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20 Personal Finance Blogs in the Philippines to Read Now!


Everyone dreams of becoming rich—rich enough to be able to pay for bills, acquire property, send a family member to school, get proper medical care when health fails, or travel at least once a year. This is the great Filipino dream.
Luckily, Filipinos today have more access to online blogs that can be their source of information and inspiration to be financially literate.
These blogs offer valuable tips about money, investment, and related financial topics that Filipinos can apply in their everyday life and help them prepare for their future.
Here are some personal finance blogs where you can pick up a lesson or two on how to free yourself from money woes:
1. BoSanchez.ph
Bo Sanchez is a published author of best-selling books such as “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market…And Why You Should, Too!” and “8 Secrets of the Truly Rich.” He’s also a micro-entrepreneur on a mission to convert (no pun intended) ordinary Filipinos to become financially literate.
As a fan of the passive income stream, Bro. Bo uses his blog to educate people about money habits and how to be “Truly Rich”—the battle cry of a club he mentors to help its members develop the proper mindset and recognize opportunities in their journey to financial independence.
2. Pesos and Sense
The Pesos and Sense author Aya Laraya describes himself as an investment advocate. He’s an expert when it comes to the stock market, mutual funds, insurance, and other areas of personal finance—having decades of professional experience in these fields.
The blog seems to be on a hiatus, but if you look at it, it’s very user-friendly with an archive of Laraya’s blog posts and full episodes of his then “Pesos and Sense” TV show, so you can learn so much just by being on his blog.
He even speaks and writes in Taglish, so it’s very easy to understand what he’s teaching.
3. Ready to be Rich
Fitz Villafuerte’s own life story—from being a corporate slave to a full-fledged investor-entrepreneur, motivated him to put his blog up.
On his blog, he shares lessons about credit card management, freelance work, business and investment, impulse buying, and personal savings. He regularly updates it with new content, announcements, guest posts, and a gamut of tips and lessons worth knowing and sharing.
4. Randell Tiongson
Randell Tiongson is a wealth coach, an author, and a registered financial planner (he is no less than the director of the Registered Financial Planner Institute Philippines).
Tiongson’s advocacy is financial education for the OFWs. To date, he has given lectures in more than a dozen foreign countries, where a lot of Filipinos are based.
Tiongson covers various subject areas like personal finance, money management, investing, and economics, among others, and is a popular reference for research among Filipino individuals and corporations.
Through the blog, you can also join “Money Talks with Randell,” which is hailed as the first personal finance public chat group launched via the Viber app.
5. Mommy Lace
Calling all mommies out there, this one’s for you! Mommy Lace blog is not your usual site for parenting, health, and beauty, or family relationship topics, as it also caters to personal finance issues confronting Filipina mothers and homemakers.
As such, it contains posts related to home budgeting, financial planning, money management, finance manager apps, and life insurance.
6. Smart Pinoy Investor
Romer “Omeng” Tawid, the man behind this site, is a blogger, seminar organizer, and resource speaker who’s slowly making waves in promoting smart financial management among his thousands of followers on social.
Through his blog, Omeng shares personal finance tips, stock picks, investment recommendations, and free webinars for those new to the world of investing.
Omeng’s blog is replete with resources, including downloadable quick start guides and ebooks, and a Q&A board for posting comments and questions on published posts.
7. Frugal Honey
Jill Sabitsana is another self-made winner in pursuing financial independence. Her past struggle with credit card debt is open to the public and is the big reason she decided to change her lifestyle.
She posts helpful resources about budgeting, debt management, financial literacy, investing, and retirement.
Each post is very personal to the blogger, but it’s not without a nugget of wisdom from other financial advisers in the land.
8. Burn Gutierrez
As a former OFW, Burn Gutierrez first invested in mutual funds and life insurance and is now sharing the knowledge he has gained about online business, investing, and earning passively on his self-titled blog.
In his desire to educate his fellow Filipinos about personal finance, Gutierrez has founded the Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, which has been recently tapped by GRAB Philippines to conduct a series of personal finance workshops for its top drivers and their housewives.
Apart from Angat Pilipinas, Gutierrez also co-founded PhilCrowd, a crowdfunding company that encourages Filipinos to partner with local businesses and startups.
9. The Wise Living
Blogger, Lianne Martha Laroya, authored “OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go? (9 Secret Sweldo Tips To Be A 20-Something Millionaire)” and “Young Pinoy Millionaire” to give her readers free e-book resources on money management.
