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What Your Luxury Watch Says About Your Personality [For Men]


Men like flaunting their ware too, luxury watches especially. That piece of accessory is like a trophy earned—not to collect dust or be kept in a cabinet, but to be displayed in all its lustrous glory.
Just like women, men want to be recognized as fashion icons in their own right. And more interestingly, men’s choice in watches can be quite telling not only when it comes to their social status or economic wealth, but also to their personality.
Not convinced yet? Here’s what we learned about men giving much ado about these highly-valued timepieces:

Rolex – You’re a “work hard, play hard” type of guy

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Someone who works hard and wants to appreciate the finer things in life can’t go wrong with a Rolex.
This classic brand gives our kind of guy all the things he desires: top-of-the-line quality, instant recognition, and the satisfaction of an excellent and timeless buy.

Patek Philippe – You’re the gentleman with a vision and flair for business

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A gentleman with a vision for business particularly wants to make that good impression among their business colleagues, and their watch better do, too. Their brand of choice: a mechanical Patek Philippe.
It’s nicely and intricately crafted, giving that feel of perfectionism and attention to detail that characterizes people of such stature.

Hublot – You’re the man of the world

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A Hublot timepiece costs a fortune (enough to buy a brand-new car, no less) and plays nice with equally opulent men across generations whether in their thirties or fifties.
But what distinguishes Hublot owners without question is their propensity for a lavish, super fun lifestyle and a highly driven attitude.

Bvlgari – You’re the guy with the swag

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The Bvlgari guy won’t settle for anything less than a high-end, stylish luxury watch, which the Bvlgari brand has exemplified through the years. It’s a fashion piece that can make heads turn as our guy walks into a room full of people.

Cartier – You’re the man of one’s dreams

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Men wearing a Cartier watch easily go on women’s radar for some reason. It could be due to the brand’s affinity for people who value close-knit families and long-lasting relationships.
You can bet your parents and friends will openly welcome a Cartier man into their circle.

Tag Heuer – You’re the adrenaline-loving racer

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The Tag Heuer brand is closely tied to racing aficionados, having produced timepieces that can capture the essence of precision and accuracy in the most competitive of situations.
Its active iterations perfectly fit the guy who is capable of doing something bold and living life on the edge.

Panerai – You’re the eligible bachelor

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We can’t get enough of the breed of men who make women believe in the concept of the perfect gentleman. An Italian Panerai is the closest you can get to high standards in terms of simplicity of design, durability, and dependability.
Indeed, watches can be someone’s most prized possession, whether you want to impress people or simply express yourself.
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