Here’s A Fun Twist To Common Christmas Party Games To Try


Image sources: On Cloud 8, Life Daily This holiday season, we get to have tons of celebrations; there’s the corporate Christmas events, the school Christmas programs, the reunion celebrations with college buddies, high school barkadas and relatives, plus December birthday parties and many more. Of course, aside from the sumptuous feast, these parties also come with the ever popular parlor games, especially the ones we never get tired of playing! Even there are really other Christmas party games to try, most of us would  want to get away with the hassle of explaining unfamiliar parlor games to our guests, however exciting. Oftentimes, we end up playing with what everyone already knew. So, if you still plan on having the same classic Christmas games, here’s a little twist that you should try for a change below: 1) Charades Ah yes, the house has always been divided into two with the classic game of charades. Often the icebreaker game, this party guessing game lets the single … [Read more...]