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6 Creative Ways to Show That You Care During COVID-19


The past few months have been extremely tough for everyone. With the world battling the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no secret that some people are having a hard time managing through the crisis. Apart from dealing with the health and economic ramifications of the virus, people around the world are also dealing with the psychological challenges it brought.
Due to limited mobility and the lockdown rules imposed by the government, many are unable to be with their loved ones. Breadwinners in the metro or abroad cannot visit their relatives in their hometowns because public transportation needed to cease to mitigate the spread of the virus. Luckily enough, we live in a digital age, when we can bring those that are far away closer to us.
Thanks to smartphones, laptops, and the advent of online communication platforms, you can stay in touch with anyone no matter where they are. Even though talking through a screen may not be as good as a face-to-face encounter, it can help you stay afloat and remind you that you’re not alone in your struggles.
To help you bond with your friends and family even amidst an outbreak, we’ve prepared some ways to show that you care during this period.

Creative Ways to Show You Care During COVID-19

1. Host a Netflix party with your family

Miss watching primetime telenovelas with your family? If you own a Netflix account, you can do something similar. By installing the Chrome extension Netflix Party, you can watch any movie, documentary, or series the streaming service has together with them.
Making it a nightly or weekly tradition to watch an episode or two with your loved ones is a great way to bond and share a common interest!

2. Use video conferencing apps to check in on your relatives

Aside from your immediate family, make sure to check in on your other close relatives, as well. Fortunately, video conferencing platforms such as Zoom allow you to make high-quality video calls with multiple people at the same time.
Setting some time every week when everyone can catch up with each other will mean the world for your relatives who are facing this lockdown alone.

3. Celebrate birthdays and other special occasions

Is your brother’s birthday coming soon? Don’t let this pandemic stop you from celebrating. Since big gatherings are still prohibited, you can have some responsible fun by organizing a virtual party. Your loved ones may be busy and have their schedules to follow, but celebrating special occasions will give everyone a reason to get back in touch with each other.
In case you needed some virtual activities to do, here are some fun games you can play with your friends.

4. Help your family stay informed

Being up-to-date is incredibly crucial during these times. The internet is saturated with so much content, so it’s easy for your friends on social media to be exposed to false articles relating to the virus.
With this in mind, helping others fight misinformation should be one of your biggest responsibilities. Looking at things in a bigger picture, continually updating your family with the right information will also make a huge difference in flattening the curve.
Here are the best hygiene practices you and your loved ones should practice.

5. Surprise your parents with gifts

Since many malls and other shopping establishments are still closed for the time being, many local businesses are thriving and accepting orders online. In case you want to do something special for your parents or relatives who live far away, you can have gifts delivered right at their doorstep.
Giving a cake or some clothes to your family members won’t only make them happy, it also means that you’re helping a business sustain itself during these times.

6. Provide relief to relatives who are financially struggling

If your sister or other relative is living alone in the city, she may be having some trouble paying for her expenses. Since the pandemic severely impacted many businesses, her salary may have been significantly reduced, too.
In these kinds of cases, you can ask your relatives to help out and send financial assistance. This can help her shoulder expenses and give her more flexibility when dealt with tricky financial situations during this time.

Be There For Others

Health crisis or not, showing your support can go a long way. When faced with tough times, it’s easy for people to think that they’re going through these hardships alone. Given that being placed under lockdown can be a very emotionally draining experience, showing your friends and family that you care will give them the strength they need to pull through.
With the tips above in mind, you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, no matter where you are. In case you or a relative requires financial assistance, do know that numerous pawnshops in the Philippines can help you through these tough times. Contact PawnHero today to get a free estimate of any items you want to pawn.


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