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10 Things Every Pinoy Student Loves and Hates When Going Back to School


This summer was a special one. Thanks to the calendar shift for most schools, this break lasted some four to five months instead of the usual two to three. While this was a welcome change for many students after enduring the stress of endless papers and tests, others still find themselves going back to school in June. But is it really all that bad?

During the school year, we often find ourselves impatient for summer to begin. But in the summer, after the initial excitement of going on break fades, we usually find ourselves bored of doing nothing and ready to be productive again. Thus, it seems we all have a love-hate relationship with school.
Here is a list of 10 things every pinoy student loves and hates when going back to school that are sure to make you appreciate your remaining days of summer, but also make you look forward to getting back to hitting those books again!

1) Love:
Getting to see your friends more often.

While you can hang out with your friends in the summer, it’s not the same as seeing them every day in school. Sometimes planning get-togethers can be difficult what with different friends working on internships or being busy traveling around the world. Friends are the people that make going back to school something to really look forward to, and seeing familiar faces in school would definitely make waking up at 6 AM totally worth it.

2) Hate:
Having to wake up early.

Going back to school means gone are the lazy summer days when you can just sleep and wake up as late as your heart desires. This means less napping and a few more all-nighters, not because you’re staying up watching movies, catching up on your new favorite TV series or having a night out with friends, but because you need to study for that tough test.

3) Love:
Having allowance again.

The first few weeks of summer are fine, until you realize you don’t have enough funds for that vacation you’re planning on going on, or that food trip you organized with your friends. Slowly, your savings from last school year begin to dwindle until you realize you’re flat broke and you’re forced to spend a few restless days at home because you can’t afford to go out. For those without summer jobs or any form of stable income, going back to school and receiving some allowance again is surely a wonderful perk.

4) Hate: Having to deal with back to school traffic.

Having to deal with traffic just isn’t the most ideal way to start your morning or spend your evening after a tiring day at school. For those who commute, it could also mean the hassle of dealing with longer lines and bigger crowds.
For those who study in Quezon City, the combined traffic on Katipunan Avenue from students in Miriam College, UP Diliman and Ateneo de Manila can be an absolute nightmare. For those who study in De La Salle University on the other hand, Taft traffic on Thursday nights can get especially jam-packed.
According to students from UP Manila, while traffic going to school can be just as unbearable as the rest, getting to school early in the morning isn’t so bad. It’s just those crazy jeepneys that can really pose as a problem when it comes to clogging the streets or giving students their own fair share of near death experiences.
Unfortunately, it’s something everyone has to cope with. Unless we manage to fix our traffic schemes or stick to following traffic rules and regulations, this issue is something that won’t simply go away.

5) Love:
Feeling productive.

        One big downside to summer is that feeling of boredom and restlessness that comes after the initial excitement of going on break fades away. Going back to school and hitting those books, doing org work and learning something new in class can make you feel better and more productive with your time. Although days spent blissfully doing nothing in the summer sure don’t hurt, it’s good to feel like you’re doing something truly worthwhile, exercising your brain, and feeling like you’re being kept busy.

6) Hate:
Awful handwriting.

        This speaks for itself. After months of typing away on your laptop or on your phone, you’ve probably forgotten how to write proper notes. In fact, on your first few days of school, it’s no surprise if your handwriting looks more like chicken scratch and less like something a human being produced. This can get pretty frustrating at first especially if you’re OC, but in time you’ll learn to get the hang of it again and your handwriting will go back to the way it was.

7) Love:
Getting to eat all the food you missed.

Whether it’s your favorite canteen stall or going to your usual restaurant with your classmates, there’s nothing like getting to eat your favorite food after months of not being able to indulge in them anywhere else. Eating delicious food during breaks or after class is surely something we all look forward to during a long day at school.
In Ateneo, though the JSEC stalls may change from year to year, there’s that delicious and affordable dirty ice cream stall in Gonzaga that everyone absolutely adores. In DLSU, students enjoy going to Agno because of its wide selection of food booths that sell really cheap (and really yummy) food. There you can also find street vendors that sell fish balls and squid balls, and Noel’s BBQ that sells liempo and isaw as well.
In UP Manila, students love going to Sinangag Express for its tasty and reasonably priced rice meals. On the other hand, in UP Diliman, students will definitely look forward to getting their fix of Mang Larry’s isaw, Chocolate Kiss Cafe, Iskomai and Pantea’s pandan iced tea again. Finally, according to students at the University of Santo Tomas, there are a variety of Filipino food places that they enjoy frequenting. Namely, Chun Chon, Garaje Grill, Sisig Express, Lovelite, and a couple of karinderias such as Mang Tootz and RGB.

8) Hate:

Of course, this is the biggest reason why most students dread returning to school after coming back from a relaxing summer vacation free from worries about terror profs and a huge load of assignments. Inevitably, there will be quite a lot of stress, but it’s nothing you can’t handle and it will definitely be worth it once you see the great grades you worked hard for and truly deserve! A healthy amount of stress means that you’re trying hard and that you value your education enough to put in the necessary time and effort it requires, instead of simply slacking off. Summer vacations were really meant to give students the opportunity to take a break from all the stress of school, so there’s no reason not to give it your all again once you get back!

9) Love:
Back to school shopping.

It’s always exciting to go back to school shopping, whether it’s for new clothes or new school supplies that you’re just itching to use once school is back in session. Malls usually have really great sales and promotions during this time so that you can get what you need at a more affordable price. Whether it’s a new school bag you want or those handy school supplies you’ve been eyeing, go ahead and take advantage of this time to purchase the things that you’ll be making use of until the end of the school year.

10) Hate:
Expensive tuition and school books.

Aside from dealing with all that stress, the matter of expensive tuition fees and books is something that many families have to face. While there are installment paying options, coming up with enough money on time can be a huge challenge for some. In addition to this, sometimes school books and other necessities aren’t even included in the tuition fee, and those costs can really add up.
Indeed, there are a lot of ups and downs when it comes to going back to school so make sure to enjoy your summer vacation while it lasts! When it’s time for school again however, don’t be one of those people that just lives for the weekends or waits around for breaks, and make sure to enjoy each day while it lasts. After all, some people remember their high school and college years as the best days of their lives, so make the most out of it before you go out and experience the working world.
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