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9 Things Shopping Addicts Could Relate To


These days, retail therapy or commonly known as “shopping” has become one of the best stress-relievers to people. Before, shopping was exclusively done in malls or physical stores, but in the last few years, it has also solidified its presence online – making it harder to resist the urge to shop. Not to mention, regular bazaars also boosted shopping by bringing these online stores in one venue. It can be considered a blessing because you can finally fit, inspect, and swatch products. But at the same time, it’s a curse because it will be a big challenge to fight the temptation of splurging.
Do all of these sound familiar? Then my friend, you might be a shopping addict. Here are some more relatable instances that shopping addicts can relate to:

  1. You can’t pass up a good deal.

When you see that flashing red sign on an advertisement, it’s highly likely that you’re screaming in your head because your favorite brand just announced a deal you can’t pass up. At first, you will try to control and repeatedly remind yourself that you already have enough clothes, or shoes, and you don’t need new ones anymore. But eventually, you find yourself in the store picking up items on sale that are too good of a deal to pass up.
Tipid Tip: If this happens often, it’s better to evaluate your decision first. Ask yourself “Do I really need this?”, “Will I use this a lot?” or “Is it worth it?” repeatedly before buying because there are times when you purchase impulsively and then ending up not using it. When in doubt, do not buy it! Check out this infographic that can help you decide if you should buy it or not.

  1. You’re not ashamed to bring out your collection of coupons and GCs.

Let’s be real here. Coupons and GCs are small tokens that you shouldn’t refuse. No matter how small or big these discounts are, these will help you (and your wallet) when you have to pay at the counter. The only danger here is that these might urge you to shop some more because you’ll have a couple more peso to spend.
Tipid Tip: Collect as much coupons as you can and use it accordingly to get a huge amount of discounts when you’re out shopping.

  1. You’re a member of several online shopping groups

Joining online groups has a ton of perks. This is usually where you can get information about the upcoming releases of your favorite brands, find people with the same (or more) appreciation of the brand and pre-order new products together with the other members. Normally, you will want to join several groups that you can to get such perks.
Tipid Tip: Doing so will blow up your social media notifications and eventually annoy the hell out of you. But if you insist on joining, choose your groups properly. It’s better if you join the official or trusted ones so you’ll get the best deals and won’t get unnecessary notifications.

  1. You find yourself online shopping after you have already been out shopping

When you’re checking out your social media account, you’ll encounter posts from various online shops that you follow and before you know it, you’ve already sent your order form to the seller.
Tipid Tip: When you see something that piques your interest, it’s really a struggle to resist yourself from buying. However, it pays to know the difference between what you want and what you need. Give yourself a week to decide if you really need that item or just want it.

  1. IG or FB online stores are your BFFs

If you’re an online “suki”, you’re probably used to being called “sis” by a total stranger who eventually will become your BFF. And when you are already a seller’s usual buyer, you often ask for “special” discounts or updates since you guys are already “tight.”
Suki Tip: Note that it’s important to always keep a good relationship with the sellers because they are humans too. Although it’s your right to demand some things because you’re paying them, keep in mind that they also have the right to decline your orders if you’re being mean.

  1. You think holiday sales are must-splurge days

During the holidays, several malls, bazaars and shopping districts are filled with “SALE” signs to attract you to take a look inside and find gifts for your loved ones. This gives you a perfect excuse to “shop ‘til you drop” because who can blame you? You’re actually being selfless here since you’re buying for your family and friends (plus your lover, if applicable).
Tipid Tip: Although you’re totally being selfless, it’s nice to remember occasionally that you have to spare some “love” (a.k.a. money) for yourself. Sure, it’s nice to give on holidays, but remember to set a budget. It’s always the thought that counts.

  1. You never leave the mall without buying anything

Leaving the mall without buying anything will make you think that you wasted your time. Of course, since you’re being a responsible adult, you want to make your time worthwhile. So, before you leave, you’ll suddenly find something that you “need” and then purchase it. Voila! Your day is now productive.
Tipid Tip: It will always be better to buy things that you really need, and that’s different from thinking that you will need it. Even though you haven’t bought anything, at least you strolled around and got some calories burned without spending anything. Now that’s what you call productive!

  1. Payday is “Shop-til-You-Drop” Day

Payday is when you’ll live like a millionaire for a day and then a “poorita” on the following days. You will think that you deserve to reward yourself because you’ve earned it but note that this is not a healthy practice because you will have a hard time surviving until the next payday.
Tipid Tip: If you want to shop and reward yourself, you can do it little by little to not surprise yourself when you check your wallet or ATM balance again. Additionally, try setting your shopping budget and strictly limit yourself to it.

  1. You’ll shop more to make you feel better after splurging

If you love to shop, you know what this means. You know that you’ve already splurged so much money and you’ll feel bad about it. But what is it that you always do to ease yourself? You’ll shop some more until you finally feel better.
Tipid Tip: This incident happens quite normally since shopping does help in reducing your stress but keep in mind that there are other ways feel better. Try participating in various activities that can help you calm down such as studying calligraphy, enrolling in yoga classes, or binge-watching your favorite shows.
Remember, everything that is too much is bad for you. It’s okay to splurge once in a while but make sure that you only spend according to your budget. But if you’re looking for a place where you can find and shop for valuable items, head to Pawnhero Marketplace now. You’re welcome.

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