten out crumpled paper and digitally make it whiter and cleaner, making your business look even more legitimate and professional!

PawnHero – for the opportunity seeker

Most people think of pawning as an act of desperation. But as I’ve discussed before, you can pawn old and valuable items to help fund your next business venture or next financial investment! What’s even better is PawnHero has made the pawnshop accessible through a mobile app, and you don’t have to leave your house to face the dreaded traffic. Just download the FREE app here, and you’re good to go! Just snap a picture of your item, send the details, and get a FREE estimate within the day, and if you want to proceed, get your item picked up (fully insured by PawnHero) and you’ll get the final offer and the money in your bank within 24 hours if you’re in Metro Manila. All of that, not to mention you also get one of the lowest interest rates in the market (hello, 2.99%!) for anything (literally, we accept almost anything) you pawn.
So, what are you waiting for? Telegram your friends about it, CamScanner your relevant documents, get a loan from PawnHero via the app, SplitWise the cost to start that business, use Slack to make sure it runs smoothly, and don’t forget to download Cinemute as you enjoy watching your movies to celebrate your small business victories!

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