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Fake vs. Real Rolex: How to Spot the Difference


Popular branded items from clothes, shoes, to bags, have the potential to catch the attention of many because of their known expensive price tags. Rather than paying full price for the real thing, others opt for the class AA imitations.   More often, these items are coming closer and closer in looking like the bona fide articles of art and fashion and it’s becoming more difficult when trying to spot the difference.  As an example, can you spot a fake Rolex?   
In case you’re thinking of getting one for yourself or as a gift, these signs must be taken into consideration so you’d know if the Rolex you’re buying is the real thing:
1. Packaging

 Photo Source: Pawndirect.co.uk

How the timepiece is presented is the first thing you should examine.  Rolex art pieces come in a very elegant packaging.  Along with a nice box, it must include instructions, warranty, paperwork, and a letter of authenticity.  If these things are not present, make sure that the place you’re purchasing this from is extremely reputable.  
2. Dial movements


Photo Source: Watchcentre.com

Rolex watches are considered art pieces and near perfect.  This is one of the main reasons why they are expensive.  The dial movement should be flawless and will not lag or stutter.  They are automatic unlike the quartz made watches that make a much louder ticking noise.  The ticking noises are usually from battery-operated watches and a real Rolex does not contain any types of batteries.  As long as your arm is moving, the watch should remain automatic.  
3. Weight
Real Rolex watches are made with real crystals and high-quality metals, making them heavier than your average watch.  The reason behind this concept is to have the precision of having an airtight type of watch that will make it virtually liquid impenetrable.  
4. Date magnifier
Not all, but most Rolex watches that tells you the date of the month, will have a “date magnifier” that is extremely difficult to replicate replacing the number 3 on the face of the watch.  Inspect closely how the date is magnified.  It should magnify the entire window and must not leave any part of it.  Check closely on the details of how it is placed centered of the date window.
5. It’s 6, not 12
This test is almost failsafe.  Most watches will need to pass the 12 mark in order to change the date.  Rolex watches are designed to change the date at the 6 mark.  
6. Professionals know best
There is absolutely no shame in seeking the help of professionals who deal with jewelry and other valuable items.  If you feel that you may need to look for a second opinion, go for it.  There is a huge amount of money at stake when it comes to these type of investments.  
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