Laroya is a licensed financial advisor affiliated with an insurance company, so her blog talks about the perks of having a life insurance. She also writes about lifestyle and self-development in her blog, which she relates well to personal finance.
10. Think Pesos
This blog dedicates to giving basic personal finance tips to Filipinos. The blog’s author, Billy Ramirez, writes what he knows and learns about money saving and budgeting, investment ideas, and motivational mindset.
He also has an e-book titled “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance,” which is a compilation of choice articles from the blog.
11. Millionaire Acts
This blog features the know-how of financial blogger, Tyrone Solee, a certified millionaire in his mid-twenties. He writes about financial literacy through investments and online business.
Solee has been featured in numerous print and online articles and is a well-sought-after resource speaker in shows and events that promote financial literacy.
12. Marvin Germo
Marvin Germo’s blog has a full collection of posts on just about anything related to finance—stock investing, insurance, retirement, smart savers, scams, and so much more to help you understand the ins and outs of stock investment.
Germo is the best-selling author of the “Stock Smarts” series of books namely “Stock Investing Made Easy,” “Winning Strategies for Investing,” and “Stress-Free Investing.”
13. Piso and Beyond
This blog is in its fourth year of promoting financial consciousness among Filipinos. Jeffrey Reyes, the blog’s author, writes his posts in a simple narrative, which is helpful in understanding the otherwise complicated money topics.
Some of his best articles on the blog include “A Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Stock Market,” “How to Succeed in Your Sari-sari Store,” and “Where to Invest My Blank Thousand Pesos.”
14. Kuripot Pinoy
The blog advocates financial consciousness and education among regular Pinoys, so you might find that some of the articles are written in the vernacular.
The blogger describes himself as a business-minded individual and investor who promotes the value of working hard for your financial goals without shortcuts.
The blog lets you download free tools (52-Week Money Challenge 2017 Template), e-books, and video links related to finance.
15. Traders Logbook
The blog is all about – you guessed it – stock trading. Here, you’ll get regular updates about selected stocks on the market and learn about what bullish and bearish indicators are.
You can even have an online chat with traders straight from the site.
16. Mag-Invest Ka Pinoy
The site gathers a community of financial advocates whose mission is to “encourage every Filipino to learn how to Save, Invest their money and plan for their Retirement.”
It was founded in 2012 by Jo Valerio, a Singapore-based professional who spearheads the group’s financial literacy programs in the Philippines.
17. Your Wealthy Mind
Whether you prefer reading blog posts in English or Tagalog, this blog has got you covered. Blog contributors for the Wealth & Finance segment write most of the content, with topics ranging from starting a business, understanding the stock market, and work-from-home tips and ideas, among others.
You may also find inspiration from the blog’s sections on Leadership and Management, as well as Self-Improvement.
18. Money Girl Philippines
This one is a personal finance and lifestyle blog combined. The blogger’s idea is to help you achieve three things: save money, earn more money, and start investing.
Although the blog is called Money Girl Philippines, the blogger swears that the topics she covers are suitable for anyone who wants to have a better quality of life marked by financial security.
19. SavingsPinay
Pinay blogger, Izza Glino, started her finance blog in 2014 with the goal of attaining financial freedom for herself and sharing her journey with her readers.
She writes religiously about saving, investing, entrepreneurship, career, and productivity, and welcomes sharing of ideas from site followers and visitors.
Her online journal is one of the top 50 personal finance blogs in the Philippines.
20. PawnHero
The PawnHero blog is for Filipinos from all walks of life—students, working professionals, parents, entrepreneurs, investors, and just about anyone who needs guidance in accomplishing their money goals.
Once or twice a week, you get a fresh dose of tips, news, and trends on how to spend your resources wisely, which products and services are right for your financial situation, or how your money plans are working – or not – for you. It’s the ultimate personal finance blog that you should read today.
The blog is tied up with PawnHero, the startup responsible for the growing popularity of online pawnshops in the Philippines. PawnHero caters to cash-strapped Filipinos through short-term loans that offer high appraisals with low-interest rates.
There are numerous personal finance blogs around right now, and reading your favorite one/s may be the best thing to do as you try to reflect on your financial strategies and decisions or take your financial standing to a whole new level.
These blogs can change your life—from being financially challenged to becoming financially smarter.

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