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What to Give Up This Lenten Season


Many Catholics see Lent as a time to regain their view of Christ. In this light, the faithful takes away something from his or her life to regain increased focus on Christ, instead of personal comfort, or material or worldly things. No matter how big or small, there is always something you can give up that can remind you to pray more, sacrifice more, or love more. PawnHero lists some of the things you could give up for Lent.

  • Gadget/ Smartphone – If you own three smartphones, you might want to let go of one. Early studies suggest that people who use their smartphones more frequently experience higher stress levels. You will be surprised by how much stress you can lift off of your shoulders from letting go of your extra phones. Letting go of a gadget or smartphone can also leave you with more free time that you can use to bond with your family.
  • Bags and Shoes – Your closet may be brimming with clothes yet every now and then, you still find yourself complaining “I have nothing to wear!” This is because your closet is loaded with stuff that are there only for sentimental reasons. Sift through your wardrobe and look for pieces that you don’t see yourself using for the next few months. Let go of shoes, bags, and other pieces that you feel will only collect dust in the months or years to come.
  • Television/ Radio – Certain shows you follow religiously might cause you to think or act differently without you knowing. These shows may subconsciously affect your temper, and the way you deal with the people around you. This Lenten season, try to watch shows or listen to songs that will help you grow spiritually.
  • Jewelry – Rummage through your closet for pieces of jewelry you haven’t worn in years. You can choose to keep only a few staples—your favorite pair of earrings, a vintage ring, a statement necklace, and some heirloom pieces then let go of everything you haven’t used in the past six months. You might want to sell or pawn these pieces and donate the proceeds to charity.

These are just some of the material things you can give up. If you would pause and contemplate a bit, you will realize that there are things that are consuming you bit by bit. For instance, you may be spending a lot of time in front of your laptop that you’re forgetting how it is to actually spend time with the people you love. This Lenten Season, try to think of the things that may be preventing you from fully experiencing God’s love for you. Consider letting these things go for good and live more.
Enriching the Soul
For some, the choice may not be to give something up, but to add something to our daily lives. Enriching our spirit comes in many forms–we may commit to extra prayer time.  We may do ministry with the poor.  We may become more generous with our almsgiving. We may choose to become the bigger person in some situations and avoid unnecessary conflict. We may choose to live with compassion by putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. Some might choose to skip some eat outs, and to give the money to the needy instead.
It doesn’t matter whether you choose fasting, abstaining or other acts of penance. The idea is to use these means to help us get to know our Lord better, to rekindle our relationship with Him, and prepare ourselves “to celebrate the paschal mystery with minds and hearts renewed.”
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