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10 Amazing Hacks to Clean Jewelry


All things that glitter are always a pretty sight to behold. Except when they start to lose their sparkle and shiny becomes wood-like. So fret not, jewelry lovers, heirloom owners, and even award-winning rappers – we’ve rounded up these amazing tips to help keep your bling in pristine amazingness.
Whether it’s gold or silver, the best thing about jewelry is that it can literally withstand the test of time with a little modified TLC (that is, tender love and cleaning). No need to worry if you want to propose your girlfriend using your great grandmother’s circa 1800 ring, or don a golden necklace because it goes well with your boho outfit.
Here are some tried and tested ways to help keep your jewelry stay as a timeless investment:
1. Bring Back Beauty with Beer
The next time you feel like cracking open a cold bottle, set aside a part of it and use it to bring the luster back in your golden accessories. Let your gold soak in for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse clean and dry.
2. Prettify Pearls With Mild Detergent or Soap
#2 Mild detergent and soap
Pearls are durable but are easily scratched when its delicate surface comes in daily contact with your skin’s natural oils and sweat. To maintain its beauty, grab a soft cloth and a cup of warm water mixed with mild detergent or soap, then put a few drops of water onto the cloth and carefully wipe the pearls one by one.
3. Wash Away Dirt With Window-Cleaning Solution
Window cleaner
Don’t let your diamonds lose its sparkle! With ammonia-based window or glass cleaners, simply soak your diamond piece in a cup of warm water mixed with 1/4 cup of glass cleaner. Wait about 20 minutes, then find a soft bristle brush (a clean old toothbrush would work), and gently scrub away. Make sure to wear gloves so that you don’t touch the ammonia.
4. Brighten Bling with Baking Soda
Baking Soda
Your silver pieces may tarnish over time but with a little help from baking soda diluted in water, and a soft cloth (non-abrasive and lint-free type) to gently rub the grime away, you’ll be able to take the unwanted dirt off that precious metal. Just remember not to soak your silver pieces for too long.
5. Hydrogen Peroxide (agua oxinada)
Bubbles make it shine brighter once more. Dip the jewelry numerous times until the bubbles are no more. You might need to repeat this process numerous times, but when the bubbles are gone, you’ll be able to notice the difference.
6. Aluminum foil and powdered detergent

Aluminum foil
Let your jewelry undergo a process called Ion Exchange, where you clean your silver by soaking the jewelry in a mixture of hot water, a tablespoon of powdered detergent (make sure it’s
bleach-free), and a small piece of aluminum foil. Rinse well and air-dry your metal to finish this process.
7. Vodka
#7 - Vodka
Crystalline gemstones, diamonds, and emeralds, among many others, can get a quick fix from your vodka beverage. With the same cocktail napkin that came with your drink, simply dip it just enough to cover the piece of stone that you need to clean. Your eyeglasses may also get the same treatment to have a better look at your newly polished stone.  
8. Vinegar
The acidity of this particular solution remains to be the “go-to” for many that have tried it prior.  Just give it a go and soak your jewelry 10-15 minutes, and use a soft brush to complete the cleaning process.  
9. Warm water and soap
Water and soap
Turquoise has been everywhere lately. The water and soap treatment will clean this ever so colorful piece of art. Try not to submerge these stones for they are porous (many spaces or holes where liquid or air may pass) and avoid harsh chemicals to maintain the luminosity of this stone.  
10. Toothpaste
toothpaste and brush
Whichever floats your fancy, whether it’s your current toothbrush or an old one, you can use it alongside your toothpaste to clean your gold, white gold, and silver. It’s no longer just for teeth unless you have fancy grills. Finish this process by drying them with a soft cloth.
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