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Here’s A Fun Twist To Common Christmas Party Games To Try


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This holiday season, we get to have tons of celebrations; there’s the corporate Christmas events, the school Christmas programs, the reunion celebrations with college buddies, high school barkadas and relatives, plus December birthday parties and many more.
Of course, aside from the sumptuous feast, these parties also come with the ever popular parlor games, especially the ones we never get tired of playing! Even there are really other Christmas party games to try, most of us would  want to get away with the hassle of explaining unfamiliar parlor games to our guests, however exciting. Oftentimes, we end up playing with what everyone already knew. So, if you still plan on having the same classic Christmas games, here’s a little twist that you should try for a change below:

1) Charades

Ah yes, the house has always been divided into two with the classic game of charades. Often the icebreaker game, this party guessing game lets the single person act out a word or a phrase while the rest of the group guessed. Usually, a timer is set for the urgency,the thrill and the fun factor giving a competitive hype. Like most games, the group with the highest points win.

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Here’s A Twist: “Reverse Charades”

Unlike the old school Charades, this twist gets everyone down to act. This makes it more hilarious because instead of one person acting out a clue for a team to guess, the whole team acts out for one person to guess. Imagine that! Tables have been turned! Really fun!

2) Limbo

We all know the limbo dance and the limbo game! This game that traces its roots to the island of Trinidad in the Caribbeans is often called as “limborak” in the Philippines! The challenge of having to go under the horizontal bar makes this game a common one. The bar gets lowered to the point other contestants fail to make it through. This game ends with the last person who can successfully limbo under the lowest bar.

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Here’s A Twist: “Santa Limbo”

Since it’s Christmas, let’s add a little more belly inspired from Santa’s holiday figure. Imagine having to go under the bar with a big fat belly, it makes the game more exciting! So get your guests strap with a fake belly and do the limbo game. Of course, we still play by the cardinal rules of the game, only the belly makes it more challenging! The last surviving Santa belly is the winner!

3) Statue Dance

A party is nothing without the music and dance of course!  And the Statue Dance is always part of the parlor game equation. You don’t want to miss this game that leaves everyone a smile on their faces. The drill is very simple, when the music suddenly stops, the contestants freeze, much like the mannequin challenge. And yes, contestants lose because they stop at most awkward positions that’s sometimes too hard to freeze. As always, the emerging winner is the last on the dance floor.

Image source

Here’s A Twist: “Tipsy Statue Dance”

The word tipsy on the twist means the game is strictly for 18 years old and above only, no minors allowed. This means, guests who had enough to drink are the qualified contestants. This twist on the classic game can really leave everyone laughing out loud! Be sure to give out a worthy prize such as an authentic pre-loved item from Marketplace.ph enough to convince them to join.

4) Newspaper Dance

Another game that involves music, dance and newspaper
A piece of newspaper is laid on the floor while the pair dances outside the paper. As the music stops, the pair jumps into the paper. As the game progresses, the newspaper is folded as it becomes smaller and smaller in size. The last pair to tango is the winner!

Image source

Here’s A Twist: Follow My Dance Move”

This is not a new twist to the game, but often forgotten. So, as the name goes, the newspaper dance routine gets a choreographer for the pair to imitate when the music stops. The degree of difficulty of imitating the pose makes it more fun and challenging at the same time. The last pair standing wins!

5) Musical chairs

Often dubbed as “Trip to Jerusalem,” the musical chairs has been a fixture to parlor games since kindergarten days. So, everybody understands the rules to playing this game; the chairs are placed in a circle, and there will be one person who wouldn’t be able to find a seat as the music stops. This goes on and on until one chair and two players are left. Obviously, the player who seats first wins!

Image source

Here’s A Twist: The Last Musical Chair”

While most games let losers leave the game immediately, the twist for the musical chair is that the last person without a seat, sits on the laps of the lucky players. The players who find seats get a point, while the players who miss a seat get no points. So, this goes on until one chair is left. You can see how this game can get really funny quickly. The player with the most points win, so better keep that record straight.

6) Longest Line

This game is common but always a game that doesn’t inform the players. The game asks the teams to create the longest line using only available items they have. The game makes it more exciting with the time given to accomplish the feat. As the title goes, the team with the longest line wins!

Image source

Here’s A Twist: “Silent Longest Line”

The longest line can really be noisy, especially with the time pushing the adrenaline rush of each team to the brink of excitement. So, in this game, we put a silent treatment as a twist, making it a sweet torture for the players to endure. The end goal of the game aside from creating the longest line is for the team to communicate using nonverbal cues. Of course, this would be easy for the serious teams, but make sure no verbal noise can be heard, as this deducts the longest line of the number of verbal noises in feet.

7) Bring Me

Everyone knows this old game. The host asks an item to bring, and the first person to bring the item upfront the host is declared the winner, It’s as easy as that.

Image source

Here’s A Twist: “Bring Me More”

Instead of bringing things, we bring out the characteristics of people we know. So, say bring me a good dancer and the players find someone who can really dance. This twist gives room for more participation from the guests. No worries, the guest with the characteristic also gets home with a holiday loot bag.

8) The Boat Is Sinking

The famous line from the game begins with “The boat is sinking, group yourselves into …” and the rest is history. This game is group-centered, so basically, the number dwindles until only two winners emerge victorious.

Image source

Here’s A Twist: “The Boat Is Sinking Fast”

Much like the Titanic, the twist for this game is that instead of randomly getting players to group themselves according to the game master’s preference, increase the difficulty by specifically announcing how many girls and boys should be in the group. With this twist, give a little more time for them to group.
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Have fun!


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